2014 Will Be The End Of Me...

First of all, Sherlock returns, and I’m just like:

And every one of my “normal” friends and family are just:

While me and my fellow nerdy friends are just:

But then Sherlock will end and I’m pretty damn sure we’ll all be like:

And everyone around us will just be like:

And then when I finally calm down, Game of Thrones returns…

Which means more emotional agony:

And yet myself and everyone like me will welcome such pain with:

And all the normal peasants will just stand by like:

And then there are the releases of:-


How to Train Your Dragon 2

The Amazing Spiderman 2

The Faults in Our Stars

And of course, Mockingjay Part 1

So yeah, I may either explode from happiness or despair in the New Year… BRING IT ON BIOTCH


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