Sexy Korean Music Playlist

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Hell yeah, let’s get some sexy vibes going, baby. Total songs: 24

  • Dean- Put My Hands On You
  • Sik-K- Habibi
  • Jay Park- Mommae
  • Mino- Body
  • Gary ft. Jay Park- Joa
  • Jooyoung ft. Superbee- Wet
  • Verbal Jint, Sanchez ft. Bumkey- Doin’ It
  • San E ft. Bumkey- Body Language
  • Sleepy ft. Yongguk- Body Lotion
  • O.V ft. Cokebath- SexTape
  • Taeyeon- I Got Love
  • BigBang- Bae Bae
  • Taeyang- Naked
  • SHINee- Excuse Me Miss
  • G.Soul- Dirty
  • TVXQ- Mirotic
  • JYJ- Back Seat
  • 2PM- Make Love
  • DPR LIVE ft. Crush- Laputa
  • Gary ft. Crush- Shower Later
  • Crush ft. Jay Park, Simon Dominic- Give It To Me
  • Loco ft. Crush- Hold Me Tight
  • Jay Park- Sex Trip
  • B.A.P- Body & Soul
Destiny 2: Mission Accomplished
  • Cabal: Sir, we've successfully taken over the home base of those guardians. The city and the Traveler are yours.
  • Ghaul: Excellent. And did you strike fear into those remaining? Do they understand the wrath of Ghaul?! Do they know it is I, Ghaul leader of the Red Legion, that brought pain and suffering to them?!
  • Cabal: Uh... yes and no
  • Ghaul: What?!
  • Cabal: Sir, I don't know how but everyone seems to be calling you... Gary?
  • *meanwhile*
  • Cayde: Something with a G!