If you wear a gi/yukata/kimono, make sure to do *left* over right! When I just started cosplaying, sometimes I’d mix it up. Don’t make my mistake! Yukata are worn left over right because the inside of the yukata, similar to a pocket, can carry weapons (knives) or fans. When someone dies, they don’t need weapons anymore, so they are buried right over left.

Almost all anime/game characters wear left over right, even if they’re essentially dead (eg Bleach). The only character I’ve seen wear it the other way is Nora from Noragami, who is dead. There may be other exceptions that I don’t know about, but left over right is standard.

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Please don’t fall in love with me
I need to know first we agree
So until then I’ll stay the same
And even kindle our small flame

Though I can’t tell if you’re a tease
I’ll breathe in whatever breeze
You try to blow and send my way
I’m all yours if you dare stay

—  Stephenstilwell “Breathe in Whatever”
There should

be some sort of walk-in gi/dobok store so we can try them on and pick. Imagine how cool this would be???

It seems I always spend so much time trying to find one with the right fabric, weight, style, color, and size, but it can be hard to tell without putting it on.
An uncomfortable, big, or heavy uniform while I am trying to train can screw me up or simply make practice uncomfortable.
I’ve had so many uniforms and they are each vastly different from another… It is hard to tell which one I will like from a picture and description on the internet.

Plus, I  am very particular with my fabric because of my Borderline PD. If the wrong fabric brushes against my skin, I get so angry, anxious, and bothered. I also find my small size to make finding one difficult.

Even cooler, in addition to white and black uniforms, there could be various other designs and colors… stuff like this.

And this

And this

And there could be options for customization, sizing, logo, and so on. It could have uniforms for each style like tkd, karate, bjj, and so on, as well as other gear, books, and an area to move around in them a bit to see if works for practice.

I would love to be able to try some on and pick for once.

I can just see all the martial artists and like us in budoblr going in there and spending hours looking at and trying on uniforms hahaha.