Send your warm Christmas message to G.NA!

Here is GNA Bar. Now we are going to start a supporting programme for GNA online. If you want to join us, you just need to do as follows (within 3 simple steps).

Step 1. Leave your message for our BabyG on paper(or postcards). The message need not be too long and please remember to include your name and country. It can’t be better if you put on tags#BeWithGnaChoi

Step2. Find a great background and take a nice shot on your cute work. (It’s all up to you whether you are in the photo or not)

Step3. E-mail your picture to us before December 20th (address:


Once we got enough messages, we’ll make them a video for G.NA. With all the loving words, we want to tell her our companionship and our eternal love.
Waiting for all you guys, our gorgeous G.NIs’ active participation.

Merry merry Christmas!


Korean Singer performing her single “Black & White”

If it’s absolutely true that G.Na was the female celebrity booked for prostitution (yeah it was obvious that it was Cube’s homepage that was blurred out but the reporter could’ve just made an incorrect guess for all we know–remember that incident when a TV station almost destroyed Jiwon’s career by falsely displaying a picture of her group SPICA and suggesting that she was passenger “J”?), then why is she the only one being exposed? Why the hell isn’t the name of the CEO who hunts down women who are low on income exposed? Why the hell aren’t the names of the sick bastards who feed the system of preying on idols and trainees struggling to make ends meet because they’re not paid well by their company revealed? If they’re going to expose G.Na, they should expose the entire industry that involves sponsorships.