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Fruits Basket | Tohru and The Zodiac | Hatori, The Dragon

"Tell me, when the snow melts, what does it become?"

"It becomes spring, right?"

As a follow-up to this post- I couldn’t control myself. I needed to order a few more tea blends to satiate my need for more Fruits Basket merchandise.

Again, all the above were ordered from here! The Hatori is the full sized (5 oz), but the four below are the sample sizes (and sample sizes are only $4! You have no excuse now!)

This time, I bought the rest of the Mabudachi Trio + Kureno and Tohru!

Here are the descriptions:

  • Polite, kind, and selfless to a fault, Tohru Honda becomes the catalyst for change in the Sohma family. Tohru’s tea contains snowbud, white peach, and apricot tea with cherry accents
  • Kind-hearted and a little airheaded, Kureno Sohma is possessed by the spirit of the Bird. The Bird is a blend of snowbud, white peony, and honeybush vanilla, with cocoa nib accents.
  • At first glance an easygoing novelist, the wily Shigure Sohma is the eldest member of the zodiac family and guardian to Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru. The Dog is a blend featuring assam melody, chocolate chai, and mambo, with cocoa nib accents!
  • Flamboyant and self-assured, Yuki’s older brother Ayame Sohma owns a costume shop. The Snake is a blend of ceylon sonata, rooibos lemon cloud, and mandarin green, with rose petal accents!

They all smell heavenly; and the artwork on these is INCREDIBLE. So excited to try all of them!

If you’re a first time customer, you can use this code: 7238049840 to get $5 off your first purchase! Have fun and relax with some great Fruits Basket tea, guys! This fandom doesn’t get enough love, let’s support artists who work hard on putting out more merchandise for us!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fruits basket fanart?

C: We have a fanart tag! There aren’t too many posts, but you can also check the Fruits Basket tag for some amazing artists who have been brightening up the place lately with their skills! The tag has been picking up speed with some great editors, artists, and fans posting their feelings.

It makes us super happy! :)