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tagged by bronyrpblog: 10 [out of too many] favorite movies

on the waterfront (1954)  •  sunset boulevard (1950)
doctor zhivago (1965)  •  doctor strangelove (1964)
north by northwest (1959)  •  the godfather (1972)
true grit  (2010 remake) •  minority report (2002)
metropolis (1927)  •  spirited away (2001)


“Don’t let anything or anyone take away your smile or your happiness. Find something to be happy about, something that you love, and if it makes you happy, hold onto it no matter what. And fight for your happiness, your personal happiness is worth more than any amount of popularity.”


{ Dragon Age Characters Appreciation: #02 of ? } → Isabela

“When you get right down to it, we’re not responsible for anyone but ourselves. You can choose to be free, or you can choose to be saddled with all the world’s problems.”

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