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upseppy  asked:

Why did you not like the ep Blame it on the Alcohol? Just asking bc I love to hear your opinions on Glee lol

it was just GROSS

like this ep perpetuated terrible biphobia (as a kid i really believed everything kurt said :C ), but also basically had blaine and rachel makeout for the sake of blaine being ‘gay but still look fuckable 4 women’ . (not 2 mention they continued 2 do this with blaine in later seasons)

also rachel pissed me off so much bruh. like how the fuk was kurt still friends w her after that?? she straight up told him she didn’t care how he felt abt her goin after the only queer dude kurt actually liked. she attended the same school kurt was bullied OUT of, she knew this…and she STILL sought after blaine. 

the ep was just mean spirited and STILL leaves such a shitty taste in my mouth LOL

i also just realized that w santana being the ‘straight man’s lesbian’ blaine was the 'straight woman’s gay’

both clearly not interested in the opposite sex, but were still presented as sexually available 2 them. it’s so fucked up @ - @ 

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