Procrastinating like
  • Percy: Aah, life is so perfect right now...
  • Percy: So calm
  • Percy: *looks around*
  • Percy:
  • *huge monster charges past his front door, blowing smoke through its nostrils, shaking it's horned head angrily*
  • Percy: *grins* works every time
  • Percy: *grabs Riptide, slams his maths textbook shut, runs out the door*
Reyna doesn’t need a boy (or a girl), she needs a hot cup of coffee
No Control

So here it finally is! My Big Bang fic for this year! I’m so happy to be finally posting and I really hope you like it cos I worked really hard! Huge shout out to all the admins of the @pjohoobigbang for being patient with me and organizing this whole thing! Also a massive thanks to my two awesome betas @strugglinginthedatabase and @poison-for-breakfast for not only getting me out of many slumps but also geeking out with me about the books! And of course to my artist @nightowlagainsttheworld ! Enjoy!

Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus and lieutenant of Artemis, made her way quietly towards the Big House of Camp Half-Blood where Chiron was waiting for her. The old centaur had chosen his human form for their meeting and was seating by the fire when she walked in, a blanket covering his fake human legs. His smile was warm but his eyes told her he was all business today. “So glad you could make it.” he told her, “Please, have a seat.” Thalia did as she was told, anxious to know what this whole meeting was about. “Were you surprised to get my Iris message?”

Thalia and Chiron had always kept good connection with each other, but it was mainly due to their links to the Hunters and the Campers respectively. “Yes.”

“It’s nothing bad,” he reassured her. After a pause he added, “Annabeth is fine.”

Thalia eased a little, but -as always- was uncomfortable by how easily Chiron could read her.

“I need a favor, one that might include you donating some of your time to the camp.” Chiron could tell that the idea didn’t particularly settle with Thalia. “I’m asking now because I know Artemis has given your hunters a bit of a break at the moment. Not that you’re not still busy.” He added the last part to appeal to her pride, which he knew resembled the one of another certain demigoddess, but it just made Thalia even more suspicious.

“What is it?”

“I want you to teach.”

Thalia allowed herself a small chuckle. She always felt like she had to be extra professional around the old centaur. “Teach what exactly? I know you have no shortage of great fighters. Unless something’s happened…”

“Nothing’s happened, my dear child, and you are right we have no shortage of great fighters that can teach how to throw a javelin or archery. But we both known that for some those are not their only weapons.”

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Coffee Date

For @lesbianreynaara and xyr Dreynalypso coffee date aesthetic that inspired this.


Calypso blushed as Drew stepped on the bus and made eye contact with her.

Drew and Reyna had promised to take Calypso to a cafe to drink coffee; they wanted her to be able to “taste the nectar of the gods” as they put it, before explaining that it was actually a mortal invention.

Ever since Leo had helped her escape from Ogygia and brought her to Camp Half-Blood, Calypso had been staring at Drew and Reyna. Leo had winked and told her that Reyna and Drew weren’t “monogamous”, and his tone had prompted Calypso to yell at him through her bright cheeks.

But then, the other day, the other two girls had come up to her and asked if she wanted to grab coffee with them. Calypso, a little flustered, had asked them what coffee was.

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remember the Son of Neptune book where Hazel describe Percy and he was so RIDICULOUSLY powerful and beautiful and terrifying she thought he was god and my son is honestly so strong and must be a horrific enemy and a force to be feared 

…but we forget because we know his inner dialogue is 50% “fuck fuck fuck AHHHHHHHHH well shit” and the other 50% is “I have no idea what’s going on but let’s just roll with it and hope I survive”

And honestly Percy Jackson is 10/10 the most relatable fake adult millennial to ever bluff his way through life. A true icon. The hero our generation deserves.