A raven flies into the moonlight
The cold snow storm
He knows the massage has to arrive
The kingdom will burn to the ground

The witches and demons have come to deny
The beauty and peace of our home land
We know the massage has to arrive and
The King of the North will rise

—  song of the north
Having sex with Robb Stark would include

  • Your first time would be cute and a little bit awkward
  • You teasing him and he would get really frustrated
  • “Punish me, my king.”
    “Oh I will.”
  • Robb is dominant, he likes to have control in the sheets
  • But he always makes sure you’re okay 
  • Scratching his back
  • He likes to talk dirty to you
  • Light spanking
  • Slow, hard and deep thrusts
  • Lots of love bites
  • Hair pulling
  • He would make you beg for it
    “Rooobb, please.” “Please what?”
    “Fuck me already!” “As my queen desires.”
  • Jealous sex
    Who do you belong to, Y/n? Who?”
  • Fucking you so hard that he makes you scream out his name
  • He likes to ’handcuff’ you
    I like you this way, only mine to use, to ravage.”
  • Most of the time there’s no patience for long foreplay
  • He can range from lovemaking to fucking real quick
  • Doggy style
  • When you two are finished you would asleep on his chest, listening to his heartbeat
  • You’re sore the next few days
  • “Robb Stark. You’re unbelieveable. Horny again?” “What? I can’t help it that my wife’s so hot. ;)”
  • Poor Sansa tho, her room is next to yours

    The legends about the Long Night in Yi Ti explain that a descendant of God-on-Earth known as the Amethyst Empress was usurped and murdered by her own brother, an event known as the Blood Betrayal. This caused the Maiden-Made-of-Light to turn away from humanity in shame, and the Lion of Night came forth in all his wrath to punish mankind’s wickedness, inflicting the cold and darkness of the Long Night. - Yi Ti, The World of Ice and Fire

    @ GoT people… Please don’t kill Theon; he’s been through enough and (unlike so many other characters), he had remorse for his actions. He deserves to live somewhere far away and beautiful where no one can touch him and he can just have a beautiful quiet life. But, alas, this is GoT so I’m expecting the worst. :/

    Robb x Female Reader

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    Imagine cuddling with Robb during the war and him comforting you about upcoming battles.

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    \ Request from anonymous /
    Could you do a fluffy robb x reader where they’re laying in bed together & he keeps calling her pretty & saying that he loves her and stuff? thank you!! (sorry if this wasn’t very detailed!)

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    Your eyes were fixated on the glowing fire as you lay by Robb’s side. The wood burned, sending heat around the cold room. Your head was resting on the Stark’s chest while his strong arms held you close, but it wasn’t enough.

    Your thoughts instantly went to the war, the nights you would spend worrying about him. You had him by your side tonight, but you wouldn’t be able to keep him like this forever.

    “My lady, you are being very quiet, is everything alright?” Robb’s husky voice snapped you out of your daze.

    “What if you don’t come back to me Robb?” You whispered as a single tear threatened to fall.

    “Y/N, there is no saying whether I will live or die,” you whimpered before he could continue, you wouldn’t be able to live with out him. Robb sat up, pulling you up with him and his large hands held your cheeks, softly wiping away your tears.

    “This is a war, i need to fight along side my men. But I will try as hard as I can, to get back to my gorgeous wife.” You smiled sadly at his attempt to make you feel better.

    “I do not doubt you wont try my love, War is war. People die, I understand that but if you die, I-” He cut you off by gently, pressing his lips against yours with a passion neither of you could forget.

    You hands gripped his shoulders as if he would disappear any second whilst his arms simply held you close to him as he continued to show his love.

    You knew were being soppy but he was leading a rebellion now safety wasn given any more. Silent tear rolled down robbs face trying to reassure at the same time couldn stay strong enough not feel ache in his heart.

    “I love you so much.” He whispered. You laughed against his lips causing him to pull away confused.

    “Sorry, it just tickled when you spoke.” you giggled. Robb cracked a smile at your childish behaviour. He studied your features, taking all of you in.

    The way your eyes twinkled when you smiled your cheeky grin.

    The way your hair trailed down side framing face perfectly.

    The way you looked so effortlessly gorgeous when you spoke.

    You wiped away your tears before looking at your husband. Your upset expression disappeared completely as you noticed Robbs hair, it was sticking up in all sorts of ways from where you had been cuddling.

    The young stark looked at you strangely as you didn’t notice you were laughing hysterically at how ridiculous Robb looked.

    The stark eventually gave up trying to talk to you and just admired your laughter. It was stupid how funny you found it, however the more he moved the worse his hair got. After a while of joy, you calmed down enough to be serious again.

    “I am going to miss you.” You spoke, as a sad smile appeared on your lips.

    You and Robb have so much fun together, you laugh and care for one another, you mess around and make love. Your relationship was perfect.

    “I love you y/n” Robb played with your hair as laid back down and held each other close.

    “I love you too Robb, I never thought I would be this happy.” You admitted whilst remembering all your memories.

    “My stunning girl, when this war is over, I will dedicate my life to pleasing you.” He smiled before whispering one last thing…

    ‘And that is a promise.’

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    This is the shortest imagine I’ve written, short but sweet hopefully? I have started the Jaime request which I’m really excited for! Requests are open. I’m sorry again it is short but I think it was enough to make you fall in love with Robb!

    anonymous asked:

    Hi! I was wondering if you had any modern AU Bran having his accident and going through physical therapy headcanons.

    Yes I absolutely do! Also, if I get anything wrong, please tell me - I’ve googled physical therapy and am going by what I learn in my courses, but that obviously doesn’t mean I’m an expert (and this turned to him post-accident in general). 

    • So Bran was honestly depressed and a bit angry after his accident; he had loved to run and climb and after the accident he couldn’t do anything he loved. 
      • Everyone was walking around him on eggshells too, they would smile and be so sweet around him but there’d be a moment where one of them would mention walking or running and then stop talking when they realized he was around. 
        • Arya once did this: “My legs are killing me, Sansa, I - oh,” and there was an awkward silence as Bran wheeled in. 
        • They had to have a conversation on how to talk to and around Bran. Bran and them all gathered and he told them that he would rather them talk about it rather than them going silent around him, because that made him feel worse than anything they could say. 
        • They did learn to go back to speaking normally around him afterwards and that made Bran happy because he felt like at least not everything had to change. 
    • Ned and Robb got really into making the ramps in their house; there were no ramps beforehand but Ned and Robb were determined to add the ramps in (rather than just calling in builders). 
      • Okay, so they had to call in builders to build ramps inside of the house, but the two built ramps in the front, side, and back of the house so that Bran could go in through all sides of the house. They worked on it for a month and would be up at extremely early hours of the day (so there were moments where Bran yelled at them at 4 AM from his window). 
        • “GUYS IT’S 4 AM GO TO SLEEP.” “But Bran, we’re making this for you.” “What I want is to go to sleep, Robb.” 
    • Bran was initially really excited for physical therapy because he thought that maybe he could walk again, and when he learned that he would most likely never be able to walk, he would refuse to go. 
      • It was Sansa and Jon who coaxed him into going; they pulled up a bunch of facts about how it would help him with sitting better, moving around, getting used to his chair, etc. They told him all about new programs and experiments going on and how going to therapy wouldn’t hurt him, even if he didn’t see a benefit, and they both went with him and cheered him on the entire time. 
      • Cat went to every single therapy session with him, and whenever he fell down or felt frustrated she would take a break with him and hold his hand and tell him it was okay. 
    • Arya and Rickon decorated Bran’s wheelchair to make it cool and even painted hot flames on it. 
      • Jon helped them place balloons on it when Bran’s birthday came around and Bran was ecstatic
    • Bran also went to therapy for about a year; he initially didn’t talk to his therapist but as the sessions went on he would talk more and let out his frustrations and how he was adjusting to his chair. 
      • The man’s name was Varys and he was very calm and open to Bran; Bran would open up to him after a single question sometimes is how good Varys was. 
    • Bran also realized how crappy some areas are for disabled people - he’d see it when he went out to places and found no ramps, or if elevators were broken, or just people averting their eyes as if he couldn’t see them. 
      • His family would get really mad and complain about how these places are required to have accessible spaces for him. 
      • Bran would always call out people who treated him differently; he would do it nicely and be like, “Hey, I can see you, still a person,” and they’d get embarrassed and apologize. 
      • Unless they’re a dick, in which case they are getting called out and he will be savage af and they will be lucky to survive amen my precious savage baby. 
    • He also really wanted advice from other people on what he should do, but besides a few people at the hospital or therapy place, he didn’t know anyone who was disabled and had useful tips for him, and googling would give him mixed results.
      • So, I know I’ve said it like 50000000 times but Bran actually ended up making a Youtube. It started as him asking people for tips and suggestions, on what type of chair would be best for him, how they have adjusted, etc., and when he got older, he started making his own tips and suggestions. 
          • Now, he makes videos debunking myths about disabled people, will collaborate with others, will make fun skits, and do Q&As. 
          • He’s gotten so many comments from people who have been in accidents or are disabled and they talk about how much he’s helped them, and how they learned things that they would have never known otherwise, and it makes Bran so happy because he’s happy he’s there for them when he didn’t have much resources when he was going through the same thing. 
          • He does miss walking, but he’s glad because - now he gets to help other people and make sure they’re not as freaked out as he initially was, and he’s just such a big voice in the community and he knows how important that is and it means a lot to him. 

    anonymous asked:

    Honestly in got there's so many interfamily relationships I wouldn't be shocked if Sansa & Jon ended up together. Jon is literally like one of the few in his actual family line that isn't the product of incest.

    Exactly!! Apart from the sweltering chemistry between Sophie and Kit, the biggest reason I ship Jonsa is because it would make so much narrative sense and would make for such an interesting plot. I guess we’ll see what happens next year. Fingers crossed!

    anonymous asked:

    I've seen some crazy theories for season 7 - like Sansa betraying Jon, Sansa having sex with LF to protect Jon, etc. But there are only 7 episodes with a lot of ground to cover. I think Sansa will play LF and then kill him by midseason. This will then create a great bond with Jon that will carry over to season 8. Jon has a lot on his plate, and Sansa will have limited screentime during the battles so I think she needs to secure her place in WF and with the viewers before too long. Thoughts?

    I imagine Littlefinger’s death will be part of the build up or fallout for episode 6. The second-to-last episode is always where we get our “OMG” moments of any season: Ned’s head rolls, Battle of the Blackwater, Battle at Castle Black, Battle of the Bastards, Dany tames(ish) Drogon Red Wedding. Thus, episode 6 will be our big episode next season since there’s only 7 episodes. I’m expecting episode 6 to be the wall falling/some fight with the Others, so Petyr either dies before or right after.

    Sansa’s place is secured, I’d say. Her plot is probably going to be focused on personal relationships- Arya/Bran showing up again, Brienne and the Hound are back, Jon and LF of course, etc. While D&D enjoy battles, GOT is primarily about people so I’m sure we’ll get lots of people scenes as well.