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@cocuklugumunsesi : bu da benim hüzünçlü bloğum dndöxjal

Bu sefer kısa yapcam dedim gene yapamadım djdösbqçsj

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Tom and marco wedding? But now in the underworld, like tom taking his king site and marco the queen, like the first human queen of the underworld

This was so much fun to write! I tried to play around with it and I wanted to write about over protective Tom! He loves his Marco and will never let anything bad happen to him! Enjoy!


Tom growled at the demons that were gathered by the great hall where the wedding was being held. “Which one of you did this?” he demanded. There was an attack on the great hall; somebody was trying to attack Marco. Maybe even kill him. All the demons fell silent. Tom seethed. “I KNOW it was one of you!” He hissed. “I know it was ALL of you! But which one of you was the ring leader?” He demanded. All of them gulped and finally one demon stepped forward.

“We couldn’t let this happen!” He yelled. Tom’s eyes lit up an angry red. “He’s a human! A HUMAN!” The demon screamed. Tom grabbed him by the neck and brought him closer, he was hissing like a snake.

“You know nothing of what a human, what THIS human, is capable of.” Tom bit. “Marco Diaz will be your queen in less than four hours.” Tom growled. “And nothing is going to stop this wedding, understood!?” He demanded. He dropped the demon down and they all scurried up to their feet. The ringleader was about to speak up again but was interrupted by another in his group.

“Forgive us. We feared for our kingdom due to the change. And we acted rashly.” She spoke. Tom growled at her. They tried to hurt HIS Marco! And he wasn’t about to let this go with a simple apology! That would be insane! They almost hurt Marco! He made a fist and collected fire around it, but stopped himself, remembering he promised Marco he wouldn’t act like this, especially today.

“You have a week to prove your loyalty to your new queen. Don’t make me regret giving you this second chance.” Tom hissed. The demons all nodded and bowed quickly.

‘Thank you sir! You won’t regret this we swear!” Another demon blabbered, helping her friends away; they darted out of the kingdom. Tom sighed and turned to look at Janna who was sitting at the table on her phone.

“Should I have let them go? They did try to harm Marco.” Tom recalled. Janna rolled her eyes.

“Those amateurs couldn’t have hurt him. The most they could do is give him a few bruises. I think you di the right thing, Marco would be furious with you if you obliterated a group of people on your wedding day. And I think you scared them pretty good.” Janna assured.

“I should have done more… I could have done more.” Tom growled.

“No you couldn’t.” Janna teased. Tom looked at her harshly.

“What do you mean I couldn’t? I killed a man with a speak-and-spell once!” Tom reminded. Janna scoffed.

“That’s not what I meant.” She laughed. “I meant you couldn’t let yourself do that because you know how much hit would hurt Marco.” She explained. Tom nodded, agreeing that he couldn’t so that to his bride.

“I just wanted today to be perfect for him. He was so happy the past year leading up to today, and I can’t believe that they tried to hurt him and ruin it!” Tom seethed, hitting the table.

“Hey now, Marco is fine. He’s super happy about today, and he didn’t even know what was going on. Let’s just keep it a secret for now and leave it alone.” Janna suggested. “You can tell him later.” She promised.

“Yeah… that’s probably for the best.” He agreed. “Thanks for helping out Janna.” Tom smiled. Janna gave a thumbs-up and grabbed Tom, dragging him over to get ready for his wedding.


“Marco!” Star cried. “You look perfect! Amazing and wonderful!” Star cheered as Marco played with his dress.

“You think Tom will like it?” He asked nervously. Star rolled her eyes.

“If he doesn’t he doesn’t deserve to be marrying you!” She cried. “But he will. He’ll be head over heels for how amazing you look!” Star cheered. Marco blushed and fluffed out his dress a little bit.

“I hope nothing bad happened, I know not all the demons here are thrilled about having a human queen.” Marco admitted.

“Tom won’t let anyone near you that might ant to hurt you. You know that.” Star assured. Marco shrugged.

“That’s not what I’m worried about.” Marco admitted.

“Everything will be fine! This is your day!” Star assured. “You look amazing and you’re totally ready for whatever the underworld has to throw at you.” Star promised. Arco beamed and hugged his best friend.

“Thank you Star.” He whispered. Marco squeezed her tight and pulled away. Star gasped when she saw her friend had some tears in his eyes.

“Marco! Don’t cry! I’ll have to do your makeup all over again!” She cried. Marco laughed a bit at Star’s reaction and took a breath. “What’s the matter?” She asked. Marco laughed a tiny bit at himself.

“I miss Tommy.” Marco admitted. Star rolled her eyes.

“That’s what this is? You know you can’t see him before the wedding.” Star reminded. Marco nodded.

“I haven’t seen him for a whole week before the wedding… he’s been so busy with the diplomatic stuff… making sure that we could get married safely, and I would be the queen without any underworld laws standing in our way.” Marco explained. “I miss him a lot.”

“I’m sure he misses you too.” Star assured. She knew that was true. He had been texting Star like crazy asking if Marco was okay and how he was doing and begging her to let him talk to her. But Star refused saying that it as against the rules. “You’ll see him soon, now come on, I need to redo your makeup.” Star grumbled. Marco laughed, realizing his mascara was running from his tears.

“Sorry, Star.” He laugh-cried. “Did he text you at all? Asking about me?” Marco asked. Star rolled her eyes and looked through the billions of messages from Tom.

“Which time?”

discipleoflilith-blog  asked:

Dragon Tom starts to notice Marco being later & later coming to visit him. 1 day he's a day late with no real reason. Tom follows his scent trail after he leaves 1 day & notices Marco swimming. Marco embraces his siren side while in water & has started to need to be in water often or he becomes uncomfortable. Tom gets jealous & worried so he takes him to his cave & puts him in the little pond in the back of the cave to keep him.

Ahhhhh! This was so fun top write and I really enjoy the siren addition to the dragon!Tom stories! I had so much fun writing this and it was so cute! It tried to end it on a fluffy note and hope you love it!


Tom waited by the entrance by his cave for what felt like hours. He drummed his fingers on the side of the stone wall and waited for Marco to show up, but a half an hour passed and the human was nowhere to be seen. Tom looked past the cave and sighed. “Maybe he’s just busy today?” Tom guessed. He tried to hide his disappointment, but he was obviously torn up about this. Tom closed his eyes and curled up against the wall, hoping to just go to sleep so the next day could come sooner.

Marco climbed up the side of the cave and saw the dragon asleep next to the wall. Marco smiled a bit and walked over to him, scratching his ears gently. Tom stirred and opened his eyes. When he saw Marco his face lit up and he tackled the human in a hug. “Marco! You showed up!” Tom exclaimed. “I was starting to get worried, but I tried not to freak out like you said, why were you so late?” Tom asked. Marco giggled and gave the dragon a kiss on the nose.

“I lost track of time. I’m sorry Tommy.” Marco gave the demon another kiss. Tom moved closer to the human and held him tightly.

“Marco, why is your hair wet?” Tom asked. Marco pulled back.

“Oh… it was raining earlier.” Marco claimed. Tom tilted his head.

“It was? I didn’t hear it rain.” Tom said. Marco giggled and bopped the dragon’s nose, causing him to blush.

“You were probably sleeping.” Marco teased. Tom laughed and nodded in agreement. The two sat with each other and talked and cuddled for a long while, as they did on most of Marco’s visits. They joked and played and Marco had brought dinner for the two of them. A few hours later Marco began fidgeting oddly and Tom looked at him curiously.

“Marco? Is something wrong?” Tom asked. Marco smiled and shook his head.

“No I’m fine, I think I should get going though.” Marco told him. Tom’s ears dropped.

“A-already? Don’t you want to stay for a while longer?” Tom asked. “It’s tuesday, you sometimes spend the night in tuesday.” Tom reminded, he offered a little smile. Marco smiled warmly and gave the dragon a kiss.

“They need me at the castle. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He promised. “I love you.” Tom frowned and nodded.

“I love you too.” Tom sighed and watched the human dart off. This was a little too weird. Marco had shown up late and was now leaving early. Did he not want to see Tom anymore? Did he not love the dragon as much as he used to? Tom felt tears prick the sides of his eyes and tried to shake the feeling off. That couldn’t be right! Marco loved him, something else was going on and Tom had to prove it to himself. He picked up Marco’s scent and flew out of the cave only minutes after the human.

Tom flew to an opening where he saw a small pond and something moving in it. Tom squinted and swooped down to see Marco swiming and humming to himself in the water. Tom landed next to the pond and crossed his arms. “I thought they needed you at the castle.” Tom growled. Marco jumped and turned around.

“Tom! What are you doing here?” Marco asked. Tom huffed.

“I was worried. You showed up so late and left early… I thought something was wrong but I get it now. Bye Marco.” Tom gritted his teeth and turned to leave, thinking Marco was just making excuses to not be around him anymore.

“Tom wait!” Marco called. “I’ll tell you what’s happening, please listen.” Marco begged. Tom rolled his eyes and plopped down next to the pond, ready to hear him out. Marco took a deep breath and raised his tailfin out of the water. Tom gasped.

“Siren?” he asked, unable to form a full sentence. Marco nodded.

“Ever since the spell I’ve been getting more and more of their traits and powers. And when I’m in water I can regrow my fins but… everytime I’m away from water for more than a few hours I start to get uncomfortable and my skin starts to hurt.” Marco explained.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Tom asked. Marco sighed.

“I was afraid you would think it was weird.” Marco admitted, blushing lightly. It was hard to place Tom’s expression, he just looked at the siren in the pond.

“So you do still love me? You didn’t just want to get away from me?” Tom asked. Marco gasped and pulled the dragon down for a kiss.

“Of course I still love you! I’m crazy about you Tom!” Marco swore. Tom blushed and giggled as Marco covered him with dozens of kisses. “I just didn’t want you to be… afraid of me.” Marco admitted. “I know how dangerous sirens are, I thought you’d be scared. And I also know how much you hate water.” Marco added. Tom smiled at him and nuzzled his head.

“I would never be afraid of you!” Tom cried. “I love you too much to ever feel that way.” Tom promised. “I’ just worried! This is new to me and you and I don’t want you to suffer. If you told me about you needing to be in water we could…” Tom trailed off and thought for a moment. Without warning Tom picked the siren up out of the water and flew off towards his cave. When he got there he brought Marco to the back and placed him in the pool of water in the back of his cave and sat down next to him. “There! Now you can stay here when you need your water fix! So I can spend time with you and you won’t be uncomfortable! And you can swim in the ocean and I can fly over you and stuff! That might be fun.” Tom suggested. Marco smiled and nodded, holding the dragon’s hand.

“That sound wonderful.” He agreed. He was so relieved Tom wasn’t scared of this. He was so worried the dragon would see him as predator now. Marco was so overjoyed he pulled Tom into a big hug and yanked him in the pool. Tom let out a little yelp as he made a splash. Marco giggled and Tom sat up, dripping wet.

“Marco! Now my wings are all wet.” Tom complained. “How am I going to be able to fly like this?” He asked. Marco shrugged and moved to give him another big hug.

“You won’t. I guess you’ll just have to stay here with me.” Marco giggled. Tom smiled and hugged him back, nuzzling him close and ignoring the water.

“Very sneaky, Marco.”

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Since you like hurt/comfort and some angst here and there, why not a situation where Marco recommends Tom go through therapy for some of his issues and while Tom wants to so he can really get better, he's also afraid they'll find something out about him that will mean he's just like his father and Marco tries to assure him that something like that won't happen. You could write some of therapy sessions too, if you wanted.

Ahhhh! I had so much fun writing this! Sorry it’s like super duper sad and really sad and I am so sorry hahah! I hope you enjoy it anyway and if you want me to write some of the therapy sessions just ask! I had a lot of fun with this, it was a vent thing and I really think it’s very sad, but I also think it’s good. Enjoy!


“I don’t know…” Tom murmured. Marco sat down next to his demon.

“Why not?” He asked. Tom yanked on his horns and shook his head, closing his eyes tightly. Marco got a worried look and scooted closer to Tom. “Tom? Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Marco asked, worried for him.

“I don’t think I want to.” Tom muttered.

“Do you have a reason?” Marco asked. Tom’s breath became a bit more labored and he shook his head, nuzzling against Marco. Marco didn’t waste any time, he wrapped Tom up in a hug and held him close, cuddling the demon close. “Tom, you can tell me, it’ll all be okay.” Marco promised. Tom took a deep breath and held onto Marco tighter.

“What if they find something out bad about me?” Tom whispered this very quietly. Marco pulled back and looked at Tom curiously. Tom wiped away a stray tear and took a deep breath. “Marco, I… I might be bad.” He whispered.

“No.” Marco cut him off. “Please stop saying that. What can I do to make you stop believing that?” Marco asked, cupping Tom’s face. Tom felt more tears well up in his eyes and he shook his head, nestling in Marco’s arms.

“It’s true! He always says so!” Tom cried. Marco made Tom look him in the eyes.

“Who says so?” Marco asked, already knowing the answer. Tom was quiet. “Tom, I told you this already, your dad doesn’t know you. He doesn’t understand you or have the right to tell you what you’re meant to be.” Marco explained. Tom just kept looking away, he didn’t want to think about this, he didn’t want the bad feeling to come up again. “Tom? Are you afraid they’ll find something out about you, that makes you just like your father?” Marco asked. At hearing these words exit Marco’s mouth Tom literally jumped. He tried to blink back tears but they slid down his face. Marco held him tighter.

“I don’t want to be like him. I don’t want to be a bad person, Marco.” Tom sobbed. Marco hushed him and rocked him back and forth.

“You aren’t, you won’t be.” Marco promised. He pressed his head against the demon’s and squeezed his hand. “I won’t let you be.” Marco promised him. Tom tried to calm his breathing but he was getting so frantic. He was evil, he was bad. Marco was a good person and he shouldn’t love him. He should love a good person. Tom bit his lip and fell totally limp in Marco’s arms, letting the human hold him.

“Marco… you can’t keep denying this.” Tom whispered. Marco pulled away and looked at him with an urgent look.

“What, Tom?” Marco asked. Tears flooded down Tom’s face.

“You know I’m evil. I’m a demon! We’re made to be evil.” He hissed at himself. “You’ve seen that side of me!” Tom cried, Marco tried to pull him into another hug but Tom shook his head and pulled away. “My anger problems! My feral side! And my trouble controlling my powers! All of those things do nothing but bring harm!” Tom sobbed.

“Tom please stop!” Marco begged. But Tom kept going.

“You shouldn’t like me! You shouldn’t LOVE me! I shouldn’t even be here! I should just go away! You’d be better off without me!” Tom pulled at his hair, trying to stop the tears from falling.

“Tom stop!” Marco shouted, not wanting to hear anymore. Tom was still rambling and Marco just trapped him in a hug, cutting him off. “Stop, stop, stop, stop.” Marco now had tears falling from his eyes as well. “You’re not bad, you’re one of the best people I know!” Marco’s eyes lit up. “I wish you could see that. Please stop, I can’t hear anymore.” Marco begged. Tom looked up and saw Marco had tears falling from his eyes. Tom clapped a hand over his mouth and backed away, scooting as far from Marco as possible.

“I-I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Tom stammered. Marco looked confused and then felt the tears running down his face.

“No! Tom you didn’t hurt me.” Marco promised. Tom ran his fingers through his hair and had a stressed look.

“I made you cry…” Tom said, it sounded like he was talking to himself though. Marco wiped away his tears and shook his head, moving towards the demon, but Tom backed away again, unsure of what to do.

“Tom please listen. You didn’t hurt me! It… it was an emotional moment and I started crying, it wasn’t you, you didn’t hurt me.” Marco tried.

“You told me to stop but I just kept talking and now I hurt you! I made you cry I knew I shouldn’t be here! I knew I should have left you alone!” Tom sobbed, he the put a hand over his mouth. “I’m doing it again, I’m still saying the things that upset you! What’s wrong with me?!” The demon cried, sliding off of the bed and onto the floor. Marco tackled him in a hug and hushed him, trying to sooth his rambling and crying.

“Tom, please, just listen to me. Please look at me.” Marco begged. Tom obeyed and looked up at the human, it was hard to see through his tears though. “I love you, more than anything I love you.” Marco told him. “You aren’t bad, you’re the best person I’ve ever known. And I can prove it.” Marco assured. Tom looked curious as the human ran over to get his phone, he came back and held Tom close. “Remember a few weeks ago? I was freaking out because I was failing a class, and even though you didn’t think it was a big deal, you understood I was upset and you stayed up with me all night, texting me to make sure I was okay.” Marco reminded him, showing his all the messages. “A bad person wouldn’t do that.” Marco told him. “And that’s not the only thing you’ve done for me, but aside from all the little things, you help me, you always make sure I’m happy, you make me feel good about myself.” Marco told him. Tom looked up at Marco with wide eyes, listening to what he was saying.

“Tom…” Marco started, he held the demon closer. “When we were fighting those monsters that one time… you sacrificed yourself so I wouldn’t get hurt. But you did. Do you remember that?” Marco asked. Tom nodded a little bit. “I think about that every single day!” Marco cried. “You could have died, but you didn’t care, you wanted me safe.” Marco explained. “And I remember all the times I got sick or hurt and you would stay stationed by my bed like a guard dog, making sure I was safe.” Marco continued. “And I remember the time you got really hurt, but you kept saying you were okay because you were worried about me becoming anxious.” Marco laughed lightly at this and ran his hand through his hair. “You were sitting there covered in your own blood and you were worried about how I was feeling!” Marco exclaimed. He took the demon’s face in his hands and moved very close to him. “So don’t you dare, ever, EVER say that you are a bad person.” Marco demanded.

Tom took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay.” Was all he could manage to whisper. Tom didn’t know Marco remembered all of those things he did for him… he didn’t know it made a difference. He was just doing what he felt like he should. “Marco I… I’m sorry for freaking out, I’m so sorry.” Tom blubbered. Marco hushed him.

“It’s okay, You have nothing to be sorry for.” Marco promised. Tom kept crying and Marco held him close, letting the demon bawl. “It’s all going to be okay. You’re a good person. You;re a very good person and I love you.” Marco whispered. Tom gripped him tighter and cried. Marco felt the demon’s sobs lessen and looked up, seeing he had fallen asleep. He must have been exhausted from the panic attack he just endured. Marco kissed his head and hugged him tighter. “My wonderful sunshine.”