it is time yet again!! 

hello everyone, ren here! …so i have hit another k! again! i’m really happy, considering my blog is so silly tbh. and i absolutely owe it to every single person that follows me wow, i love you so so much. so i just wanted to make this lil post to thank every blog that makes this tumblr experience so lovely and fun :) just know that i love you to the moon and back, right up there with jongin <3 here we goooo. i tagged so many people wow im sorry.

 mutuals are in bold <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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hey everyone! I’m Alicia ✨ I’ve hit one of my personal milestones a few weeks ago and decided to quickly make this to thank all of you! and before this week starts getting busy yikes

I only actively started making content for this blog about 6 months ago so I’m quite taken aback about how many of you guys actually follow me! I wanted to thank you all so much for following me and for supporting me. I also want to thank the lovely people I follow for making my day better with a dash filled with wonderful posts! 💕

*special shoutout to my chim, sally! we both started our blogs together and i wouldn’t be making content without her tbh;; ily ma chim! plus she helps me figure out what to use as my captions for most of my stuff;;;   

anyways, lets get to it! 

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Ssamba’s Blog Post 9/9/16

“I wanted to draw something so badly that I scribbled something, but…
It’s pretty frickin’ somber, isn’t it;
I drew this while listening to Troy Sivan’s Wild. The song is nice and the MV is pretty too~
Hahaha at this rate I think I’m going to forget how to draw…
But as expected, I don’t think about anything while I’m drawing, so that’s nice!

A few days ago, I received a very meaningful email. 
Jihye-nim sent me some translated foreign messages.
Thank you, Jihye-nim ^^ Thanks to you, I was able to gather a lot of strength from reading those messages!
I see that FF has been receiving a lot of love even from overseas…
I still feel like I’m a very lucky person when I realize how so many people continue to send me encouragement.
Even if I’m not able to get through every single message
I truly wish to thank each and every one of you!”

Cancer Crew Ask Challenge

1. Who did you find first?
2. Do you prefer Joji or Frank?
3. What are your opinions on Chad, aka anything4views, aka Fat Cunt?
4. Have you seen all 3 cake videos without gagging or throwing up?
5. When you first got into The Cancer Crew, who was your favorite?
6. Who is your favorite member now?
7. What is your favorite Pink Guy song?
8. Favorite color of Max’s vomit?
9. Do you think angry Max is obnoxious or funny?
10. Do you ship any of them?
11. Are you ashamed of these ships and make fun of them, but low key go on the tag?
12. Would you get a tattoo on your butt if Pink Guy was giving it to you?
13. Favorite Joji song?
14. Do you like Kickstarter Crap or Bad Unboxing videos more?
15. Would you have ate all the cakes if it meant hanging out with the group?
16. Do you watch HowToBasic?
17. Are you subscribed to all of their side channels?
18. Do you have friends who watch them or is it like a secret passion of yours?
19. Are you subscribed to all of Max’s channels?
20. Do you make cancerous references to yourself or to other people?
21. What movie would you love to see the boys reenact?
22. Do you love when Joji breaks out of the Frank voice, get annoyed, or just don’t care?
23. Do you know where all the members are from?
24. Agree or Disagree: Bring back Jojivlogs
25. Are you all caught up on the Filthy Frank lore?
26. Do you think Ian is in a relationship?
27. Do you get excited whenever Max cross dresses in a video?
28. Do you follow them all on social media? (Including Chad and HowToBasic)
29. Are you active in the fandom? (make edits, write fanfiction/imagines, run a blog dedicated to just them, make fanart)
30. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Max, Joji, Ian

[Assuming people actually see this,
This can be taken as a “Ask me which to answer” or a “Hey I’m gonna answer all these even if none of you want it” kinda thing.


ask-mm-mc  asked:

AHH ~ Could you possibly write a short fluff about 707 and MC having a space themed wedding seeing that its impossible to truly marry on the moon???


starring “Unknown”, Rika, and V (because I CAN) so beware spoilers

When Seven had called Yoosung to ask him for a favour, Yoosung would’ve never guessed that this is where he’d be, later that same day.

“… A wedding, Sir?”

“Yes.” He wished the ground would swallow him up. Why did Seven make him do this? “A wedding.”

“Right…” The woman at the front desk looked up at Yoosung, brows knitting together in confusion. “Is it… For you, Sir?”

“No!” Perhaps Yoosung said that a little too enthusiastically - the other secretary shot him a glare, apologising to the person on the other end of the phone. “Uh… No. It’s for a friend.”


“Choi. Saeyoung Choi.” Yoosung was going to murder him.

“Well, it’s booked.” The woman looked back up, her smile so obviously plastered on to hide her distaste it made Yoosung cringe. “If there’s anything else you need, then please do say.” She turned away from him for a moment, grabbing the papers as they printed. 

“After all, we’ve never had a wedding at a planetarium before…”

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Info from one of the loading screens from the FFXV demo

Baby Noct couldn’t pronounce ‘Lunafreya’ and that’s how ‘Luna’ came to be.

Not sure if new info but super cute


Its hard to make out but you can just about make out

’unable to pronounce her name in full’

’called her ‘Luna’ and the abbreviation stuck.’

pic courtesy of @15snake

Ssamba’s Blog Post 9/15

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Chuseok ^^
I wanted to greet you all before the holiday, but I guess I ended up posting on the day itself;
I spent some time hanging out with my friends yesterday and we had fun~
My friends who came running to my neighborhood without a second thoughtㅠㅠMy oh my
Those rascals even took me home, but I didn’t even buy them anything…Next time, I’ll get them some ice cream taiyaki for sure!ㅠ
We were only able to talk for a bit at a cafe
But next time we’re gonna go see the ocean heh

To be honest, I’ve been worrying a lot lately.
Even though I was so resolved to stop chemo…
It seems that my decision is at a crossroads;
Althought there was the choice to switch methods, they wanted me to choose and so I was admitted to the hospital
My thoughts are all a mess. After seeing my results, my resolve appeared to be getting weaker and weaker…
So I thought it would be best if I was admitted to the hospital while I decide what to do next…
Ah, this really isn’t that easy;
Even I have no idea what I’m saying; Just consider this as me blabbering on…;
I spent this year’s ancestor memorial at a temple as well, but this year’s Chuseok doesn’t seem very festive so I’m sadㅠ
I will use the Holiday Special Programs on TV as a source of comfort~

Because just giving my greetings would be too boring hehe
Since my thoughts were all in a jumble, I feel like I spent a few days doing nothing but drawing
But in actuality it was probably for only an hour or so since I can’t draw for too long;
Anyways, this is my most recent one! Hahah
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. ^^



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clarkehgriffins’ 3k ff and fic rec

Hey! So I recently hit 3k followers and I wanted to say thank you with my first follow forever and a quick fic rec because I haven’t done one in a while.

my rookie blue crew (thank you for still following me even though I don’t post about it anymore!): @andysmcnally @swarekssmcnally @zanderleigh @webmedus @red-peck @ragingscooter @rookieblueaf @rookiebluefearless @pennpayper @mcswarek-lusitana @mcswarek2 @mcswarekness @iwatchforswarek @hopelesslyscattered @high-as-bananas @e-is-for-effervescent @dxwoman @mrscdalloway @desolatemoondust @focusnerd @redlips-blacklace @zanderleigh

my faves: @alyciajdebnm @drinkingcristinastequila @gail-shark @eliza-taylor-cotter

squad goals (i wish we talked but for now i mostly stalk all of you from afar): @clexar @dinahjanehansens @cohenisabadass @wonderswcman @debnamridley @femininechaos @jholtzmann @liciaclark @misselizataylor @ravenlexas @tatianasemmy @unicyclehippo

fics i’ve read (and loved) recently

Modern AUs

the business of caring by coldmackerel

a public service announcement: the campus police would like to politely remind all students, well-wishers, and supporters of the university during this time of serial vandalism that painting on buildings without permission is still illegal. this has not changed no matter how ‘cool’ you think it is. vandalism has never been nor will it ever be 'radical’, 'sick’, or any version thereof. -supervisor lexa woods

i’d give up forever to touch you by geralehane

Clarke’s mother is engaged to Lexa’s father, and the girls are about to become unwilling step siblings. Instead, they become so much more. Or, step sister au on tumblr. (Lexa is on the autism spectrum.)

the white queen running by KL_Morgan

Clarke wakes up wearing the tattoos of the Ice Nation.

(OR: Soulmates, parallel worlds, and Ice Queen Clarke; oh my. Canon divergent from 2x16.)

don’t wanna be your girl by faithtastic

Lexa’s interning on a skin flick. She meets Clarke on set.

Or: The adult movie AU/college AU no one asked for.

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Loved Regis and Luna’s dynamic in kingsglaive. It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, so I redraw my fave interaction of them.

(wow ignore the fact that these banners get worse and worse each time) 

oh goodness, how do i even start this, i’m just so in shock?? thank you so much to anyone who has decided to follow me, I never expected something like this to happen. I started this blog 3 years ago, and iT WAS SO BAD o gosh it took me a year to get 100 followers, and now it’s blowing up? i can’t believe. I’ve made countless friends, cried over too many memes, and found a home where people won’t judge me (too hard) for my shitposts. I just wanted to say thank you by highlighting some blogs who have a special place in my heart <3

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