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I got this especially for those who were anxiously looking for Hongbin in 5VIXX’s New Year greeting (proud
Take a whole pile of Hongbin’s fighting energy this New Year <3
I think you use the phrase ‘I want to destroy all the apartments’ at times like this… Artwork Hongbin needs to be listed in the dictionary! (?)
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Hi! How would chanyeol, jungkook, v, and hongbin react if you're fangirling over another group in front of them? Thanks lots of love xx

 Thank you anon!^^

 Chanyeol: He would think you’re cute. Watching you fangirl over another group would make him smile but he would playfully tease you 

 “Oh y/n, do you like them more than Exo? How about their rapper? Do you think he’s better than me?”

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Jungkook: He would start comparing Bts to the other group trying to make you fangirl over them instead

But y/n do they have a golden maknae like me? what about their dancing? Do they dance as well as us? Have they had any albims like ours? I don’t think they have”

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V: He would probably fangirl with you. Dancing around singing to the song and smiling wide while you two have fun spending time with each other

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Hongbin: He would be surprised when you start to fangirl over another group, asking you questions like

What about Vixx? I thought we were your favorite. I thought you loved our story lines? What’s so great about them?”

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pros and cons of hongbin! :D

Sure!!! sorry it took me a bit i was doing homework waiting for responses haha


  • he’s probably not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day but tries his best to make it a cute/romantic date
  • hands down baking date at home
  • would want to bake cookies because he wouldn’t know what else to bake
  • smears a bit of cookie dough against your cheek
  • gives you soft kisses as you’re pouring in the chocolate chips into the dough mix
  • would want to use the heart shaped cookie cutters because he’s positive they’ll taste better


  • when you try to get too cute with him he’ll probably throw flour in your face
  • will probably drop the first batch of batter face down on the floor

// Send me an idol and I’ll tell you the pros and cons of them being your valentine date! //

Moorim School is such a great drama. Sadly, it’s not getting the ratings it deserves. The plot is interesting that’s why KBS expected a lot from it plus the great-popular-handsome Lee Hyun Woo is the male lead here (am I not being biased here?? lol).

Netizens pointed out that Lee Hyun Woo shouldn’t have accepted a trashy drama like Moorim School. It wasn’t even a trashy drama!! It has a good story and everything in it seems to be very mysterious. I kinda agree with the netizens for pointing out the casts’ awful acting (we can’t deny it anyway). I’m not saying that Hongbin is THAT bad (he’s cute omg) but I think Sungjae would do better on that role because he naturally have this goofy aura and playful attitude (although the fighting scenes doesn’t seem to fit Sungjae so I think that’s the reason why he turned down the drama, but he can cope with it anyway, why so mean cube huhu).

Seo Ye Ji is still young and fresh to accept lead roles. I’ve already seen her on The Night Watchman’s Journal and I think she should just keep on doing roles like that for now (she still needs practice), or maybe because ye ji and hyun woo doesn’t have chemistry at all. (I’m not even going to mention Alexander’s english lines on the drama because I might end up being irritated again arrgghh)

Well, the drama will not air this week and I’m still kinda sad that they need to cut it to 16 episodes because of the drama’s poor performance. Although it is getting a positive reviews internationally, KBS doesn’t obviously care because they are not earning anything from it. Well business is business.

(btw kbs, mbc and sbs have more viewers than your channel since before anyway)