I wasn’t exactly frustrated, but I am happy Gos found a way to keep the monthly theme going :3

I made this for the Naturally Nature theme, since I figured clouds and skies are nature too :) 

It’s 8 retextures of Ja’s buyable sky. I used a lot of skies Nimi used for her neighborhood skies and a few extras. You can see all 8 skies on the swatch on the bottom left. The bottom right is an unedited picture, so you can see what it looks like in game :) 


Credits: Ja, Blender Textures and Shastakiss for the chapel in the preview picture. 

The Garden of Shadows Advent experiment is now live!

We want YOU, the community, to pitch in and make this GoSmas amazing. At the link above you’ll find the theme for each of the Twelve Days of GoSmas. And here, at the Discussion Thread, you can share ideas, resources, tutorials, ask questions, etc. We’ve already posted some to get you going…

The first day of Advent will be December 13th so you have nearly a month and a half to create and learn! We will be posting the sharing thread each day so PLEASE don’t share your awesome creations until then!

Please reblog to get the word out!