FULL VIDEO: Beyoncé talking about her new album at the BEYONCÉ screening

“I thought I would see the Queen from a mile away and take a photo on my phone or something, and then I arrived at Windsor Castle and someone said, ‘Ms. Mulligan, would you follow us…’ and I went into this room and there were just five people in there. And they said, 'You’re all going to meet the Queen on your own’.

"I did my own hair… I just completely freaked out. And then this guy came up to me and he said, 'Ms, Mulligan, I just wanted to let you know the hem of your dress has fallen down. Would you like a safety pin?’ And I was like, 'Yes, I need a safety pin!’

"If I met the Queen without a hem on my dress… my mother would behead me.

"He ran off and he got the safety pin and came back and he got down on the floor… and I was like, 'I need alcohol…’” [x]