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After months of saying so, i’m finally doing my first ever follow forever! Over the past 2 year this blog has reached many milestones which i’m so so very thankful for mOM I WON ThIS Every time i log on to tumblr and look at that number I still feel overwhelmed and I can’t  stress enough how deeply grateful I am to all of you!

Every compliment, every tag, every message, every follow really means a lot to me and fnbgfuobirjrr i’m just so happy to be here surrounded by kind and loving people ;-))) Also thank you to everyone who has given me confidence in what I make! I used to find it hard to make my own content when there are so many amazing blogs who makes things that are 1484584 times better than mine but thanks to everyone’s words of encouragement, i’ve learnt to like what I make too! i love stalkinG you guys tags you’re all soo so so nice

Anways here’s a follow forever dedicated to all the amazing blogs that I follow, without you guys this blog wouldn’t even exist so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I love you all very much!

Also I apologise if I get anything wrong, message me and i’ll glady change it!

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A White Chain (Minghao Diary)

pic rights go to Strawberry_Eight

It’s only been a few months since I last saw you. Y/N…My heart feels conflicted. I’m happy to be preforming for the world in Diamond Edge, yet I am sad, leaving you behind for so long. Every now and then, you pop up in my mind and I realize even more how much I miss you. Calling you, and texting you isn’t enough for me. I want to hug you, hold you, breathe in you scent. Ah. I want to scream at the world that you are mine, and no one else can have you. No one else can look at the smile you give me. Maybe it’s because I’m insecure. I’m scared that someone better than me, will come and snatch you away. I’m worried that I’m not good enough for you… There are so many people out there, that could make you happier, than I ever could, but I want to bound you to me. Make it so you can’t live without me, just as you have done to me. I can’t live without you anymore. I don’t even know if you feel the same way. You were the light to my darkness. You are my past, present, and future. Even if the road towards you is thorny, I will walk, without fear, to you. You protected me, when I needed you the most.  You wrapped me in you warmth when I was feeling alone and cold. Even now when we are dating, and are incredibly happy, I still fear. I want to tie you with this white chain of mine, so you can never stray. So even if you leave my sight, I know where you are. And I’ll bring you back to me whenever, I need you. With this white chain of mine, you can never leave me. Promise me, you will never leave me. 

-Xu Minghao 徐明浩


Final Fantasy XV Characters + House Words



So yeah, 20k huh? That’s like… 2 with 4 0′s at the back. Ok but honestly I don’t have much to say but a big BIG THANK YOU. I don’t say much or talk to you guys often but that’s just because I’m scared to talk to people. Things happen. But do know that I will reply to you if you do come and chat with me, I’m always happy to have be your company.

To my mutuals, thanks for all the quality posts I always see on my dashboard. I always love it when you post/reblog anime tiddies. Oh yeah, and cats too :3c nyan.

The important-to-me blogs:

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Let me know if I missed out anyone. Here’s to another 10k!

i am so thankful for you all and the amount of love i have gotten on this site. first i wanna recognize the nets i am in that have helped me make wonderful friends…

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now onto my other favorites on this hellsite <3


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this took me 85 years to finish bc i didnt want to miss anyone but if i missed u please dont be afraid to tell me !! ily all

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heyyy, hope this isn't annoying... any blog reccs please? 🙈💕

damn this will be a long list, here are just some great ones, i love them all v much

my friendos on here:

🌈 @babephil  🌈 @boncasphan  🌈 @celestialesters  🌈 @chicagcthighs 🌈
@cluelesslester  🌈 @cuddlesphan  🌈 @curlydans  🌈 @cutefreckledfaces 🌈 @dangoghs  🌈 @danyellz  🌈 @guccinof  🌈 @intertwned  🌈 @lstcr  🌈 @malonesmemes  🌈 @palephantom 🌈 @petaldan  🌈 @philboye  🌈 @philester  🌈 @philscurls  🌈 @phlean  🌈 @pretentiousdan  🌈 @princephil  🌈 @shouldturnt  🌈 @watercolorphil  🌈 @writerlester

some of my amazing mutuals:

🌈 @acurlyphil 🌈 @ahappyhowell 🌈 @aforeverhome 🌈 @amazedhowell🌈 @asleepyphilly  🌈 @astrophl 🌈 @awrfhi 🌈 @birdphil 🌈 @bumbledan🌈 @cappuccinohowell 🌈 @daintyhowell 🌈 @danfanciesphil 🌈 @danffodils🌈 @dankdeepdaniel  🌈 @danlands 🌈 @dansnebula 🌈 @dansucc 🌈 @dawniel 🌈 @dayphil 🌈 @emotionanalphil 🌈 @etherphil 🌈 @freetheknee 🌈 @frightphil 🌈 @fringez 🌈 @gloaminghowell 🌈 @gxldenboyphil 🌈 @hazyphil 🌈 @heckdan 🌈 @hellcrafts 🌈 @hobbithair 🌈 @htmlpinof 🌈 @httpsoftdan 🌈 @huphilpuffs 🌈 @imfilmingyou 🌈 @instarbuckswithdan 🌈 @internetfathers 🌈 @latte-howell 🌈 @lcssamazingphil 🌈 @leftsharklester 🌈 @lesterdreams 🌈 @liabilitylester 🌈 @mylivingphantasy 🌈 @ohhowellno
🌈 @oops-phan 🌈 @orlandophan 🌈 @peachykeenlesty 🌈 @pepperminthowell 🌈 @phanwhom 🌈 @phiru 🌈 @phloridas 🌈 @pjliiguori 🌈 @phansterdam 🌈 @pseudophan 🌈 @qanhowell 🌈 @rawtenstall 🌈 @rebrandes 🌈 @roseyboys 🌈 @singaporeditl 🌈 @sleeplessphilip 🌈 @sleepyphil 🌈 @spacekiddan 🌈 @tallboyes 🌈 @vloggery 🌈 @wavydanrises 🌈 @wispyphil 🌈 @writerdan

lovely senpais non-mutuals:

🌈 @arcticlester 🌈 @beeken 🌈 @cafephan 🌈 @cookiephil 🌈  @cringe-attacks 🌈 @dailyphan 🌈 @dandromedas 🌈 @danieldaily 🌈 @dannyhowell
🌈 @dantlers 🌈 @forgetfullittleguy 🌈 @fringegaps 🌈 @fuckinlester 🌈 @gamingmas 🌈 @glowinghowell 🌈 @japhanz 🌈 @melancholydan 🌈 @nihilist-toothpaste 🌈 @peachou 🌈 @phanlegs 🌈 @philtookthis 🌈 @prettydan