roryofthenorth why even put “gender egalitarianist” in your blog description if you think women are already equal, dismiss genders like demiboy/girl, bigender, and androgyne as fake, use terms like “female-bodied” or “male-bodied” to describe non-binary/genderqueer people, and refuse to acknowledge people as transgender unless they experience body dysphoria and get hormone therapy/sex reassignment surgery?

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Do you think that Eric loves nikol?

YES!!! Eric is naturally a hard-ass, but nevertheless, he loves her…he loves her a lot, whether he wants to admit or not.  Eric told Nikol once before that he cares for her like a daughter, but the truth is, Eric cares for Nikol because she is his daughter.  Nikol may not be his daughter by blood, but she is his daughter by heart -Queen Z