Thank you for 2000 followers! Thank you for sticking with me throughout these last 3 years and various fandoms. Here is my second ever follow forever because you guys are amazing. I’m really sorry if I forgot someone, I’ve met so many great people and it’s almost impossible to remember all your lovely urls. (Art by the amazing ilyone)


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So my birthday was 4 days ago but I’m posting a follow forever now, bc I feel like it tbh… And sorry for how bad that is ^^, I’m lazy sometimes.

Anyway, my mutuals are bolded and my favourite blogs are italicised.


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AND OF COURSE 5sos-official 

yeah ik i follow a lot of people but they all have amazing blogs so if you aren’t following any of them already, please do

so i somehow hit 3k followers and what better way to celebrate than do a follow forever? this is a little late bc i hit this mark like a week ago but i was so deep in exams i had no time to make it. anyways, thank you to everyone who’s followed me and appreciates my trash blog and edits, it really means a lot to me! 

along the way i had the pleasure to meet some wonderful people that i can call my friends on here and who definitely deserve a shout out because they’re awesome! 

godcaprio khaelesi zoessaldana weliveindifferentworlds james-barnes ladypepe queenclintasha 

maybe i don’t talk to you a lot but i still love you u guys are the real mvp! now on to the actual follow forever:

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So I my blog reached another milestone lately so I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this. To my followers, I am so thankful to have you all for supporting me all the way here! ^~^ You all don’t know how much you guys mean to me honestly~~ I love you all. To the beautiful blogs I follow, thank you for gracing my dash with beautiful stuff. To my mutuals, thank you for keeping up with my trash. Yay!~ 


italics=fave blogs

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 You guys are so amazing. I love you all ya know that well. ^^,  ♡ ♡ ♡


FFIX Week [Day 3]Favorite quote

in the end, it boils down to two simple choices. Either you do or you don’t. You’d think with all the problems in this world, there’d be more answers. It’s not fair… but that’s the way things are. The choice is yours.

ok so the graphic sucks but idc because i got up to 300 followers!! (it’s 304 now, thanks guys) & I just want to say how much I appreciate each and every one of you people, even if we don’t talk as much, or at all, really. Okay so first things first i’m the realest a special shout out to starlordwrites for being my 300th follower!! 

the next four that followed me deserve a shout out too, so thank you guys!

downrange, avierp (ok idk it’s not letting me add the s, but it’s avierps), ms-deranged, & skrsgrd!!

damenlaurents - ew it’s essy, but jk bc i love you and we’ve been friends for almost 7 years, i’ll even tag ur 1x1 account ok littleandroidwrites, you’re always there for me and i love you a lot my cousinsisterchild. i remember first rping with axel & ice and how we tortured them and we’VE HAD THESE BABIES FOR 6 YEARS NOW LIKE!!!!!!!!! so we have technically been rping together for all these years even if ace were jst on a very long holiday. BUT. ALSO. SWEARWOLVES. REMUS & JAEL & THEIR FRIENDSHIP LIKE FUCK THESE TWO ARE KILLING ME. and their sweet lil baby child Delilah, who was literally created one day as an au but i love delilah so much. like. bc remus and jael are the literal worst and the fact that they could produce someone who is the epitome of sunshine and flowers. i’m so excited for delilah and drasko (double d anyone helooooo) & also cooptavia like fuck. all our ships. look at them. so beautiful. let’s destroy them. but you’re kidding if u think ur the light of this world bc that is reserved for me. 

trillrps - wow davin ur awesome and holy heck you’re 19 now you’re oldddddddddd. (i kid i kid.) even tho i’m like a million years late to reply to our sandpit romance (how fucking cute is that otp tag tho. like forreal.) i love them so much and these two are prob gonna kill me with all the cuteness and eventual heartbreak. i cant even remember how we started talking but i think it was over smokes????? like idk but it ended up being like 3 am when we were like yo should sleep now & even tho we don’t talk as much but you’re still great. 

jazzofrp - shoutout to jazz for making cry over kolmily plenty of times and literally never thought i’d ship them but then they interacted and i did i was like oh lord and these two have been though so much. and sighs. i jst. i love them. and you’re so cool to talk to & we should def talk more (tho i’m so lazy af to get on aim tbh). but you’re great!!!!!!!! 


slytherinwritess - you’re fabulous and i love you ok and idk what else to say except i love that we make each other cry over teen wolf like and half of my liza tag is made up of allison and ugh i miss our hipchat chats omg 

neverlandswriter - karin!! we haven’t talked for long i think we started on the iidy talk tag???? but anyway, i love that we bonded over darina & then we plotted out treasurestar and though shortlived, i love them so much! also we should def talk more bc i miss u!! 

ravenclawwrites & elysiuxm (bc they’re both my faves tbh) - but omg jules honestly you’re such a great writer and i love you a lot okay <3 <3 <3 i love clara & carina & their buttons and omg in s&b where she was forced to burn her buttons im so EMOTIONAL but i’ve always loved your characters because they’re so in depth and great and ugh aednat + minnie would be so great omg. also i love u ok. 

lilylunawrites - saRAH. you have quality af rps and you’re so talented & created i’m so????????? i don’t know how you do it??????????? we haven’t talked much but we plotted with isadora/lily & andre + eryn siblings tho we never actually got to rp them idc they’re still great. you’re great. ilysm. 

abugwrites - evan & carina tho. like heartbreak city much. goD. what did we do to our characters. im so. you’re so cool and funny tho & we should definitely talk more bc i miss talking to u????????? 

bellamlyblake - allie you’re so cool and i love that we’ve been talking and we should definitely talk more bc you’re honestly so amazing and i literally love your blog sm it’s one of my favourites ever???? this is jst a small note for ppl to follow u bc honestly you’re such a quality blog and i love you ok. 

chiddywrites - jenn ilysm. i love darina and i love how you can wreck me with emotions just by mentioning them or sending me a link that reminds me of them bc whenever u do i get so emoTIONAL like our little killing children i love them so much, you’re honestly so talented ugH AND I JUST LOVE U OK. 


nicotortellinirps, minkakellypls, cbennetwrites, jamrps, ashsrps. omg i’m sure i’m missing a few??? but???? you’re all so great and i love you guys a lot, i loved rping with you guys as sabrina & wren, they’ve both easily become two of my favourites to play and I have you guys to thank for that. ily all and cannot wait to rp with you guys in the future. love from ur bb sorella. 


tardisrps, corneliawrites, priorswrites, ellenin1x1, redmaynewritings, clarkesrps. omg. ang is one of my fave rpgs ever and emily is literally my child, i love each & every one of you and this is jst a shoutout for all of you guys??? like these ppl are quality af so go follOW THEM. 


stydiaawrites, arieswrites, hexedrps, ariesroleplays hoodwrites grokwrites scxrpiowrites bluebirclwrites tonkswrites holtbekah charleywrites gilmorewrites pickleswrites sagerps inveigler-ofrp batgirlwrites avwords amarewrites carniivores laheyemoji mermaidswrites seraphicwrites ladysansawrites daydreamisms maraudingwrites robbstarkwrites mercenarywrites firewhiskeywrites dorcaswrites bofurwrites clairexwrites lionheartedwritings ygrittewrites fearthelittlemonsters mermaidswrites peanutwritess majestictxffy villainrps siriusblackwrites enigmaticwrites weasleywriter fleurdelecours grouchywrites bellaxwrites gryffindorwrites roeweasley wordtoyourmuggle indominusrexwrites gravement akrps

honestly i am so tired and i definitely forgot some people, but nevertheless i love you all and thank you all for getting me here!!!!!!

also shoutout to lumiwes to being the only person that i know in real life that follows this blog bc i told u too. also. shout out to u homie bc school buddies can i get a hell yeah you’re fab & one of my close friends. HELL. YEAH.

Fun Facts
  • “My carriage is rolling on 40′s” was a pickup line cut from Carmilla Series Spoof 10.
  • All Gleedo Promos are edited by Boss’s Sister who has a degree in Film Editing and loves to make montages/video mixes.
  • Speaking in a Canadian accent is one of Boss’s favorite things about voicing the characters on Carmilla as well as voicing Emily.
  • Boss listened to BSB almost nonstop while doing editing prep for Gleedo 4.
  • Natasha Negovanlis’s voice is difficult to imitate so Boss just fluctuates between sounding extra breathy with archaic enunciation and/or like a valley girl throughout the Carmilla spoofs.

haaaaa, look at that crappy graphic. i think most people take this as an opportunity to use photoshop for a nice follow forever picture, but i honestly can’t be bothered but


okay let me get on with this, i think i’m stalling (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


people i really love <3 (faves are bolded)

actuallyroz // adayinthelifeofphan // amazingpeetaisnotonfire // articulatehowell // awesomewolfyx55 // camisadan // catandbear-savetheworld // crxstalgems // danalingphil // dandongs // danhowellpng //  danisacutie // danisridingphil // dannihowell //dostmotherknowyou // fabulousturtlepug // falloutboyfanblog // flyinggayflag // folieafucker // fulltimelnternethomo // happypandaparade // hashtagfeelsplosion // heavydirtyfob // holysmokesphan // huggabae // justphansmut // justthosephanthings // kneel-mortals // leahmy98 // like-totally-phan // llster // moreorlester // ohphil // phan-you-not // phanscuddles // phantheraglama // placentaandllamas // powerbottom-phil // theblackparaid // theotheristhedoctor // trespasser27 // vulpixlester


beautiful irl people <33 ily ily ily

fajitastrology // forgivemefriedpotatoes // matteastrology


last, but certainly not the least: the ugly tall people that my blog is dedicated to (without them, more than half of us wouldn’t have a blog)

amazingphil // danisnotonfire


thank you all for following me and reading my smut! i love you all <333


Mais um Follow Friday, para minha, para sua, para nossa alegria!!!

A ordem não importa, para mim todos são divos!


  1. Siga o meu também u.u só se quiser
  2. Não retire ninguém
  3. Não adicione ninguém
  4. Siga todos u.u

Rules: tag 10 people you want to get to know/just tag whoever you want. tagged by artfeud

name: taylor

nickname: tay tay and a really embarrassing one that I will not share

birthday: july 10th

zodiac sign: cancer

height: 5′9-5-10"ish

gender: carefree black girl

sexual orientation: ^__^

favorite color: burgundy

current time and date: 13:27, july 3rd

location: airport in phoenix, az

average hours of sleep: 5-6

lucky number: i would always pick the number 7 when I was a kid, but it’s not lucky or anything

last thing i googled: are fortune cookies vegan

first word that comes mind: there’s so much going around me rn, I can’t really think

place that makes me happy: le comptoir général (in paris), Griffith observatory

how many blankets i sleep under: one

favorite fictional character: Jon snow (obvi) also Lucille bluth

favorite musician/band: beach house, st. vincent, radiohead, drake :3

favorite famous person: mila kunis will always be bae or maybe ilana glazer

last movie i saw in the cinema: jurassic world(?? I honestly am not 100% on the name of that movie. I just call it Jurassic park tbh)

favorite food: rice + curried rice + fries

favorite drink: water but like I fuck so hard with simply blueberry lemonade

favorite tv show: GoT, oitnb, broad city, orphan black

last holiday (vacation): well i just returned from living in Paris for 9 months, but it wasn’t really a vacation. umm I went to Barcelona and two cities in morocco during spring break

dream profession: art director or managing director or something with music

Dream vacation: I really want to hike down the Grand Canyon or just camp way up north and watch the aurora borealis

wearing right now: a sweater/jacket thing + st. vincent shirt + uniqlo shorts + nikes (classic airport look)

Relationship status: I’m pretty much aromantic. when I talk to people it never really works for me. so…single (:

um ( the hard part) I tag v-sadison enchiladasrojas autopoema flickerman sixalien jelloadventures crookdteeth (I guess all my mutuals lmao sorry)
HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle
HidrateMe, a smart water bottle that syncs to your phone to track your water intake and glows to remind you to stay hydrated

Future Friday

Hello & welcome to this weekly edition of Future Friday. This week, I’ll be talking about the kickstarter project for Hidrate.

This product comes from a simple idea: you need to hydrate yourself. It’s hard to keep track of how much water you drink in a day, you usually just eyeball it. But you often don’t think about the activities you’re doing and how they affect your water intake necessity. This product is there for that.

It keeps track of how much water you drink from the bottle with an app. It can locate you and know the temperature, humidity and etc. from where you are and adjust with that. It also takes into account the activities you do. It’s neat, useful and visually pleasing.

Comes in multiple colours too and looks like it’s good quality. If you feel like you’re not hydrated enough, this is perfect; you don’t need to keep track of it anymore. Personally, I’ve been good with my water consumption for as long as I can remember, so I don’t need this product; but I know a lot of people who would love this. It has it’s use and is a something that needed to be made.