This pokemon is not Trump. He is Danny Williams from Hawaii Five-0. I’m not sure if someone else has said anything about this, but I’m going to anyway. Gumshoos is the ‘Stakeout/Detective’ pokemon, and Danny’s a detective. It was said that it was imported from from the mainland, just like Danny moved from the mainland before the first season, to be with his daughter. And lets talk about that hair, well actually I don’t think I have to, it kind of speaks for itself. 

(P.s: I am very disappointed in you Hawaii Five-0 fandom for I haven’t found one Pokemon!AU. If there is one, someone please tell me.)
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So, if ya’ll can believe it….this is the first HF0 fic I’ve ever posted. I know, it’s pretty sad. Anyway, do you guys wanna give it a shot and let me know how it is?

Classified (1/1 | 2,893 |M) 

Danny can’t help but get a little miffed when Steve lets everyone dig through his old Classified SEAL files except him…

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