fangirl challenge [1/15 male celebrities: Joe Keery 

“I did like, theater camp, when I was a little kid and made videos with my sisters and was interested in music, but didn’t ever want to sing. I thought it was cool to play music, for sure, or - I saw School of Rock! I saw that movie and I was like ‘Oh my God! That seems like the coolest thing ever!’ … We were like this is the real shit. We gotta start doing this.” 


10 actors: Riz Ahmed

[on sending fourteen Star Wars audition tapes] But he made the mistake of giving me his e-mail address. So I sent him one version of the scene of the audition, and a few hours later I was like, “I’ll do it another way.” And a few hours later, I did that again. And then I woke up the next day and there wasn’t a reply and I thought, “I’ll should send him some more.” So I kept going and it’s kind of nuts when I think about it.