161031  Sukira Hongkira with Heechul 

– During biding farewell, Heechul said ‘Sukira-listeners’ instead of Hongkira’s. He did it twice today and he apologized for it LOL

The friendship between Heechul & Hongki is so touching

Heechul: Hello everyone, I’m Kim Heechul, it has been a long time since I last came here. I came here when Leeteuk was the DJ, didn’t expect our Hongki to be continuing with his show, I’m really happy. It’s really happy. It’s the truth, in the Super Junior group chat, we had also talked about this When we knew that it was Hongki taking over, we were especially happy and felt really relieved too.

Hongki: Really?

Heechul: Yes, because Hongki is our little brother whom we take good care of and FTISLAND and Super Junior are really close too.


Kim heechul’s Hongkira 3 lines acrostic poem :) 

Hong: with (hong)ki  ki: i want to (ki)ss  ra: after the (ra)dio ends

Heechul: In our group chat, Leeteuk said that he feels so relieved that KTR is handed over to Hongki~ 

Hongki: What’s your gift special for me today?
Heechul: My face.

– Heechul said he likes Hongki’s voice because he has honey voice type like SJ’s Yesung~ 

– Hongki asked Heechul to be fixed guest on Hongkira. Heechul said he just wants to be a guest DJ if Hongki has some abroad schedule later. Heechul requested a day when KTR invites girl group. Hongki said, he has a plan to ask Park Shinhye and Kim Heechul as sub-DJ if he should be absent.

– Heechul said he regards Donghae as his real dongsaeng while Hongki as pretty dongsaeng~ 

– Hongki gave Heechul his Skullhong Unicorn Purple Jumper.

– Heechul said he doesn’t know members’ birthday except Leeteuk’s & Donghae’s LOL 

Heechul: Which member would I confide my troubles to?

Hongki: Donghae hyung.

Heechul: The member I confide in is Leeteuk.

Hongki: Didn’t you always confide in Donghae hyung too?

Heechul: That’s right, I hesitated between these two before putting down Leeteuk.

Hongki: Then why didn’t you put down both instead!

–  Heechul & Hongki Quiz Part  –

All the questions Hongki asked Heechul about himself, Hee got them all wrong! xD

Heechul: Who is my dream girl?

Heechul: … Sana?

Hongki: Is Song Hye-kyo has always been her since very young!

Heechul: Then what about Sana?

Hongki: … Who is Sana?

Hongki: How many year difference between me and my sister?

Heehul: You have a sister…?

Hongki: When is my birthday?

Heechul: Early 1990s, I forgot.

Hongki: My character in You’re Beautiful? 

Heechul: Mile?

Hongki: The title song of my solo album?

Heechul: Severely??

Hongki: You really don’t know anything about me.. Why don’t you remember my birthday? You’ve been to my birthday parties a few times!

Heechul: I can only remember Leeteuk and Donghae’s.. the rest i really can’t remember.

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Hongki 2017.01.23. IG Update:  Come on!!!!!

Vid contents:
Hongki: Oh? Fall! Fall! Fall now you fellow! It’s not gonna drop right…?
Guy: Yeah

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[TV CUT] FTISLAND Autunm Tour 2016 - We Just Do It // DO NOT REUPLOAD

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