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What's the scariest film you've ever watched ? Saddest ? Happiest? Best film ? 🙌🏻 much love

Scariest? It’s a long story but somehow my ignorant self ended alone, when I was nine years old, watching Alien in a movie theater when it first came out thinking it was a sci-fi movie like Star Wars. Nothing, nothing has ever been as scary as that. Runner ups: Silence of the Lambs, The Sixth Sense

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Saddest? There are a couple, not sure which one to choose but I remember crying when I saw The Champ and Bambi.  Runner ups: Brokeback Mountain, E.T.  

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Happiest? I love comedies but few times I have laugh as much as I did when I first watched South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. Runner ups: The Full Monty, any stupid movie like Vacation, Naked Gun or Airplane.

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Best film? Empire Strikes Back or A New Hope, big SW geek here. Runner ups: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Inception, The Matrix.

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Taiwan 台湾 by ogino.taro
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Leica MP summicron 35mm f2(1965)kodak ultramax 400