For: Anon

Imagine: Finding out that you are pregnant with Eric’s child and being scared to tell him.

You stand in the training room alongside Four and your boyfriend, Eric. As a trainer, it was your responsibility to show the initiates how to spar, however you felt sick to your stomach today. Should I tell Eric? Nah, I’ll be fine. 

“Y/N and I will be showing you some new fighting techniques today,” Eric announces to the initiates. The two of you transferred to Dauntless together, you were from Candor, he was from Dauntless, on the first day of initiation you had gone through your fear landscapes, you and Eric were the only ones in the dorm room, and he had comforted you. You two became fast friends and had started dating soon after; you’ve been together for almost six years now and are absolutely inseparable.

You step into the mat alongside Eric and he looks at you muttering, “The initiates are so annoying, I fucking hate kids.”

You roll your eyes and tell him to start. After demonstrating a few different techniques to the initiates you start to feel dizzy, Eric goes in for a punch and you clutch you mouth gagging, he steps back and you run out of the training room. 

“Y/N!” Eric calls after you, his voice laced with concern. 

You quickly find the washroom and shut the door behind you, throwing up in the toilet, you don’t hear the door opening, but when you feel someone grabbing your hair and rubbing your back, you instantly know that it’s Eric. 

You step away from the toilet, flushing and rinse out your mouth to get rid of the taste of vomit. 

“Are you alright baby?” Eric asks, his eyes filled with worry. 

You absentmindedly nod knowing that you should tell him that this has been happening for the past week. But you dread thinking about what the meaning of this might be. 

“-okay?” You finally hear Eric say. 

“Huh?” You look at him. 

“We’re you even listening to a word I said Y/N?” Eric asks, you look down at your hands, “of course you weren’t, what’s gotten into you Y/N? Lately you’ve been acting so distant, if there’s a problem you can tell me baby, if I did something wrong get angry, yell at me, but don’t distance yourself like this.”

“It’s nothing like that Eric, I’ve just been really tired lately, and I think I might just be getting a fever or something, I’ll go to the infirmary later today.” You lie. 

Eric sees right through the you, but just says, “Alright Y/N, go home and rest, Four and I can take care of the initiates for the rest of the day." 

You wait for Eric to go back into the training room before walking towards the pit; you go into one of the drugstores, buy a pregnancy test, and walk back to yours and Eric’s shared apartment. 

You go into the washroom and put the test to use. You sit on the washroom floor waiting for the result. 

You wait for a few minutes and finally build up the courage to look at it; you see a little plus sign on the screen. Fuck. The result is positive, this can’t be happening, how will you ever tell Eric? 

You sit on the couch, Eric words from earlier today replay in your mind, ‘I fucking hate kids.’ This wasn’t the first time he had admitted something like this to you, you knew how much he disliked kids. Your lip begins to quiver at you let out a whimper, wrapping your arms around your stomach. You can’t help but wonder, what if Eric leaves you, or worse yet, what if he makes you get rid of the child. Maybe I shouldn’t tell him. No, he is the father, he has the right to know, and I have to tell him. Come on Y/N, you’re Dauntless, stop being so scared.

You continue crying until you hear the doorknob rattle, Eric was home. Shit. You quickly wipe your tears, take a deep breath, and go into the bedroom.

“Y/N I’m home!” Eric calls out, you don’t respond, knowing that your voice will betray you, “Y/N?”

You hear Eric’s footsteps coming closer, and he enters the room, “Y/N? Are you okay? Why weren’t you responding to me baby?”

“Eric I-” your voice breaks and you can’t continue.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Eric almost looks scared.

You force yourself to look him in the eyes, and knowing that you will not be able to answer him, you hand him the test. He looks confused at first, but realization soon strikes his face.

“You’re pregnant…” He says in shock. He’s not happy, fuck he is not happy.

“Pleasedon’tbemadatme,ifyouwantmetoleavethenIwill,I’msorry!” You say quickly.


You take a deep breath, “No Eric, i-it’s okay, really, I know how much you hate kids, but I’m not getting rid of my child, if you don’t want it then I’ll leave!”


“I’m serious Eric, you won’t have to take any responsibility for it, I won’t even tell it that you are its father after it is born, you jus-” Eric presses his lips against yours to shut you up, stare at him with wide eyes as he pulls back.

“You just never shut up do you,” He says.

“Wait, so you’re not upset?” You ask hopefully.

“Did I say that?” His expression hardens and your heart sinks, “Of course I’m upset Y/N.”

You look away from him and try to keep yourself from crying.

“I’m upset that you thought I would leave you. I’m upset that you were afraid to tell me any of this. I’m upset that you didn’t want to tell me that I-I’m going to be a dad,” You look up at him and his face breaks out into a grin. He grabs your shoulders and shakes you happily, “I’m going to be a dad Y/N, a dad!”

You wrap your arms around him and he lifts you up in his arms bridal style, spinning you around, “We’re going to be parents Y/N, I can’t believe this! Fuck I can’t believe this, I’m so fucking happy right now.”

He puts you down and kisses you passionately, “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you more Eric.”

Eric kneels down and kisses your stomach, “and I love you most!”

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I Love You ‘Til the Sun Dies

I was requested to do and imagine base on the song “Little Do You Know” by Alex and Sierra, I know @imagine-mix-fandoms already did and imagine based off that song, which was amazing, so please go read that as well! I combined this request with an imagine of my own, so enjoy!

Imagine: You and Eric going through each other’s fear landscape. You learn why Eric is the way he is, and he finds out that you are scared of him.

Warnings: Mentions of sexual assault and death!

“Eric, please don’t,” you beg with tears streaming down your face.

“I can’t believe I ever fell for a piece of Divergent trash like you,” Eric says with a gun pointed to your head, his face holds an expression of pure disgust, “but don’t worry sweetheart, I make this easy for you. It’ll be a quick death.”

He pulls the trigger.

You jolt awake gasping for air. Your face is covered in tears and body in sweat.

“You okay Y/N?” Eric asks opening his sleep filled eyes and looking at you.

“I-I’m fine.” You quickly respond, looking away from him. You’ve been waking up from this nightmare every day since the attack in Candor during the war, which had ended weeks ago. Since then, Eric was forgiven for what he did, and was given back his leadership position, Divergents were now safe, and you knew that Eric would never hurt you; however, this did not stop the nightmares from coming.

“Y/N, please telling me what’s bothering you. You wake up from these nightmares every fucking day and you won’t tell me what they’re about. Talk to me baby,” He was now fully awake, he grabs your chin and makes you face him, “Please Y/N, I can’t stand seeing you like this.”

“It’s nothing Eric, really,” How could you ever tell him that your nightmares were about him killing you, I would break his heart. He clearly didn’t believe you, so you leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss, trying to talk his mind off it.

He eventually pulled back, with a disappointed look on his face, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but remember, I’m always here if you need to talk.” With that, he got up and walked out of the room.

‘I’m sorry Eric, I wish I could tell you, but I can’t,’ you thought.

“Where are we going Eric?” You asked, he held your hand leading you through the dark hallways of the Dauntless compound.

“Do you trust me Y/N,” He stopped walking and looked back at you, you nodded, “Then shut up and stop asking me!”

He finally stopped in front of the familiar room that you hadn’t seen since your initiation. The fear landscape room.

“Eric why are we here?” You question.

“We’ve been together for almost a year now, and I realized that you barely even know anything about me, so I thought what better way for you to get know me than going through my fears,” He says with a hopeful expression on his face.

“Eric, you don’t have t-”

“But I want to.” He said getting out the syringes.

“How many fears do you have?” You ask.

“Eight,” You can’t shake off the feeling that you’re invading his privacy, but he really wants this so you go with it, “Ready?

You nod as he injects himself; he then brushes your hair away from your neck and injects you.

Suddenly you find yourself trapped inside a small box, the walls closing in on you, claustrophobia. You look over at Eric, he is sitting, jaw-clenched, staring at the wall in front of him, you shake him, “Eric snap out of it and do something!”

He then takes a deep breath and puts his legs out pushing against the wall in front of him, you decide to do the same with the opposite wall, Eric counts to three and you both push, the scene changes.

You two are now standing in an open field, you look around and then back at Eric who is standing beside you stiffly, suddenly a flock of birds fly down and surround you, you see Eric taking shallow breaths, and try to stifle a giggle, “Your scared of birds?!”

He narrows his eyes at you, “Are you making fun of me Y/N?”

“No! Not at all! I’m just surprised that the big bad Eric is scared of birds,” You laugh.

“Says the girl who’s scared of itty bitty spiders,” he says rolling his eyes.

You punch him in the shoulder and say, “Now do something so we can get out of here.”

He walks up to the birds, bends down, and picks one up. He stands there for a second just staring at it with his jaw clenched, then gently pets its head, and I let out a small laugh as the birds and field disappear.

One by one, we went through the rest of his fears, being buried alive, failure, killing his loved ones, etc. Until we finally got to his final fear, we were standing in a dark alley somewhere in Erudite, there were five large men dressed in blue, three of the men stood holding an unfamiliar girl with a beaten and bruised face, and two of them held Eric who was struggling in their hold.

“ERIC!” The girl calls out.

“ELIZABETH!” Eric yells back with a pained expression, “Fuck!”

When he finally gets out of the grasp of the men, the girl changes, she is now in black clothing, she is still bruised and bleeding, and she has a tattoo of a dream catcher on her forearm. Wait, what?! You look at her face closely. It’s you.

“Eric…?” You look towards Eric, who is standing next to you wide eyed and frozen, “Eric!” You shake him.

“It changed,” His whisper is barely audible, simulation you lets out an agonizing scream, right before she is slapped across the face by one of the men.

“ERIC!” You hear yourself yell his name. This is so fucking strange. I’ve never seen Eric look so scared, his face has gone pale, his eyes are wide and he’s barely blinking, his jaw is clenched, and his hands are in shaking fists. One man grabs the neckline of your shirt and tears it apart, you scream once again, and thrash in the hold of the other two. You suddenly knew exactly what was happening.

Fuck I have to end this,’ You think to yourself, you stand in front of Eric and grab his face, forcing him to look down at you, “It’s okay Eric! I’m okay! Look at me Eric, I’m okay!”

When nothing worked you stood up on your toes and kissed him, eventually his heart rate slowed down and when you finally broke the kiss, the two of you were back in the fear landscape room. Eric looked around and collapsed to his knees.

You instantly kneeled down next to him, “Eric what was that? What was happening?”

“I-it was always her but now it’s you! It’s you Y/N!”

“Just breathe Eric,” You grab his hand as he took a deep breath, “Now tell me.”

“Back in Erudite, just a month before my choosing ceremony, I had a one night stand with this girl, she was my older sister’s ex-boyfriend’s younger sister,” Older sister? You knew Eric’s two younger sisters, but you never knew he had an older one too, “to me it was nothing, but she wanted more, I rejected her. So one day after school, I walked to the place where my older sister, Elizabeth, worked, Mum wanted her to take me shopping for a new blazer. We took too long in the shop and it was getting dark outside, we knew Mum was going to be mad at us, so we decided to take a shortcut home. Fuck that was the biggest mistake in my life,” He put his head in his hands and continued, “We were passing by this alleyway, I was leading the way, when suddenly Elizabeth screamed, I turned around, but I was held back by two men, two others held Elizabeth, and there was a fifth man, Elizabeth’s ex. To get back at Lizzy for breaking up with him, and at me for breaking his fucking sister’s heart, they raped and killed her in front of me, and I don’t know I fucking lived through that, but I did. It left my family shattered, and left me angry and full of hatred, and that’s why I chose dauntless on Choosing Day.”

“Oh my God, Eric I- I don’t know what to say,” You say quietly, trying to take in all the information you had just received, looking down as your lap.

“It’s okay Y/N, I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything in there, it was always her, always, and suddenly it changed to you, and I didn’t know what to do,” He admits sadly.

“Eric, it’s okay, I understand,” You quickly respond, trying to comfort him.

“Let’s just go through your landscape,” He says getting up, you know he’s trying to get his mind off of what he just saw, but you can’t let him see your fears. If he sees the nightmare you have of him every night, it will break him.

“You’ve already seen it during my initiation,” You say.

“Yeah, but things change, and besides you haven’t been through it since then, it’s important for a dauntless to go through their fears often, we need to be able to handle them, in case they come back to haunt us in our real lives,” He says, trying to convince me.

“But, Eric-”

“I guess it’s fine if you don’t trust me enough to let me see,” You groan at Eric and his blackmailing skills, you mentally roll your eyes.

“Ugh, fine,” Maybe you’ll only have the same nine fears, maybe new fears don’t register with the serum that fast, you silently hope, as Eric injects the two of you once again.

One by one, you go through all nine of your familiar fears. Then everything goes dark, “Y/N? What’s going on, I thought you only had nine fears?”

You laugh uncomfortably, “Looks, like you were right Eric, things can change, I guess I have a new one.”

Suddenly the darkness disappears and you find yourself in Candor Headquarters, you’re on your knees, hands cuffed behind your back, you look up with wide eyes and see Eric standing above you, gun pointed to your head, this isn’t real you try to tell yourself, but you can’t bring yourself to believe it, it feels so real, “Eric, please don’t-”

“I can’t believe I ever fell for a piece of Divergent trash like you,” Eric says, his face holds an expression of pure disgust, “but don’t worry sweetheart, I make this easy for you. It’ll be a quick death.”

Your heart speeds up so fast you think it’ll explode, you start to cry, “Eric no! I’m sorry!”

He pulls the trigger.

You snap your eyes open gasping, you look around and you’re back in the landscape room.

“Y/N?” You just remembered that Eric saw all of that.

“Eric I-”

“Save it Y/N,” He tries to sound angry, but you can see how hurt he is, “I’ve tried to so hard to convince everyone that I’ve changed, but who the hell is gonna believe me, if my fucking girlfriend’s even scared of me!”

“Eric! Wait, I’m so fucking sorry! Eric?!” You call after him as he storms out of the room. After a while you walk to your best friend’s apartment, you thought it would be best to leave Eric alone for now, at least until you could think of a way of showing him how you feel.

You were in your friend’s guest bedroom, when suddenly you got an idea; you got out a piece of paper and started to write:

Little do you know, how I’m breaking while you fall asleep
Little do you know, I’m still haunted by the memories
Little do you know, I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece
Little do you know, I need a little more time
Underneath it all I’m held captive by the hole inside
I’ve been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind
I’m ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight
Little do you know, I need a little more time.

You walk back to yours and Eric’s shared apartment, knowing he wouldn’t be home yet, and go into your room, and fold the note in half, you put it on top of his laptop and leave, praying that this would work.

The next morning your friend comes into your room, waking you, “Y/N! Get up!”

“What?” You grumble.

“I was just about to leave for work, when Eric asked me to give this to you,” she says handing you a folded piece of paper, your heart sank thinking that he rejected your note and returned it.

“W-what is it?” You ask her.

“I don’t know, I didn’t check,” she looks at her watch and says, “listen, I have to go now, but you can stay here as long as you want!”

“Thanks,” you call out as she leaves, you hear the door shut and you finally open the letter, your heart flutters at Eric’s familiar handwriting:

I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I love you like you’ve never felt the pain,
I’ll wait, I promise you don’t have to be afraid,
I’ll wait, The love is here and here to stay
So lay your head on me
Little do you know, I know you’re hurting while I’m sound asleep
Little do you know, all my mistakes are slowly drowning me
Little do you know, I’m trying to make it better piece by piece
Little do you know, I, I love you ‘til the sun dies.

You look up from the letter, trying to hold back your tears, and you see Eric standing in the doorway, he looks at you and says, “’little do you know, I, I love you ‘til the sun dies’.”

You jump off the bed and run into his arms, you finally let the tears release, “I’m so sorry Eric! I’m sorry!” You say through sobs.

“Shh, it’s okay,” He whispers kissing your forehead.  

 A/N: Ahh that was so long, I’m so sorry it took forever to write this, but I had exams going on, however I’m free for the rest of the week, so send in your requests!

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Nightly Horrors (part 1)

part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

(Eric x Reader)

Summary: Your friends decide to walk around at night dragging you with them. Eric catches you snooping around.

“That’s a terrible idea, you hear me? TERRIBLE! We’re in so much trouble if someone catches us sneaking around here in the middle of the night. Guuuuys, please let’s go back I don’t wanna end up factionless.” You whinened, walking behind your two friends. For some reason they thought it would be fun exploring the dauntless grounds. You? Not so much. They had dragged you along with them anyway.
You were an abnegation transfer and although you had chosen to be in dauntless the thought of breaking the rules didn’t appeal two you very much. Old habits die hard they say. Dauntless was all about being brave and fierce, everything you weren’t. You just thought they were being suicidal. Maybe some of them were.
“Nothing will happen, we just take a quick look around and be back in our quaters before anybody even realizes we’re missing.” You friend Amy said while rolling her eyes at you, both amused and annoyed at your level of fearfulness.
“Anyway…” She couldn’t finish her sentence. In an corridor to your left you heard a door opening and someone was stepping out ending his conversation with the person inside. You three looked at each other for a second with wide eyes before you all started to run wherever the hallway you were currently in was leading to.
Your friends were already behind the next corner when you heard a voice behind you calling out to you.
“Hey you there!”
You stoped in your tracks. Fucking hell. You knew that voice. It was Eric. Your personal devil send straight form hell just to torture you every single day in training. I’m done for. There’s no way I’m geting out of this.
“Uuuh, uhm yeah…hi there…” You stammered out unsure of the best approach in this kind of situation.
“Care to tell me what the hell you doing here in the middle of the night? And who are you anyway?” He said with a straight face.
Is he serious? He makes my days a living nightmare and doesn’t even now who I am? I knew he was an ass by this level of ignorance is truly astonishing.
He leaned against a wall looking you up and down with a measuring look.
“I’m Y/N. I’m one of your inistiats you know? You see me every day do you really not know who I am?” You said in a firm voice your anger getting the better of you.
“No,” He answered, looking you over once more, “But now that I know …you realize you have no right to be here, initiate?”
“There is a perfectly good explanation for my being here…” You said already thinking in your head what that good explanation could be. You had no clue. To make matters worse you were a horrible liar. This was doomed form the start. Why did I ever thought becoming dauntless was the right choice.
“I’d really love to hear that. Should be interesting. And that explanation better be good or you’re not gonna make it back to your quarters tonight…” He stared at you seriously. You had no doubt he meant every word. But surely it wasn’t ok to strike down an initiate over something like that. Or was it?
“You see…,” You were begining, no idea were this conversation was going, “I am a sleep walker, no idea how I ended up here, really…I-I could not be more surprised than you are.”
“That’s bullshit.”
It was. Of course he’d see trough something so stupid. But well you really, really were a bad liar.
“You’re right…the truth is I-I…you see I have a huge crush on you and was following you!” Bloody hell why did you say that, that was even more dumb than the excuse before.
“Aaah is that true now?” He said walking over to you. You stumbled back trying to put some more space between you two. You hit the wall with your back and pressed yourself againt it hoping a portal would open up right there and swallow you whole. Eric placed both of his hands on the sides of your head, he brought his head awfully close to yours and gazed into your eyes with an intensity that made you uncomfortable. A blush was spreading on your face much to your discomfort. One of his hands landed on your hip, his face drawing nearer to your own. He leaned to the side and whispered into your ear.
“You’re a terrible liar, sweetheart.” With this he let go of you and stepped back. You released a breath you didn’t know you had kept in and inhaled deep.
“What was your name again?”
“Y/N.” you said, looking anywhere but directly at Eric.
“We’re going to have such a good time from now on. Belief me.” He said smiking and walked away. You were left standing there with the knowlage that you most likely hadn’t seen the worst of Eric yet. You were sure you would soon enough.


For: Anon

Imagine: Being a new, badass, Dauntless leader, and Eric develops a crush on you.

“As the newest leader of Dauntless, you will go through four phases of training Y/N,” Max tells you, today you have been selected to become the newest leader of Dauntless, and Max has held a meeting for you, “The first will be learning all of Dauntless’ rules, Jared, will take you through that right after this meeting.”

Max points to a man who is covered in tattoos and piercing and has bright blue hair, he waves at you, smiling, “Welcome to the team Y/N.”

“The next phase will be learning how to interact with other factions, for this you will receive help from Victoria, our leader and faction ambassador,” Max continues, pointing towards a tan girl with jet-black hair, which fades into a lavender-ish colour at the tips. Her ears are covered in piercings and she has a tattoo, which snakes up her neck. You’ve hung out with her before during your initiation, and you get an older sister-like vibe from her, she smirks at you and winks, you smile back.

“The third phase will be with me,” Max pauses to give you a quick smile, “In this phase we will test and train you on your decision-making skills.”

“Finally, the fourth phase will last for a few weeks. It is physical training, initiation was just the beginning of it, in order to be a leader you will need a lot more training than that. Eric will under see this portion of training.” Max gestures towards the handsome asshole who sits across from you, you smile at him but he just gives you a curt nod. Ugh you could at least smile back Eric! The next few weeks will be hell.

“Your physical training will take place in the evenings, so once the first three phases are over, you will act as Eric’s assistant.” In other words, Eric’s slave. Fuck you Max!

“Thank you Max, I will try my hardest to be the best Dauntless that I can be!” You say with false excitement.

“Alright, the meeting is over, everyone is dismissed. Y/N, you will follow Jared to begin phase one.” You nod and follow Jared out of the room.

After three brutal hours of learning Dauntless rules, Jared lets you go to have dinner. You eat at the leaders’ table for the first time, and you sit next to Eric. You reach over to grab a piece of bread from a tray in the middle of the table, just as Eric does, and you both unintentionally go for the same piece and he ends up grabbing your hand, you quickly turn your head towards him, locking eyes. The two of you sit there staring into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, until Victoria coughs loudly, Eric’s head snaps towards her and he quickly drops your hand.

“So Y/N, how was training today?” Victoria asks trying to stifle a giggle.

“Jared’s bright hair was the only thing keeping me from falling asleep,” I roll my eyes, Max and Victoria let out a laugh while Jared mocks hurt. Eric just stares down at his food not looking amused. Whatever.

You spend the next morning with Victoria, learning about how to behave with different factions. In all honesty, you learn less and laugh more with her. You love this girl. However, your fun ends after lunch when you join Max who goes over different scenarios that you may face as a leader, as well as different decision-making techniques.

You go to sleep that night worrying about your first day of being Eric’s personal fucking assistant.

That morning you walk into Eric’s office, “Didn’t anyone teach you how knock?”

“Oh my God! It speaks!” You gasp, referring to how Eric hasn’t said a single word to you since you were offered this leadership position.    

“Don’t forget who I am Y/N,” Eric growls.

“That threat may have scared me back when I was just a mere initiate, but not anymore Eric. Hell, I could probably use that line on you now. You’re an ex-Erudite; I would have never thought you would forget things that easily. But in case you have, I will remind you, Max has appointed me as a leader Eric, so now you and I are equals,” You stretch out the last word and smirk at him.

If looks could kill, Eric’s glare would has left you lifeless by now, he looks like he is about to make a snide comment but he doesn’t, all he says is, “As my assistant, your first task is to get me some coffee.”

“I’m your assistant Eric, not your slave, you’re supposed to get me to do tasks that will help me learn about leadership,” you say, the day had barely even started and he was already getting on your nerves.

“Now Y/N, Max never said that did he?” He talks to me as if I’m a small child, “You’re my assistant, and that means you will follow my rules. And don’t you ever make the mistake of thinking that you’re my equal. You are just a leader-in-training, besides, no matter how far you advance, I will always be your superior. Now, get me my fucking coffee.”

You resist the urge to slap him and simply place your hand on a file, which rests on his desk, it is full of papers. You slowly pull it towards yourself and let it hit the floor, scattering papers everywhere. You change your expression to an innocent looking pout and say, “oops!”

Eric glares up at you and you turn to walk towards the door, just as you’re about to leave he calls after you, “Oh Y/N! Just so you know, I like my coffee scorching hot, and I know the cafeteria is 16 floors below us, so you better hurry! And by the way, forget trying the elevator, it’s out of order today.”

Fuck him! By the time you get down all 16 flights of stairs, you feel winded; I guess I probably will need this physical training. You walk to the cafeteria and get a coffee; you hurrying back up the stairs and stop in the hallway to catch your breath. You see the elevator doors from across the hall open and Jared walks out.

“Hey Y/N,” He calls out, “You sure look winded, what happened?”

“I just had to run all the way to the cafeteria and back just to get a coffee for the devil,” You groan.

“Why didn’t you just use the elevator?”

“I was told that it was out of order,” That lying son of a bitch!  

“Well it’s not, and you didn’t need to go all the way down to the cafeteria, we have an amazing coffee machine in the leaders’ lounge which is just across the hall from Eric’s office.” Are you fucking kidding me? “Well I’ll see you around Y/N; you might not want to keep the devil waiting.”

You walk into Eric’s office and see him sitting at his desk, already sipping a steaming cup of coffee, “There you are! You were taking too long so I just got myself some coffee from the lounge.”

“What the hell Eric?! You made me run all the way to the cafeteria for nothing?! Oh and for your information, the elevators are working,” You yell. He simply rolls his eyes.

“I guess you learned a valuable lesson today, never take anyone’s word for anything unless you have seen in with your own two eyes first,” He smirks at you, “Now your next task will be to clean this.”

He gestures towards the scattered paper on the ground, that asshole never picked them up. Fuck fuck fuckidy fuck!

You bend over and start picking up the papers, you can feel Eric’s killer gaze on you, “I know I have a nice ass, but quit staring at it!”

“Eh, it needs a little work, but it’s not bad,” Ugh, the asshole didn’t even have the decency to deny that he was staring!

“You’re such a pervert!” You say as you see him walking over. He stops behind you and get up.

“Did I tell you to stop cleaning? Pick the papers up!” He demands, you bend back down to collect the remaining papers and he smacks your ass, you gasp, quickly getting up again and placing the papers on his desk.

You turn on your heel to face him, not realizing how close he was to you, you bump into his rock hard chest. You look up at his smirking face and heat rises to your cheeks.

“Now,” He is close enough for you to be able to smell the coffee on his breath, this just increases your urge to kiss him. No! What am I thinking?! “I want you to arrange these papers in alphabetical order, based on the last names in the headings.”

“But Er-”

“A lot of our leadership duties involve paper work, so your second lesson of the day will be how to organize.” He says with faux-excitement.

“Fuck you,” you mutter under your breath, rolling your eyes.

He grips your arm and pulls you so close that you are pressed up against him, “Don’t ever swear at me again, do you hear me!”

Eric’s POV

I let her go and she yanks the papers off my desk and begins organizing them. I don’t really need her to do this; I’m just trying to see how far I can push this girl. It is the same reason I threw a knife at her during initiation, the same reason I tried hanging her over the chasm. I like her, she’s a sassy little badass girl, who acts like she isn’t afraid of anything, I really like her, but I know she’ll never like me back. I watch her once-delicate hands, which are now scabbed over from fighting, flip through papers, pulling certain ones out here and there. Her eyes graze over the heading of each and I resist the urge to walk over to her and furiously make out with her.

She probably sense me staring as she quickly whips her head towards me, and I look down at my phone.

Training this evening will be quite interesting.

Your POV

Today was most likely the longest day of your life, spending all day in Eric’s office definitely was not your definition of fun. However, it was about to get a lot worse, you were heading to the roof to train with Eric, but on the plus side, maybe you’d get to see Eric’s muscles in action.

You open the door and Eric is already waiting there for you, “You’re late.”

“By two minutes!” So say looking at your watch.

“Two minutes is equal to 200 push-ups, and hurry it up, I don’t want you wasting more of my time.”

“200 push-ups, oh fuck no!” You complain.

“I wasn’t asking you to do them Y/N, I was ordering you. Something you should have learned during your initiation is that orders are not optional. If you continue whining, I have no problem in making that 400.” He says seriously.

You pout, giving him your best puppy dog eyes, but he just points to the ground. You flip him off before getting into plank position, by the time you get to 100 your arms are exhausted. Suddenly Eric puts his foot on your back and pushes you back down, “Get up Y/N! You need to be able to support more than just your own weight!”

You push him up a few times, only to have him push you back down, about 20 push-ups later, you can no longer handle anymore, you lay on the ground and look up at him, “Eric, please, I can’t do anymore! Please!”

“Alright get up!” Eric takes him foot off and turns to walk away, you look back at him and attempt to get back up, that was fucking brutal! Before you get up he turns around and steps towards you again, offering you his hand, you look at him in surprise, why is he being so nice?

The two of you walk over to the targets, and Eric hands you a gun, “Your aim may have improved throughout initiation, but five or six classes with a gun aren’t gonna do shit. As a leader you need to know how to shoot properly.”

You hold your gun up and point it towards the target, Eric goes adjust your gun, and you pull away from him, “I can do it myself, quit babying me Eric!”

“Alright,” he holds his hands up in surrender and backs away. You point the gun at the target and shoot three times, each time the bullet goes straight through the centre. You turn back to Eric eyebrows raised; he looks back at you, impressed.

He steps closer to you and snakes one arm around your waist, placing his hand on the small of your back. Your noses are almost touching, he looks deeply into your eyes and says, “I guess you were right Y/N, you really can do it. I’m impressed.”

He lets you go and turns to walk away, you stand there stunned, and strangely missing his touch. Maybe working with him won’t be so bad.  

This kind of has two other parts (with the same OCs): Part 2 and Part 3

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Eric smut

Fandom: Divergent series.
Warnings: sexual content including; swearing, fingering, light masturbation.

Imagine: Eric surprising you in the shower.

You had the hardest day today. And you decided that what you needed was a nice, hot shower.

You undressed yourself on your way to the bathroom, leaving a trail of your articles of clothing.

You stepped into the shower and let the water run over your muscles and loosen them, and massaged your scalp with some shampoo.

The glass was foggy and steam filled the whole room.

Suddenly images flashed in your mind of Eric’s soaking wet skin pressed to yours as the water cascaded down your bodies.

You found your hand moving south to your now dripping sex.

More and more images floated around in your head as you began to rub your bundle of nerves.

A soft moan left your lips as you did so, and Eric was all you thought about.

You thought of his hands roaming your body, one of his hands snaking to your sex as he whispered things in your ear from behind.

You got so into your imagination, you didn’t notice how real it felt.

“Do you mind if I join?” Eric whispered in your ear as his hands ran up and down your hip.

“Eric! Oh..” You jumped a bit in surprise, then melted into his touch.

“Not one bit.” You replied as you pushed your head back against his chest.

“Do you want me to take over?” He questioned as his hand roamed my thighs and stopping in front of my core.

“Please, Eric.” You begged him to continue.

“Are you begging?” Eric smirked as he kissed your temple.

“Yes.” You encouraged as you heard his chest vibrate with a chuckle.

His hand continued to move further down until his middle finger was rubbing on your clit in small circles.

“Fuck.” You moaned softly as you pushed Eric closer to the wall with your backside, and then leaned your weight against his front.

One of his fingers ghosted over your slit making you shiver.

“Do you like it when I do this?” He asked as his finger dipped halfway inside me before pulling it out, making you whine.

“Yes, keep going.” You begged, biting your lip in anticipation.

“Ohh, I love it when you beg.” He teased and then he slipped his finger in, and started to pump slowly.

“Shit! Eric…” You moaned louder as he went faster. You bit your lip, but moans still escaped your lips.

“Eric, please! I don’t want to cum with your fingers. I want you.” You whispered.

“What do you want?” Eric teased, a huge grin plastered his face.

“You. I want you– your cock. Inside me.” You pouted.

Eric smirked and nodded. He pushed you against the bathroom wall so your back was facing him. After, you felt his tip at my entrance. He slammed fully into you, without a warning.

“Eric!!!” You screamed as you clamped your eyelids shut.

He started to pound into you, mercilessly and relentlessly. But that’s how you liked it. Eric was always rough and dominant. And you prefer Eric as a dom.

“Fuck! Faster! Please!!” You begged as your knees began to shake.

“Your wish is my command, princess.” He whispered into your ear, making you whimper as he started to pound into you at an even faster pace, and it was hard to handle since he was so big. But you  managed.

“Uh–fuck, princess. You’re so tight.” Eric groaned as his eyes kept fluttering closed.

“Mmm, and you’re so big. Harder.” You moaned louder.

Eric then started thrusting at the same pace, but harder. And each time, he hit your g-spot.

“Fuck! Yes! Don’t stop!” You moaned.

“That’s it, moan for me.” He breathed into your ear.

“Mmm–uh–yes!” You moaned as you felt the familiar knot building up in your stomach.

“Yes! Eric!  I’m gonna cum!” You screamed as you rubbed your bundle of nerves, trying to drive yourself closer to your edge.

“Mm, do it, princess.” He murmured in your ear.

You screamed and let your orgasm flow, and coated his member with your juices. He thrusted into you a few more times until he came, riding out your orgasms. He pulled out of you and washed off the cum of the deed under the shower head.

“You should surprise me more often.” You mumbled in a slurred voice due to your fatigue.

“Yes, I should.” Eric let out a laugh.

Nightly Horrors (part 4)

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 5

(Eric x Reader)

Warnings: Smut

Had he really said what you thought he had? Maybe you heard wrong. It could have been ‘Vishnu had a hex’ or ‘Wish you were Max.’
God no, these didn’t make any sense at all. Enough was enough. You needed distraction. Your friends had decided to go to the club this evening anyway so you were going to join them. This kind of places weren’t really for you but everything was better than sitting around alone thinking about Eric.

“I’m not wearing that!” You declared.
“Come on we’re going out, having fun you can’t wear your normal boring clothes.”
“But look at that monstrous thing. What is that, surely you can’t call that a dress.”
“It is indeed. So stop insulting my clothes and put it on!”
“Fine…” You mumbled while walking to the bathroom to get changed.

And hour later you were standing in a corner of the club, bottle of beer in hand and not having fun at all. Your friends had found some dauntless guys they now, were dancing with leaving you behind alone. Not that you hadn’t gotten any offers yourself. In fact you had turned down a whole bunch of guys already. It was that damned dresses fault you thought. A black leather dress, ending just above your knees. Where did she even get that? Your friendly neighbourhood porn store next door?
“Wanna get out of here?” You heard someone say next to you. Here we go again. You were thinking of a good excuse to give the guy when you finally turned to your left, only to see Eric standing there smirking at you.
“Oh hell no, why would I? It’s really fun here.”
“Yeah? So that’s why you’ve been turning down guys the whole evening? Cause you’re having so much fun?”
“Are you stalking me now? Creep.”
“Nah but you’re really hard to miss in that outfit.”
As you kept talking to Eric another boy was making his way over towards you. You were really tired of this shit. Thinking that you had to deal with this one too you mentally prepared yourself.
Eric shot the guy a look that made him stop dead in his tracks and turn away in another direction. You began to laugh and looked at Eric.
“Thanks,…I guess.”
“Everything for my favourite initiate.” He said with a grin.
“If I’m your favourite I pity the one who gets on your bad side.”
“The ones I dislike aren’t here long enough for you to pity.”
He suddenly grabbed you by the arm and was walking towards the exit, dragging you behind despite your complaints. You’re outside when you’re finally able to break away form him.
“Wha..Where are we going?”
“My place, now.” He says with impatience.
When you don’t move he pins you to nearby wall and steps back a bit. He gets down on his knees in front of you. Staring up at you with big eyes. Holy shit. Seeing Eric like was pretty hot, though you had no idea what he was trying to do, kneeling before you in a dirty back-alley.
His hands found your legs and he began to move them upwards, caressing your thighs. You watched him, his hands moving up even further and shivered slightly. You felt yourself getting wet as he continued his actions.
You couldn’t help but moan as he rubbed you through your panties, sending jolts of desire through your whole body.
“What if someone…Eric, stop…” You breathed out.
“You won’t be saying that in a minute, sweetheart.”
He parted your legs further and tugged at your underwear. Leting your panties slowly slip down your legs, he brought his face closer to you. His mouth ghosted over clit, feeling his breath on your skin, your hips moved, wanting him even closer.
Suddenly he dipped his tongue into you, licking your clit and you fought the urge to let your eyelids fall close.
“You taste sweet.” He whispered before dipping down again, his lips and tongue moving between your legs. He was devouring you slowly, leaving you a panting, moaning, writhing mess. Your hips were moving on their own now and you brought your hands up burying them into Erics hair. You tugged at them roughly while Eric sliped two of his fingers into you, his soft lips closing around your clit, sucking gently as his tongue flicked. Your back began to arch, your head pushing back against the wall as you felt the edge nearing, the heat building up inside of you. He pumped his fingers faster inside of you as your moans grew louder and louder, finally bringing you over the edge, as you held his head in place.
Coming down from your high you let go of his hair and sunk down slowly, resting on the cold stone floor. You were out of breath, panting like crazy.
“So my place doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?” He said, lifting you up and throwing you over his shoulders. He gave your ass a light slap and started to walk in the direction of his apartment.

I’ll Protect You.

Requested by: @lachicadelamanzana

Warning: Death, physical assault, swearing

“I won’t let anybody hurt you Y/N,” You had finally worked up the courage to tell your boyfriend, Eric, that you were Divergent. You had been so afraid that he would hate you, and most likely kill you, you were just an initiate and he was a leader. The two of you had only been dating for a few months; he would never risk losing his leadership position for a pathetic little girl like you, especially after finding out that you were Divergent. However, that is not what happened, the second you told him, he took you into his arms, and promised to protect you.

“What if they find out Eric? What about fear simulations, how do I get through that?” You ask, “I might as well just leave for the factionless now.”

“I promise you, I will not let that happen! I promise baby, I-I love you,” He rarely ever tells you this, but when he does, you know that he is being sincere.

“I love you too,” You lean your head up and kiss him, “Thank you Eric.”


Eric’s POV

How the hell am I supposed to protect her from this? In a few days, we will be attacking Abnegation, and if she’s Divergent there’s no way I’ll be able help her hide it once she’s under the mind control serum. The second she shows any signs of Divergence, they’ll shoot her. I have to talk to Jeanine.

I plan everything I’m going to say as I drive to Erudite headquarters. This better fucking work.

I get strange looks as I make my way to Jeanine’s office, everyone here knows me, but a man dressed in black and covered in tattoos and piercing really stands out in a crowd of polished blue.

“Come in Eric!” Jeanine says in an overly enthusiastic way, shutting the door behind us, “What can I do for you today?”

“I have a request Jeanine,” I try to keep myself sounding professional and confident, but I can’t help but be afraid of the outcome of this discussion, “it’s about the attack we are planning.”

“Alright, what is it?”

“I don’t want you to put Y/N under the simulation,” I say bluntly.

“Who is this Y/N? And what makes you think we won’t put her under the simulation Eric?” I hate the way she enunciates my name.

“She is an initiate, and believe me Jeanine, this girl has great potential. She has also shown a passionate hatred toward Divergents,” I definitely did not belong in Candor, “I think she could offer us a lot of help throughout this whole operation.”

“In other words, you have fallen for this girl, haven’t you Eric?” She smiles wickedly.

“That is not what I said.”

“Yes but that is what you meant,” If I had a dollar for the amount of times I’ve stopped myself from wanting to strangle this woman, I wouldn’t have to work a day in my life. Nevertheless, she was my ticket to becoming head leader, so I went along with her every plan, “Alright Eric, I let this one go, but she is the only one, no one else. If she turns out to be trouble, you will both face horrible consequences, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes M’aam,” I say through gritted teeth, and I walk out.

Two more days until the attack, I have to tell Y/N what’s happening.


“What?!” You ask, Eric had just told you about the simulation they were planning, “What about all the innocent Abnegations that are going to be killed? What about the other Divergents?”

“I don’t care about them,” He growls.


He takes a deep breath, “That’s not what I meant Y/N. I can’t care about them, no matter how much I may want to. It was hard enough for me to convince Jeanine to not put you under the simulation, it’ll be impossible to put a stop to this, besides, if I pull any wrong move, Jeanine will have me killed.”

“I’m going back to the dorms Eric. I need to get some sleep,” you say, your mind trying to retain all this information.

“Alright Y/N, goodnight.”

“Goodnight Eric.”


Today was your final test and you had just received your ranks when Eric grabbed your arm pulling you out of the cafeteria, once you were out of the chaos, he whispers, “Go to my place Y/N, I’ll come in a little bit to take you Erudite.” He places a small kiss on your lips before walking back inside.

You sat in Eric’s apartment reading one of his novels for a few hours until he finally came in, “Alright Y/N, do you have everything you need?”

You nod, and he leads you to his car, you watch the black Dauntless compound, slowly turn to blue as you and Eric drive into the Erudite’s portion of the city. You close your eyes and wonder if your lives will ever be the same again.

You finally get out of the car and Eric leads you up to Jeanine’s office, “Welcome back Eric! This must be the infamous Y/N!” She sticks her hand out at me and I look at Eric before shaking it, “I’ve heard a lot about you, let’s just hope you stick to my expectations.”

“Of course Ms. Matthews,” you say in your politest tone.  

“Mark will escort you to your living quarters,” She says gesturing towards a man who is standing by the door, “You will be living there for the next few days while Eric is in Abnegation.”

You two walk into the room, and you finally get some alone time, “So your gonna leave me here alone?”

“I’m sorry baby, I have to, but I promise I will be home soon!”

An hour passes and Eric is just about ready to leave, “I going to miss you so fucking much,” you complain, kissing him.

“I’ll miss you too Y/N,” he stops for a minute and finally says, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


You’ve been worried sick, you miss him so much, and you don’t even know if he’s dead or alive. ‘Eric please come home.’

Suddenly the door opens, and you see him, you don’t believe your eyes, “Are you just going to stand there staring at me, or are you going to give me a hug?”

“Eric!” You squeal running into his arms, he lets out a low chuckle before giving you a long passionate kiss.

“Um, Eric, this might not be a good time, but I have a little surprise for you,” You didn’t want to tell him at first, but seeing how much he loved you, you knew he’d be happy.

“Yeah?” He asks curiously.

“I-I’m-” You stop nervously and reach into your pocket, but you are interrupted before you pull the note out.

“I’d absolutely hate to ruin this beautiful moment, but I think you’ll want to hear what I have to Eric,” Jeanine says coming in through the door.

“What?” Eric says concerned.      

“Your little girlfriend here is an excellent actress,” her malicious voice causes your heart to speed up so fast that you’re sure she can hear it, “She really had you fooled, huh?”

“What are you talking about?!” You spit, she gestures to someone outside the room, and suddenly five large men come in carrying guns, two of them grab you, while three of them grab Eric.

“This bitch is Divergent!” Jeanine shoots back. Your eyes widen and your jaw drops in shock.

“What?!” Eric shouts, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“We did an inspection in our faction, sending out a serum through the vents. One that should have caused everyone to lose consciousness, those who didn’t, including Miss Y/L/N, was proven to be Divergent. Everyone was killed on the spot, but we thought it would be best to inform you about this Eric,” Jeanine looks absolutely disgusted as realization strikes, “You knew about this, didn’t you Eric?!”

“No! He didn’t, he always thought that I was against Divergents!” You quickly say, covering for your beloved boyfriend.

Jeanine slaps you across the face, “Shut up, a little Divergent shit like you has no right to speak.”

“M’aam,” Mark coughs from behind Jeanine, and the she-devil quickly composes herself, Eric looks like he is trying to do everything he can to stop himself from strangling her, at this point you really hope he does.

“Take her away!” Jeanine calls to the men holding you, they drag you out of the room and Eric follows behind closely.

Eric’s POV

How do I help her? There is nothing I can do anymore, they’re going to kill her, she turns to look at me just before the take her into the laboratory, and she has a pleading look in her eyes. I can’t stand to see her like this. I squeeze my eyes shut before looking at her again, ‘I’m sorry,’ I mouth at her.

Her lip quivers and I have to keep my legs from collapsing, she finally mouths back, ‘It’s okay, I still love you.’ With that, Jeanine orders her to taken into the lab. They shut the door behind them and I’m forced to watch through the large window.

Jeanine take out the device we use to detect Divergence and points it at Y/N, “Divergent 72%,” it calls out.

“72%,” Jeanine grabs Y/N’s chin, forcing her to look up, “that’s quite a bit, but you are not the one we need, you are a worthless piece of-”

“Oh shut up Jeanine!” Y/N finally spits, her fear has been replaced by pure rage, “You’ve failed Jeanine, and you can’t control me! Nothing you fucking try will work on me, how does that make you feel Jeanine fucking Matthews?!”

Jeanine slaps her again, I curse under my breath as her soft delicate cheek turns bright red. That’s when Y/N begins struggling under the hold of the guards, only to be punched multiple times, I hear her groan, her face is bloody. Why are they putting her through this, just kill her already, I silently beg, wanting to put her out of her misery.

Jeanine then pulls out a large knife, I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore, “What the fuck are you doing Jeanine?! If you’re going to kill her, just do it, fucking shoot her, why the fuck you trying to make her suffer?”

“Is she making you go soft Eric?” Jeanine says in disgust, “Well in that case you’ll love seeing what I do to her.”

She puts the knife to Y/N’s neck, and slowly presses, Y/N lets out a scream, I stare wide-eyed, and Jeanine pulls the knife back before the cut is fatal. My beautiful Y/N lets out a few small whimpers, and I struggle in the grasp of the three guards who are holding me back. Then Jeanine puts the knife to her stomach, slowly breaking through her warm skin, this time she pushes it in all the way, Y/N lets out an agonized scream, and I scream her name, breaking free from the guards and banging on the window.

She turns her bloody face towards me, and one last time painfully mouths, ‘I love you.’

“No! Fuck No!” I scream banging on the window as her head falls, all signs of life leaving her body, “Y/N!”

Jeanine unlocks the door, “Relax Eric! She was a Divergent; we all know you can do better than that! You’re a Dauntless leader for crying out loud, you have girls lined up for you all over the place!”

I look away from Jeanine, and towards in room, she’s gone, she’s fucking gone forever. Jeanine squeezes my shoulder and walks away with her guards. I build up the courage to walk into the lab and I lock the door behind me. Y/N’s cold, limp body still lies in the chair, I can’t hold it in anymore, and I collapse to my knees and sob, “Y/N?” I call shaking her, I know this is useless but I can’t stop myself, “Y/N? Get up baby! Let’s leave this place! W-we can run away, we’ll go outside the fence, no one will ever find us, and we can live our own happy lives. Come on Y/N please! Please?”

That’s when I noticed a little piece of paper sticking out of her pocket, I remember when she told me she had a surprise for me, and then she started reaching into her pocket, she never got to tell me, I pull out the note with shaking hands, what I see on the inside makes me sob even harder:

I didn’t have enough courage to say it, so I wrote it. Eric, I’m pregnant!

I stand up dropping the note; the last thing I remember before blacking out is punching the wall countless times.

When I wake up the next morning there is a hole in the wall beside me, my fist is scabbed over and covered in dried blood. Y/N’s body is gone, and the pool of her blood has been cleaned up, a wave of hope goes through me as I realize that it was all a dream.

But then I see the note, sitting on the ground, I read it once again letting in sink in, Y/N, the girl I loved so much, is dead, I never even got to tell her how much I really loved her. The baby, my baby, is also gone. I feel numb, as I shove the note into my pocket. Today is the day I’m supposed to go to Candor to capture any of the Divergents there.

Tobias holds the gun to my head. I was captured by the Dauntless at Candor when I tried to take Tris away. Their plan now, was to execute me.

I straighten up in the chair and put my hands on the armrests.

Tobias holds his gun out from his left shoulder.

“Eric,” he says, “be brave.” Today is the day I became truly Dauntless. Today is the day I got rid of all my fears, because today I am not afraid of death itself. Today I became fearless.

Tobias squeezes the trigger.

I shut my eyes as a piercing pain goes through my head. But suddenly it’s gone. Everything is gone. Every pain I’ve ever felt has left me, I open my eyes and I see her. Y/N.

She has a stunning smile on her face, and is dressed in all white, I’ve never seen her in anything but black, she looks gorgeous. She raises her eyebrows at me and puts out her hand. I get up and take it; I finally notice the tiny bundle of cloth in her arm is a small child.

Y/N looks up at me and says, “She ours. Our baby girl.”

I smile widely. Finally, I feel truly happy.  

A/N: Sorry it was so long and sad, but I hope you like it! 

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