Heroic young boys save neighbor’s house from burning

Two boys sprang into action to stop a home from burning on Ridge Bay Cove in Millington.

The brothers admitted they are a little scared, but it didn’t stop them from taking some swift action to save their neighbor’s house.

The boys grabbed the water hose in their back yard and began spraying over the fence to put the fire out.

The brothers are now being called heroes.

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Heroes: Ando Masahashi [ESFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Ando mostly reacts to the moment. He refuses to believe that Hiro can stop time until he receives physical proof he can see with his own eyes. He then jumps right in, and doesn’t look back. Ando often makes impulsive decisions which derail his journey, such as using Hiro’s powers for gambling and running off to fight Sylar after assuming Hiro has given up. He can be a little too eager around women, as his attraction to them in the moment overrides his judgment. He enjoys the action of his journeys with his best friend.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): He may have the occasional argument with Hiro, but Ando is extremely loyal, going through thick and thin with his best friend regardless of how crazy the journey becomes. His emotions often dictate his actions, although true-to-form he’s not that articulate in expressing them. He understands Hiro’s moral code and sometimes reinforces it when Hiro doubts himself.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): He sees the more practical potential uses of Hiro’s ability, like making money in Las Vegas, and utilizes them. He’s resourceful when in trouble, and takes action to problem-solve - well, sometimes. Ando usually comes across as irresponsible, but he does play the more logical and down-to-earth of the duo.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Ando occasionally runs away with an idea - he sees Hiro going in to visit his father, and assumes Hiro will just give up, so decides to take on Hiro’s task himself. His intuitive hunches are usually not very accurate, as Ni is his inferior.

Two days after Hurricane Katrina hit, 20-year-old Jabbar Gibson and his friends were desperate to escape their dilapidated housing project in New Orleans. Now’s the time to mention that Gibson was a small-time drug dealer and thief, who had stolen vehicles before. So what’s one more, especially when the alternative is a violent drowning death? He found a school bus, figured out how to drive the thing, and off he went to pick up as many friends and family as the bus could fit. Roughly 60 people climbed aboard, way beyond capacity, but since it’s not hard to choose between cramped legs and cramped inside a coffin, nobody complained.

Then, the cops came. Seeing a guy with a record driving a stolen bus, they ordered everyone off and were likely about to commence with the cuffin’ when Gibson countered with his secret weapon: his momma. Bernice Gibson told the cops that her son’s “theft” was the only way to save dozens of lives. Unless they had a better idea. They didn’t.

Off Gibson drove, hoping to make it to the Houston Astrodome and periodically stopping to squeeze in more people. After 13 hours, Gibson and his human Tetris puzzle arrived at the Astrodome. His was the first bus to arrive, beating police and emergency workers – actual trained responders. Everyone rejoiced!

Oh, wait, no. Everyone told them no.

7 Heroes Of History’s Darkest Nightmares Who Deserve Movies

what the signs are watching on netflix
  • Aries:stranger things
  • Taurus:bob's burgers
  • Gemini:skins
  • Cancer:friends
  • Leo:heroes
  • Virgo:sherlock
  • Libra:parks and rec
  • Scorpio:american horror story
  • Sagittarius:supernatural
  • Capricorn:the office
  • Aquarius:orange is the new black
  • Pisces:once upon a time

15/? favourite fictional males : Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

“because if we save ourselves, who’s going to save everyone else?”