“You know you’re enjoying this way too much.” Victor told you as you cleaned his wound. 

“I am not.” You said trying to hide your smile.

“Yes, you are.” Victor said. 

“Alright fine, maybe a little. But come on you have to laugh at the irony of the situation. You’re constantly lecturing me about watching my surroundings, keep a sharp eye, and you’re the one who ends up getting shot? Yeah I’m gonna laugh at the irony. Besides it’s not like it’s a life threating injury Vic, you were grazed.” You said lightly brushing your hand over his now bandaged injury. 

He stayed silent obviously not amused. 

“Chill out Vic. Don’t worry I’ll take care of you until you’re all healed up.” You said placing a kiss on his cheek. 

“I’m gonna kill him.” Vic said standing up. 

“Well I’m sorry to say I already beat you to it. I couldn’t let him keep breathing after he tried to shoot me. Thank you, by the way, I didn’t think you cared enough to take a bullet for me.” You said pulling him back down onto your couch.

“You’re worth a minor injury, you’re worth a whole lot more than that.” Victor said pulling you closer to him. 

“Victor I love you, you know that, but don’t you ever risk your life for mine.” You said. 

“That’s not gonna happen.” Victor said placing a kiss on your lips. “And your right it was very ironic.” 

Requested by anon

New Words (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

Request: Imagine Jerome meets the reader who doesn’t know English that well (she’s from Brazil) so he helps her? Sorry if this is not what you feel like writing! -Anon

A/N: I am not Brazilian (although I’d like to visit it someday. Any volouteers for paying my trip?) so if there are any mistakes, don’t blame me…blame Google translate. I’m sorry it’s a bit short but I didn’t know how yto make it longer.

Word Count: 410

Warnings: *Jerome’s dirty mind* There is like only one but yeah…you’ve been warned anyways, language

You looked at Tabitha, Theo Galavan’s sister, who was staring at you like the last slice of pizza. You forced a smile which was a wrong move. She moved towards you. You looked at the whip in her hand and you broke out in a cold sweat. 

When you entered the building you saw her and another blonde woman whipping a man with her whip and that got you a bit scared. You didn’t dare to mess with this one. 

She leaned in and opened her mouth to speak but Theo came in the right time. “Tabitha, behave.” She leaned back and smiled. “Y/N, I’m going to leave you with Jerome here.” A tall ginger boy entered the room with a smile on his face. “Ah this must be Y/N. Yes I’ve heard that a pretty woman was coming.” You felt your cheeks go red at the compliment. “Well I should leave you two for a moment. Tabitha come.” You were now left alone with this handsome ginger devil. “So let me show you your room. Do you know the number?”

“Seis.” Jerome gave you a confused look. He let out a light laugh and looked back at you. “What?”

“It’s six stupid.” The blonde lady said as she walked past you. You nodded your head. “Sim…sex.” You couldn’t pronounce the word ‘six’ right which sent Jerome laughing. “Well we don’t have a sex room but I can make you one. I’ll be your little lab rat if you want.” He grinned. You looked down at the floor tiles and smiled. “Say it with me…six.” You watched his mouth movements and repeated after him. “Good.” He walked you to your room. You put your bags on the floor and took a look around. “You know I can help you to learn English.” Your eyes widened in interest. I mean who wouldn’t want that hunk teach him English? Jerome walked over to the door and pointed at it. “Door?” He said slowly. 

“Dooooooor.” You repeated after him. He smiled and clapped his hands together. He walked over to every furniture and he pronounced it for you. As you were about to get done he said “Now this word…yeah…you’re going to need it very often.”

“What is it?” You asked.

“Fuck.” A grin appeared on his face. The blonde lady appeared at the door frame. “And you’ll need this word too ‘Shut the fuck up Jerome’!”

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