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Could I request Siren Marco's parents finding out about Tom and meeting him?

Yes you can! I love Siren!Marco. This one and ghost!Tom are my two fav au’s. Thanks for the request! Enjoy!!!


“I just… need you to keep an open mind.” Marco begged. His parents looked horrified.

“You were on a SHIP!” Angie screamed. “A boat!”

“I know I was, mom it’s not a big deal just-” Marco was cut off.

“Not a big deal!?!?” Raphael quoted. “That horrible sailor was trying to gut you!” He blamed. Marco shook his head.

“No! No, no, no! Dad, he wasn’t I swear!” Marco assured.

“Then why were you up there, Marco?” Angie asked, she crossed her scaly arms. Marco looked nervous.

“I’ve been… talking with that sailor a lot.” Marco admitted. “His name is Tom and he doesn’t want to hurt me!” Marco promised. Angie put her hands on Marco’s shoulders.

“You SPOKE to a SAILOR? Why?” She asked, she didn’t seem angry anymore. But seriously shocked and confused.

“Well, I started out trying to drown him… but he didn’t get hypnotized by my song. He ignored it. I was curious. So I went back to his boat, to try to flirt with him to get him in the water or something. I don’t know. But he saw through all my tricks. And… I kept going back and… one thing led to another.” Marco bowed his head.

“What do you mean?” Angie asked.

“Mom… he told me he loves me.” Marco told them. His parents stared at him. Raphael opened his mouth to tell his son about how dangerous humans were, that he wanted his son to be safe, but Angie stopped him.

“Introduce us.” Angie instructed.

“What?” Marco and Raphael said in unison. “But mom…” Marco continued.

“Introduce us.” Angie repeated. Marco nodded.


“Sailor?” Marco called softly, not wanting to wake him if he was asleep. Tom wasn’t, because Marco heard his footsteps run to the side of the boat. Tom looked over and saw the siren, his face lit up.

“Marco!” Tom said excitedly. His smiled faded away when he saw Marco’s sad expression. “W-what’s wrong?” Tom asked. Marco looked up at him.

“My parents found out about us. They saw us talking earlier today.” Marco explained. Tom fell back.

“What’s going to happen?” Tom had a worried look.

“Tom… I don’t know. They’re not to keen about humans.” Marco admitted. Tom felt a tightening feeling in his chest.

“You’re not going to leave are you?” Tom began to breath a little heavier.

“I don’t know what to do… They said they wanted to meet you but… I’m not sure.” Marco started.

“Bring them!” Tom begged. “We can make this work! I-I can show them how much I care about you and they’ll support you I swear.” Tom assured. Marco looked up at the sailor with big eyes.

“Are you sure, Tom?” He asked. Tom nodded enthusiastically. Marco gave a little smile, unsure how this would work out. “Okay… wait here.”


“Mom, Dad, this is Tom. He’s the human I told you about.” Marco introduced. Tom hung by his legs, upside down off the edge of the ship so he could greet the Diaz’s face to face.

“Hello there.” Tom smiled. Raphael and Angie looked curiously at the sailor, but shook his hand. Tom pulled himself up and sat on the rail, dangling his legs of the side of the boat.

“You’re the sailor?” Raphael asked. Tom nodded. “You’re a child.” The siren laughed lightly. Tom huffed.

“Why does everybody say that? I’m nineteen!”

“Yes… that means you’re a child sweetie.” Angie explained. “Where is your mother and father?” She asked.

“Not around.” Was all Tom said. “They haven’t been for a while.” Angie looked at him with a bit of a sad look, then over at her son.

“You’re out here all alone?”

“I was for a long time but… Not anymore.” Tom smiled big and looked over at Marco, who blushed and ducked under the water so only his eyes were peeking out. Raphael looked at his wife who smiled and gave him a small nod.

“Well, you sound like you really need our son to be here for you.” Raphael said.

“I do.” Tom admitted. “I didn’t think I needed nobody but… I do.” Tom laughed.

“Well… take good care of him.” Angie said. She dove away. Raphael smiled at him.

“We’re here for you now.” He said, and swam after his wife. Tom looked a little curious and looked to Marco for an explanation. Marco looked touched.

“Tom, they like you!” Marco mused.

“They do?” Tom was unsure. Marco nodded.

“Yes, I can tell.” He assured.

“So does this mean you’ll stay?” Tom asked, eagerly. Marco laughed and pulled himself up to kiss the sailor passionately.

“Until the ocean runs dry.”


you better watch out
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you betteR WATCH OUT
you bettER WATCH OUT

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(this is before they started dating) what if both of them came out to star (as whatever) at the same time?? Like marco and tom confess their feelings and they both decided to tell star together? I don't think this is reALLY GOOD :/ I LOVE your blog btw; you're so talented :D

Omg! You’re so sweet! Thank you so much for the submission! I liked this one! Here you go, enjoy!


“How are we going to do this?” Marco asked. Tom shrugged.

“Are you sure Star won’t be mad? I mean… she doesn’t like me too much.” Tom reminded. Marco shook his head.

“Don’t say that. I really think you guys have come to better terms.” Marco nudged him.

“Yeah, but she may not be too happy to hear that I’m dating her best friend! Remember what she did when you went on that date with Jackie!?” Tom reminded. “I am seriously afraid of what she may do to me.” Tom admitted. Marco stood up a little straighter and gave Tom a kiss.

“Don’t worry about it.” Marco assured. “I’m nervous too but… Star’s our friend! She’ll understand.” Marco promised. Tom nodded.

“Okay, I trust you.” He said, with a little bit of difficulty. They had told each other their feelings three months ago and have been dating in secret. Tom had had a big crush on Marco for a while now, not knowing Marco felt the same way. They were both being nervous dorks who couldn’t read each other. Seriously, Tom payed no attention to the way Marco would talk about him. And Marco didn’t notice how nervous and stupid Tom got whenever he was around him. Finally Marco had found out how Tom felt, on accident. At a certain point Tom just blurted it out. He didn’t mean to, but it was all worth it when he saw the ecstatic look Marco had on his face and he told him he loved him too.

Marco opened the door to Star’s room. “Hey Star.” He waved. Star looked up from her phone.

“What’s up guys?” She asked.

“We um… we just…” Tom trialed off, leaving Star looking at him oddly.

“Yeah?” She urged. Tom fell silent and just looked down. Marco sighed.

“Star, do you know how I don’t really… go on dates much? Or anything?” Marco asked. Star nodded.

“Yeah, you just seem not interested in anyone.” Star shrugged, she wasn’t putting it together.

“That’s because I’ve been dating Tom in secret… for the past three months…” Marco muttered. Star dropped her phone and her head shot up.

“You have been dating WHO for HOW LONG?” She demanded. Marco and Tom cringed and Tom raised his hand.

“Me. For like… three months and some change.” Tom admitted. Star got up and swiftly punched Tom in the gut, and then gave him a big hug.

“No wonder Marco has seemed so happy lately!” Star mused. She hugged Tom tightly to the point that he couldn’t breath. “I’ve noticed how much better he feels about himself! You do that!?” She smiled, but then got an angry look again and started hitting him. “YOU. DO. NOT. DATE. MY. FRIEND. WITHOUT. COMING. TO. ME. FIRST!” She screamed and wacked his head.

“Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.” Tom repeated. Star turned to Marco with fire in her eyes.

“And YOU! How could you not tell me!?” She demanded angrily. Marco shuffled.

“I was afraid you’d do that.” Marco said, motioning to his boyfriend on the ground, holding his head in pain. Star nodded.

“That… is fair.” She helped Tom up. Her face turned back to joy. “But I’m just so happy you two found each other!” She chirped. Star stood the two boys next to each other and just looked at them. “I’m so happy for you both! But Tom, I swear on my life hurt this boy in ANY way and I will destroy you.” Star threatened. Tom gulped.

“Yes ma’am.” Tom saluted and Star nodded.

“Yeah that’s what I thought.”

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The great thing about being an immigrant is that when one of your countries is being criticised, you can say youre from the other country…like for example when Switzerland voted against closing all nuclear power plants, I said that that will never happen in MY home country(Portugal), because they are very environmentally friendly.

The bad thing is that you dont really have a home, you dont feel like you belong in either of those cultures, youre a foreigner to the people of both countries, you cant move anywhere bc you will be an immigrant wherever you go, and you get treated worse than the “real” residents wherever you are.

But other than that, woo-hoo!

prplzorua  asked:

Oh man your'e awesome,Sleepy Tom is the best! XD love your writing, keep it up! Also fic idea, you had sick!Marco at one point i think, i'm pretty sure... how bout sick Tom? Marco wanting to be a mother hen, but doesn't have the first clue about demon-biology, just our lil' hispanic boy begging star to bribe glossaryck to give him a round up of whats wrong with Tom (tbh its a tiny lil demon cold or smthn and glossaryck lies to Marco for fun) poor guy freaks out

Omg thank you so much for the kind words! Sleepy Tom is my life. I hope you like it! Here you go, and enjoy!


“Tom? Tom, are you alright? You’ve been sleeping all day.” Marco nudged his boyfriend. Tom sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.” Tom assured. He yawned and squinted his eyes.

“You look bad.” Marco said. Tom shrugged.

“I’ll be okay.” Tom promised. He fell against Marco and started to doze off again. Marco felt his head.

“You feel cold!” Marco exclaimed. He laid Tom down on the couch and gave him a blanket. “Stay here, okay? I’ll be right back.” Marco promised, Tom nodded, already falling asleep. Marco walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water and advil. That’s what he always took when he was sick. He brought it back to Tom. Tom sat up.

“I can’t drink that, it’ll make me worse.” Tom told him apologetically.

“It will?” Marco asked. “They always say to drink liquids.”

“Yeah but, when I get sick my fire gets weaker so… you wanna stay away from liquid.” Tom explained. Marco nodded, he should have guessed that. He handed Tom the pill, only to be burnt horribly by his hand.

“OW! I thought you got cold?” Marco gasped. Tom looked up with a guilty look.

“Temperature fluctuation is normal… It happens quickly and extremely. Marco maybe I should go home.” Tom offered. Marco shook his head.

“No, sweetie, it’s okay, I’m going to try and take care of you.” Marco promised. He looked back down at Tom to see he was shivering now. “Cold again?” Marco asked. Tom nodded with chattering teeth. Marco was just standing there, he had no idea how demon illnesses worked! “Wait one minute.” Marco told him and took off up the stairs and swung the door to Star’s room.

“Star! I need Glosseryk!!” Marco cried. Star finger gunned.

“This sounds urgent. I want in.” She said. Marco groaned.

“I don’t know, Tom’s sick.” Marco explained. Glosseryk flew out of his book.

“The demon child is sick?” He asked. Marco nodded. “Okay, what’s the matter with him?”

“He can hardly stay awake, and he keeps getting hot and cold.” Marco explained.

“Oh that just sounds like a bad cold.” Glosseryk shrugged. Marco sighed in relief. “That or he’s dying.” He continued. Marco jumped up.

“WHAT!?” He exclaimed.

“Yeah… you should probably go check on him.” Glosseryk continued. Marco took off out of the bedroom. Star looked at Glosseryk.

“Is Tom really dying?”

“No. I just wanted to see if I could get Marco worked up. I could. It was easy.”


Marco sat by Tom and petted his hair. “Tom? Can you hear me?” Marco asked. Tom mumbled something in his sleep. “Tom, please open our eyes.” Marco begged.

“No.” Tom mumbled. Marco sighed and hugged the demon.

“Tom I need you to open your eyes, okay? I need to know you’re okay.” Marco begged. Tom opened one eye.

“Marco… I’m fine.” He muttered. Tom pushed himself up and managed to look at Marco. “Did you think I wasn’t?” He asked.

“Glosseryk said you might be dying.” Marco said with tears. Tom couldn’t help but let out a raspy laugh at his boyfriend.

“I’m not dying, Mar-Mar.” Tom smiled and leaned his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. “I feel like I am.” He joked. “But no, I just have a cold.” Tom assured. Marco looked surprised at Tom’s explanation.

“But… Glosseryk said-”

“Glosseryk likes messing with you.” Tom admitted. Marco laughed a little at himself. He hugged Tom close and laid his head on his shoulder.

“I guess I overreacted a little.” Marco decided. Tom laughed.

“You think?” He giggled. Tom coughed a little and nuzzled closer to Marco. “Thanks for trying to take care of me.” Tom thanked. Marco hugged him close, happy he couldn’t catch a demon sickness.

“Of course T.” Marco kissed his head. “Is there anything else I can get for you?” Marco offered. Tom shook his head.

“No. I just want you here.” Tom told him. Marco laughed and held him closer until he fell asleep yet again. Marco looked at his sleeping demon. “Get well soon, you little fire hazard.”

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Would it be too much to Ask if you could continue on dat story where star and marco out dat curse on tom that made him tell what he Was feeling and stuff, and marco tell him about it(and dat poor guy is ashamed of it:( ) and THEN he also confesses dat he is in luuuuve with Tom

Of course! Enjoy this! I really liked writing it, I’m glad you liked the first one!


“Hey Tom.” Marco waved, it was awkward ever since yesterday. Tom on the other hand, didn’t remember anything unusual happening.

“Oh hey Marco!” He smiled. Marco had never noticed the excited tone in Tom’s voice when he would greet him before. But it was more than clear now. Marco sighed and sat down next to the demon.

“Tom… I need to talk to you.” Marco said, guilt in his voice.

“W-what’s up?” Tom asked nervously.

“Tom… I did something that I shouldn’t have thinking I could help you… but that’s not what happened.” Marco admitted.

“What happened?” Tom asked.

“Star put a truth spell on you. So you would tell us the truth about what you were thinking, but it went a lot deeper than we thought. You told us a lot of stuff that I think you wanted to keep a secret. And I just thought you may have right to know.” Marco explained. Tom was dead silent, but he then shot up and shoved Marco away harshly.

“How could you do that to me!?” Tom demanded. “I thought you were my friend!”

“I am! That’s why I did it! I wanted to help you! See what things were bothering you, I never expected it to be that deep.” Marco defended. Tom seethed and pushed him again.

“You tricked me!” He yelled.

“Try to understand-”

“Why should I!?” Tom shouted.

“BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME!” Marco shouted. Tom clapped a hand over his mouth and fell back.

“What did I tell you…” Tom whispered mostly to himself. He had one hand over his mouth and one hand wrapped around his gut. Tom sat back down on the couch.

“Everything. But you said you were in love with me.” Marco told him. Tom was shaking a little.

“I’m sorry.” Tom whispered.

“You have nothing to be sorry for. I used you and tricked you.” Marco admitted. “I just wanted to help you… I had no idea…” Marco claimed.

“I know.” Tom sighed. There was a thick tension in the room.

“Tom, I need you to know, that you telling me that wasn’t a waste.” Marco assured. “Because… I feel the same way.” He told the demon. Tom shot up out of his seat and stared at Marco in shock.

“If this is a game you’re playing I don’t think it’s funny.” Tom tried to sound angry or scary, but he just seemed tired. Marco shook his head and got up to meet Tom.

“I’m not playing a game. I really REALLY like you. And I want to see if we can be a thing.” Marco blushed. Tom started laughing. “Why are you laughing?” Marco asked, he wiped away some tears that were falling down his face. “Why are you crying?” Marco rephrased.

“Why would you like me?” Tom asked. Marco blushed.

“Why… wouldn’t I? I can’t give you a reason for the way I feel… just know that I do.” Marco explained. Tom took a deep breath.

“How does… how does this work?” Tom asked. Marco shrugged.

“I guess we just figure it out.” He suggested. Marco reached his hand out to hold Tom’s. Tom looked at it with a nervous look, but finally reached out a shaky hand and took his. They smiled at each other for a minute before Marco started Tom feel Tom burning him. He quickly ripped away. Tom gasped.

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m so sorry!” Tom repeated over and over. Marco laughed.

“It’s okay, really, it’s fine.” He assured. Tom looked guilty, Marco though for a second and ran into the kitchen. He came out wearing a pair of oven mitts. He then reached out his hand again. Tom smiled and took it. “See? That works.” Marco old him. Tom wiped away a stray tear and laughed.

“Heh… yeah…” He looked at the brunette next to him in disbelief. He liked him back? Tom was having a hard time accepting it. He shuffled around and looked at Marco. “What else did I tell you?” Tom asked. Marco looked guilty.

“A lot.” He admitted.

“I’m not angry anymore. I just want to know.” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“You… you told me how you feel about me and yourself. And you said you… you wanted my approval.” Marco admitted. Tom’s face went deep red.

“W-what else?” He asked, a little scared.

“You said you really hated yourself. But you told me how much I mean to you.” Marco told him. Tom felt so ashamed and embarrassed he wished he could disappear. “But Tom… it was really… in a way, nice. To know that somebody looks up to me like that… I always thought of myself as a huge mess.” Marco admitted. Tom shook his head.

“Are you kidding me?! You’re perfect!” Tom cried. Marco smiled.

“You said that a lot too.” Marco admitted. Tom blushed deeper.

“I’m so sorry.” Tom murmured.

“Stop apologizing! You have nothing to be sorry about.” Marco told him. Tom looked so ashamed.

“I… I wish I could control how I feel.”

“But you can’t. Nobody can.” Marco told him. “And I’m glad you can’t, because if you could, you wouldn’t like me anymore. But I would still like you.” Marco explained. Tom’s ears perked up.

“Yeah… I guess you’re right.” Tom agreed. Marco smiled and pulled Tom into a big hug.

“It’ll be okay.” Marco promised. He pulled away and made sure Tom was looking him in the eyes. “I’m proud of you.” Marco told him. Tom’s face lit up and he gave him a bone crushing hug.

“Thank you.”