So far this is the best photo of my Baphoment and this is the only photo so far (that’s been posted) that shows what she looked like in person.

It took a couple hours to put her on (About 3-4? I started at around noonish, got down at 3ish?). It was my first time doing a piece that sat on my upper lip and over my nose so I did spend a lot of time around those areas. I mean, I just took my time in general because I didn’t HAVE to be in makeup until 9pm.

THIS is the foam latex appliance. FX Faces is great! I will probably have a really in depth review up soon; I have a pretty basic one on Instagram right now. The appliance was painted with MEHRON PARADISE PAINT and KRYLON AQUACOLOR. There is a lot of speckling in some cream tones all over my body, but its a little hard to see. There is a hidden UV-Reactive star on my forehead and hidden UV-Reactive yellow speckling all over my body.

The blood I used is the ULTIMATE BLOOD KIT BY SMOOTH-ON.

The dentures are from DENTAL DISTORTIONS. They are their original style of veneers and are in the “Wolfen” style (only wearing the lower set) but I don’t know if the “Wolfen” style veneers are offered anymore.

The second set of horns are ELOPE’S RAM HORNS but were repainted and glued to a real headband.

This makeup also features a lot of gold accents in this makeup. A halo style gold and black eyeshadow look, gold check bone highlights, gold jewelry, gold fangs and gold that was hand painted into all the grooves of both sets of horns.
There are also tons of individual false lash clusters added to my lashlines for a really doe-y eye look. My eyes looks really pretty but if I could do anything different, I would have changed my eye look. I would have also worn contacts but I’m always iffy about wearing contacts when I have to paint my hands because if I have to take my lenses out, I have to wash my hands and get all the paint off and it seems like to much work. 

If you have any questions about specific techniques I use or products or anything, please feel free to ask! I’d be more than happy to answer!