every time I see Jiyong’s face light up when he interacts with children it makes me so happy. His eyes become so bright and he smiles so much I honestly hope that he gets to have his own children one day because he clearly loves children so much he’d be such a great father. He deserves to have his own family and to live a happy, fulfilled life and I hope he gets to one day.

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EXO and Big Bang reaction to another member crushing on the same girl as them?

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He doesn’t want to get over protective of you. It wasn’t his place but he couldn’t help but feel little petty about Daesung announcing that he liked you too. He wouldn’t be intimidated by Daesung liking you, since he had been actively flirting with you and you with he. At first he would try getting Daesung to back off by flirting with you a lot in front of him and would then turn into calling Daesung out for trying to flirt with you too. He would almost cause an unnecessary fight but thankfully Daesung knows when to back off.

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Even though you secretly liked him back, him finding out that Seungri also liked you would make him back off a little. He’d know how much you loved to laugh and who better to make you than the funniest friend he had? He’d start to doubt himself and would almost pull away entirely until one day you had stepped up and asked him to ask Seungri to step off a little because it was making you a little uncomfortable. Thats when he’d feel like he got all his confidence back to continue to pursue you. 

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He had no problem stepping up to Youngbae and telling him exactly how he felt. He’s had growing feelings for you for months now and there was no way anyone was about to step in and try to change that. He’d explain the situation as calmly as he could in hope that he’d back off. If he didnt he wouldn’t make make a big deal about it infant of you, but he would be more forceful about it the next time he had a chance to talk to Youngbae. 

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He’d hate the fact that you were having your attention taken away from him by Seunghyun and he could see how he was showing all the signs of flirting he had. Hed pretend not to notice though, continuing to do all the same sweet things he had always done for you, he would just hurry up on his plan to ask you out incase Seunghyun tried to beat him to it. 

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He’d spill the beans about his feeling by yelling at Jiyong to stop flirting with you without fully realizing what he had done until all eyes were on him. He’d just smile and shrug since there was no going back now. He’d apologize to guying incase he embarrassed him, but there really wouldn’t have been any issue since Jiyong would be more excited that Seungri outed himself right infront of you and he needed to go deal with that. 

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Like Wolves - Jiyong *REQUESTED Part 1

this is part one of thre request part two will be up tomorrow hope you like it love 


You sighed as you stared out the window your eyes stuck on the big crescent moon, you wrapped your silk blue robe closer to your body shielding your skin from the cold winter wind, you shook your head and closed the window, you sat down on your big king size bed and stared at your phone expecting the screen to light up with a text from your boyfriend, who has been gone for two weeks now.

You were used to him disappearing, ever since the moment he told you he was a werewolf you knew there was going to be times where he had to leave the city and go into the woods for a couple of days, but usually when that happened you would get at least a text a day letting you know he was safe, but that didn’t happen this time, you tried really hard to not get worried but it was impossible being calm when you knew how reckless jiyong could be when he was in his wolf form.

You were about to go get a shower when you heard the front door open and close, the noise echoing through the apartment, you jumped to your feet and made your way to the living room to see a very exhausted jiyong, you ran to his side and hugged him, he sighed and hugged you back “i was really worried” you said against his neck and he chuckled , he pulled away and grabbed your face so you would look at him, his skin was glowing with sweat and he had under eye bags but he still managed to look flawless and you wondered how lucky you were to have someone like him in your life, “i’m ok, see? I’m fine baby, i’m sorry i didn’t text we got three new guys and my father wanted me to guide them on their first transformation” he said and kissed your forehead, you were so happy that he was back that you didn’t notice that your boyfriend was burning up, you looked up at him worried when you touched his sticky sweaty hot skin “oppa you are burning” jiyong widened his eyes and stepped away from you “oh yeah mating season is coming and with all the new people coming in i’ve been changing a lot so its normal dont worry” he said as he walked away to the bathroom leaving you in the living room shocked.

he lied to you, he never lied to you, he always told you the truth no matter how painful it was, he never dared to lie to you because he thought it was some kind of disrespect, but why was he lying? What was he hiding?

You walked back to the room and sat down the bed to wait for him to finish on the shower, thoughts running wild through your brain, what if he was hurt? What if something bad happened to him? Why would he lie to you?

He got out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his small waist, glowing wet chest exposed, the tattoos covered by small droplets of water, his jet black hair pushed back, he looked absolutely stunning, and any other day you would have jumped on the bed begging for him to fuck you, but this wasn’t any other day.

Jiyong frowned at you, curious as to why you were sitting on the bed when you could be starting a good night filled with sex, it was an usual occurrence whenever he was back from the woods, you wouldn’t be able to get your hands off of each other, but this time was different.

“Jagi is everything ok?” he asked as he sat down beside you, his hand going to grab your thigh, but before he could do that you stood up and turned to look at him “why did you lie to me?” you ask simply without hesitation, widened his eyes and stood up “how did you know i was lying?” he asked back and you frowned “it was obvious, you never lied to me before and this is the first time, i felt the energy around you and i instantly knew you were lying, does it have to be because of the bond?” jiyong smiled as if you just told him the best news ever “that means you are ready” he said as he hugged you, you hugged him back confused  “ready for what?” you asked and he pulled away to grab your face so you would look up at him.

“You are ready for the mark, i know we have been together for a while now and it’s obvious that you are my mate, but since you are human it takes some time for your body to be ready for the mark, and one of the signals is the ability to know how the other is feeling, so when i lied you felt my energy and noticed i was lying” jiyong said with a smile on his face, you could feel his excitement, it was an odd feeling, to feel how he was feeling, it was as if you weren’t in control of your emotions anymore, instead of being two people you were slowly becoming one and that should have scared you but it didn’t, i gave you peace, it made you feel safe and you didn’t know if it was a normal thing for mates to feel this way but your feeling forced you to not care about it.

“So what do we do now?” you asked as he grabbed your hands pulling you closer to him, his forehead placed on yours, “i have to tell my grandfather, since he is the alpha he is the one that has to officiate the ceremony” you widened your eyes “what do you mean ceremony?” jiyong sighed “it’s a ceremony where a member of the pack claims a mate and the alpha has to prove their bond in front of all the pack before they said member can mark their mate, but that’s done on the private section of the ceremony”

Where you going to be able to go through all of that? One thing was jiyong knowing what he had to do to you but for the whole pack to know what you two were doing was another thing, jiyong seemed excited and you felt the same way too but not because you wanted to.

You had a lot of doubts, jiyong explained to you from the beginning how things worked in his life and for the most part you were ok with all of this, but maybe you never really stopped to think what this actually meant, you were going to stop being just yourself and you were going to share your whole life and feelings even thoughts with the love of your life, your individuality was going to disappear.

But you loved jiyong, you would do anything for him, so you couldn’t see yourself backing down, you couldn’t see yourself leaving him in fear of losing yourself, you wanted him to be happy, no, you needed him to be happy, so there was no question, you were going to do this, no matter what.

“So when is this ceremony?” you asked as he caressed your cheek, little shocks of pleasure going through your body.

“Next week, during the full moon”


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