“This is all your fault.”

Your partner scoffs from behind you. “How is this my fault?”

“You’re the one who suggested we go into Maroni’s creepy warehouse in the first place!” You whisper-yell, eyeing the creeps watching the two of you. “Look where that got us.”

You shake your bound hands behind your back to make your point. The two of you have been tied up, back-to-back, in hard, wooden chairs for the past hour. And you were getting increasingly more pissed off at the lack of back up that’s come.

Just as you think that, the doors blow in, and squads of GCPD come rushing in firing. Thinking quickly, you lean harshly to the left, toppling you and Gordon over and landing uncomfortably on your left arm. At least now you’re out of the line of fire.

You feel Gordon struggling behind you, and then Harvey’s kneeling in front of you. “He’s crazy, isn’t he?”

You scoff. “Should’ve listened to you.”

He grins and cuts your bonds then Gordon’s, and the three of you make your way out as quickly as possible.