Soo Ya - The Ten Tailed Kumiho

Soo Ya was a kind and naive fox spirit who lived in the sangju forests [Western North Gyeongsang in the modern time] Like all other spirits she lived happily and carefree in the woods, never mingling with the world of humans.

Until she found a wounded fisherman on the Margins of a river. Taking the form of a beautiful young woman, And disrespecting the rules, she used her spiritual powers to heal the injured man.

Grateful, the man came back to visit the beautiful maiden many times and eventually they fell in love with each other And finally got married, they had a beautiful daughter named Ji-a.

Even discovering that Soo Ya was a spirit her husband did not care and they had a happy life until the day Ji-a completed her eighth birthday. That day Soo Ya was in the woods of spirits picking fruits for her daughter, when the other foxes finally discovered where she lived with her mortal husband and the half-breed daughter, As it was forbidden to have intercourse with mortals, the other fox-spirits killed both her daughter and her husband.

Later that day, when Soo Ya returned home and saw everything destroyed and her daughter and husband killed, and the other kumihos partying, the kind and naive spirit was taken by a deep hatred and taken by the madness she killed and fed on the blood Of her own kind.

By breaking the most sacred law of her own race, Soo Ya discovered something else, by feeding on another kumiho, she had also stolen her spiritual powers. Getting stronger and faster every time she killed.

Still overwhelmed by the desire for revenge, Soo Ya decided to become a predator over her own kind. When Soo Ya killed and devoured her millionth victim, She became like the gods with the both power to destroy and to create as her  Yeowu-gusul [fox orb] Turned in a new tail, her tenth. A tail made of pure spiritual energy.

In the years that followed, Soo Ya, the eternal maiden, conquered and ruled both the mortal and spiritual words. With her powers growing every time she prosecuted with her hunt against her own kind, she reigned unchallenged for more than ten thousand years.

The few other surviving kumihos, fearing the wrath of the eternal maiden, decided to join and beg for the dragon of the heavens to intervene and save them. 

Not knowing if their prayers would be heard, the kumihos challenged Soo Ya to a battle. While the eternal maiden was distracted and weakened by the wild fight against her own kind, the dragon of the heavens went down and indulged in favor of the other fox-spirits, Took possession of soon ya and imprisoned her for eternity inside one of the stars of the sky.

They say that even today, if you pay attention, you can hear the bitter cries of soo ya when the night sky is starry…

//This is a tale from the reign of Silla (57 BC - 935 AD was one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea) That i’ve learned about today, and this gave me some ideas about how i will connect Luna with the new vastaya lore and the blood moon by giving Dalnim [Luna’s mother] a background lore inspired on this one.

Also i want to put an visual effect on Luna’s ult that changes her orb into a red fire tenth tail, because:

  1. it’s really cool.
  2. Since soon ya is the only ten tailed gumiho ever registered in any form of fictional work, make luna be the second one will make her feel very unique.
  3. the aesthetic will be very pleasant.

Hoi-Hoi! ….. sooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttt