10 actors: Riz Ahmed

[on sending fourteen Star Wars audition tapes] But he made the mistake of giving me his e-mail address. So I sent him one version of the scene of the audition, and a few hours later I was like, “I’ll do it another way.” And a few hours later, I did that again. And then I woke up the next day and there wasn’t a reply and I thought, “I’ll should send him some more.” So I kept going and it’s kind of nuts when I think about it.


Proof of Concept: A perfect solution for the Fighting Game Community to seamlessly incorporate face cams into the regular user interface of most fighting games. Footage of their faces will simply be incorporated directly into the health bar, and auto-adjusted directly (with content-aware scaling) to the vertical length of the health bar. This will meet the needs of both people who want the pure game footage unadulterated by face cams and those who want to see the players at work without compromising the aspect ratio of the game. There are no problems with this solution, and I expect it to be integrated into livestreams of Street Fighter tournaments immediately.