An AU where Beth and Zach are casually dating in college. He’s always raving about how cool his uncle is, so even though they aren’t serious she goes home with him one weekend to visit him. She loves Uncle Aaron and his husband; but she can’t help being distracted by the man that’s been crashing on their couch since his brother got sent to prison.


For: @ relientsk

This is a part 2 for this imagine.

Imagine: Eric punishing you for your sassy remarks towards him.

You walk towards the infirmary thinking, ‘Eric is such a fucking dick! Who does he think he is throwing a knife at me, I didn’t even do anything wrong!’

You expect him to follow you, you sassed him and walked out without being dismissed, after all, but he doesn’t. You go into the infirmary and they bandage your wound. You sit in there for a while, not really wanting to go back to the dorms, you’d much rather be alone, until the nurse comes back in.

“Someone told me to give this to you,” She hands you a note, and you raise your eyebrows in question, “I can’t tell you who it was honey. Sorry.”

She leaves the room and you turn the note over in your hands a few times until finally opening it:

Meet me by the Chasm, tonight at midnight. If you don’t show up, I promise, you will regret it.

You put the note into your pocket, confused, and decide that you are going to go for a walk before dinner. You walk around the dark, empty hallways of the compound until your feet get tired, you decide to sit down and take a break. Before you know it, you fall asleep, you jolt awake and check your watch, 11:47pm. You quickly get to your feet, it’s not the first time you fell asleep in these hallways, so you know your way around quite well. You pull the note out again, and though you know it may be dangerous to go to the chasm this late at night, you let your curiosity get the best of you and make your way towards the sound of the rushing water.

You see a tall, muscular figure standing with his back turned towards you on the middle of the bridge. By the looks of it, he must be a lot stronger that you, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea; you turn to leave before he sees you.

“Stop Y/N!” You whip your head back but he still has his back turned to you, how did he see me? “Don’t be afraid.”

The moment he says this, you recognise his voice, Eric. You turn back around and make your way towards him confidently; he can only hurt me if I let him.

“What do you want Eric?”

“You sure have a lot of confidence in you, don’t you initiate? Do you actually think you can talk to me like that?”

“Actually, I can talk to anybody however I want, I have the ability to say anything. As an ex-Erudite, you should know that almost everybody develops the ability to speak at the age of 1 or 2 years old,” He’s going to kill you, but you might as well get some sassy comments in there before dying.

He grips your bandaged arm and you wince in pain, he suddenly twists you around and holds you over the edge of the chasm, you let out a little shriek, “Eric!”

“Where’d your confidence go now honey?” He smirks, clearly amused.

You harden your expression, trying not to look scared at the fact that only the balls of your feet were resting on the edge on the bridge.

“Not afraid huh?” He asks mockingly.

“Not at all,” You spit right back; no way in hell would you let him find out that you are afraid of heights.

“Oh really?” He pushes you further, to the point where you feet are no longer on the ledge, and the only thing preventing you from falling to your death is Eric’s grip on your wrist.

If you don’t swallow your pride now, the next thing you’ll be swallowing will be chasm water, so you give up and whimper, “Eric! P-please stop! Please!”

His smirk widens into a grin, goddamn he sure is sexy, here you are hanging from your death, yet you can’t stop thinking about how hot Eric is.

“Is that all you’ve got sweetheart?” He says, he waits another moment, and then pulls you up. You stand next to him, your shaking legs almost collapse beneath you as he lets you go, and you quickly grip the front of Eric’s shirt, and once again he smirks at you and chuckles.

“You know Y/N,” he says quietly, “just between the two of us, I kind of like your confidence; it’s actually impressive that instead of shaking in your boots when you see me, you make sassy remarks.”

You just stare up into his cold grey eyes, surprised that he was actually kind of complimenting you, you don’t say anything so he steps closer and continues, “Honestly, I don’t know whether you’re extremely brave or extremely stupid, but either way, it’s extremely sexy.”

Thank God it’s dark down here, so he can’t see you blush. He glides his hand from your wrist up to your arm, you gasp as he touches the cut. He looks down at the bandages, and back into your eyes, he then whispers something you would have never expected him to say, “I’m sorry Y/N.”

Instead of accepting his apology like any normal person would have, you question it, “Why?”

He steps even closer so that your faces are almost touching, “Because I like you.”

He then closes the gap between the two of you, pressing his lips to yours, you gasp and he chuckles against your lips.

Training will sure be different from now on.  


For: Anon

Imagine: Eric proposing to you while the two of you were training together.

“Y/N, do you wanna come work out with me?” Eric, your boyfriend of five years, asks you.

“At the gym?” You ask.

“No, we’re going to the training room for a private training session,” He says wiggling his eyebrows.

You giggle remembering all the private training session he gave to during your initiation. You are a year younger than Eric is so he was one of your trainers, “The training room?”

“Yup, the initiates have a day off today, so the training room will be empty.”

Your eyes fill with excitement; this was the first year that you and Eric weren’t training initiates, so you hadn’t been in the training room for months.

The two of you walk into the room hand in hand, and you smile to yourself. This place may just seem like a sweaty old gym used to torture children during their initiation, but to you it was much more than that. This was the place where you spent countless evenings receiving private training lessons from Eric, the place where you and Eric shared your first kiss, the place where Eric first told you that he loved you, and it held many other memories between the two of you as well. You had really missed this place.

“Well where do you want to start?” Eric asks interrupting your thoughts.

“I don’t know punching bags I guess.”

“Go get started I’ll join you in just a second,” You walk towards the bags, then look back at Eric, you notice him locking the door to the training room.

“Was it really necessary to lock the door Eric?” You ask once he joins you.

“I didn’t want anyone to interrupt us,” he shrugs.

You shake your head and laugh, turning back to your bag.

After spending some time at the punching bag, Eric turns to you, “Do you want to spar?”

“You know I’ll beat you so why bother trying?” You smirk.

“Is that a challenge?”

“Maybe it is.”

“Oh you’re on bitch!”

You get into position and Eric throws the first punch, you instantly block it. You then kick him in the stomach and he stumbles back, you attempt to jab his face but he grabs your fist, twisting your arm behind your back, you struggle in his grip and he lets out a laugh. You kick back at him, but fail, gently hitting his shin, he continues laughing at you. He uses his grasp on your wrist to spin you around and press you up against a wall.

You narrow your eyes at him, using your free hand to uppercut his jaw, but he dodges it. Suddenly the lights go out in the training room and it is pitch black. You can’t see anything, not even Eric who is standing directly in front of you. You feel him releasing your wrist and then there is silence.

“Eric?” No answer.

“Hello? Eric, where are you?” Nothing.

You suddenly feel worried as you walk around trying to find him; he has to be here, where else would he go?

The only noise in the room is the sound of your shallow breathes, until you hear the faint sound of music, you whip your head around trying to figure out where it was coming from.

Little by little, the music gets louder until finally you realize that it is your favourite love song. The lights turn back on, and you feel a tap on your shoulder, you turn your head and see Eric standing behind you. Your eyebrows furrow in confusion and just as you’re about to question him he puts a finger to your lips, shushing you.

“Let me do the talking,” He grabs both your hands in his, “Y/N, I love you, I love you more than anything in the world, more than anything I’ve ever loved before. You are my whole world, you make me want to be a better person, you bring out the best in me and I want you to be mine forever. I wanted to ask you something Y/N, and I thought what better place to ask you than where it all started.”

You stare at him wide-eyed as he gets down on one knee and pulls a small box out of his pocket, “Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”

You let the tears pour down your face and nod; he slips the gorgeous ring on your finger, stands up, and kisses you. At this moment, every worry, every problem in the world slips away, you are happier than you’ve ever been before, and you know that Eric will do anything he can to keep it this way.