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Continuation of the Reyna/Nico story? Reyna is forced to take Nico to the clinic when he continues to keep throwing up (poor baby ;w;) and becomes delirious with fever. Enter the cute doctor to make him all better. ;) You're awesome!

Continuation of •••

Nico couldn’t remember how he’d ended up at the clinic.

In fact, the entire evening was a blur- Reyna had come over in response to his SOS call around midnight, and there was lots of puking, but after that things got really fuzzy.

Blinking groggily at the fluorescent lights above him, a guy with curly blond hair and lots of freckles popped into his line of vision, grinning. “You’re up!”

Nico sat up too quickly–the unfamiliar-ness of the situation freaking him out–and immediately wavered, clamping a hand over his mouth and heaving into his palm.

The blond, (he appeared to be a doctor, clad in green scrubs and a labcoat, stethoscope around his neck) gave a quick ‘yikes,’ shoving a little pink bucket toward Nico so he could bring up a string of bile and saliva that burned coming up. It took him a moment to regain his bearings, and he took a quick glance around the room in an attempt to remember the previous night.

Process of elimination meant this was likely the campus clinic. The large clock above the door read 6 AM, which meant he’d been out a handful of hours. The blond doctor gave him a sympathetic smile, offering him a cup of water.

“Nico, right? Your friend went to get coffee downstairs. I’m Will Solace.” He looked like he might offer a hand to shake, but Nico’s glare managed to keep his hands at bay. “Your doctor. You were severely dehydrated and running a high fever when Reyna brought you in. I doubt you remember much.”

Nico noted the IV taped at the crook of his arm, and blinked slowly. “I don’t even remember getting out of bed..” He croaked, voice hoarse from all the throwing up.

“Yeah, you were pretty out of it. You’re doing a little better now, though.” The optimism was a bit, well, unsettling, but Nico found himself appreciating his smile, his tan, his muscles- Reyna was right, he was definitely cute. “We’re pushing lots of fluids to keep you hydrated, and your fever broke an hour ago. The nausea will probably stick around for a couple of days, but you just need to be more careful about drinking plenty of water. We can discharge you in about an hour.”

Reyna came back with a coffee in hand, hair braided neatly and tucked into a yellow hairband. “Nico-” she said, giving him a small, reserved smile. “How are you feeling?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

Nico gave a small shrug, immensely relieved at her arrival. The cute doctor made him nervous, and he had an aversion toward hospitals in the first place, so a friend was appreciated. She stepped over and sat down next to him, patting his arm. “Been better, Ra-ra.” He said, only because he was a bit bitter about her taking him here without his consent and forcing him to see the cute doctor. He knew how much she hated that nickname.

She rolled her eyes, nudging him playfully. “I see, di Angelo.” She gave him a once over, then looked at Will. “What’s the verdict, doctor Solace?” She asked, crossing her legs.

“More hydrated, still vomiting. Likely cause a stomach virus. They’ve been going around for a while.” Will said, grinning. “So, a little better, but not quite there. More fluids and we can send you two off.” He flashed them a thumbs up. “I’ll be back to check on you in a bit, alright Nico?” Will’s smile was brilliant, and he turned around and exited the room, the way his coat fluttered making it look more dramatic than it was.

Once they were alone, Reyna spoke up. “I may have mentioned your availability and sexuality,” she spoke casually. “He seems quite interested, don’t you think?”

“I hate you.” Nico muttered, leaning into her side anyways and closing his eyes, cheek pressed against her shoulder. “I puked in front of him.”

“Oh, it was worse earlier.” Reyna chuckled, taking his hand. “He’s very sweet. He’s taken very good care of you. I’d say chances are good.”

“I’m never going to forgive you-” Nico flicked her.

“Oh, you’ll be thanking me once you two get together.”

Nico groaned, her laughter muffled as he did his best to push her off of the cot, settling for just leaning back against her when he realized he didn’t have the energy to fight.

And maybe he smiled a little bit too, when his discharge papers had a number scribbled just above Will’s signature.