For: Anon

Imagine: Finding out that you are pregnant with Eric’s child and being scared to tell him.

You stand in the training room alongside Four and your boyfriend, Eric. As a trainer, it was your responsibility to show the initiates how to spar, however you felt sick to your stomach today. Should I tell Eric? Nah, I’ll be fine. 

“Y/N and I will be showing you some new fighting techniques today,” Eric announces to the initiates. The two of you transferred to Dauntless together, you were from Candor, he was from Dauntless, on the first day of initiation you had gone through your fear landscapes, you and Eric were the only ones in the dorm room, and he had comforted you. You two became fast friends and had started dating soon after; you’ve been together for almost six years now and are absolutely inseparable.

You step into the mat alongside Eric and he looks at you muttering, “The initiates are so annoying, I fucking hate kids.”

You roll your eyes and tell him to start. After demonstrating a few different techniques to the initiates you start to feel dizzy, Eric goes in for a punch and you clutch you mouth gagging, he steps back and you run out of the training room. 

“Y/N!” Eric calls after you, his voice laced with concern. 

You quickly find the washroom and shut the door behind you, throwing up in the toilet, you don’t hear the door opening, but when you feel someone grabbing your hair and rubbing your back, you instantly know that it’s Eric. 

You step away from the toilet, flushing and rinse out your mouth to get rid of the taste of vomit. 

“Are you alright baby?” Eric asks, his eyes filled with worry. 

You absentmindedly nod knowing that you should tell him that this has been happening for the past week. But you dread thinking about what the meaning of this might be. 

“-okay?” You finally hear Eric say. 

“Huh?” You look at him. 

“We’re you even listening to a word I said Y/N?” Eric asks, you look down at your hands, “of course you weren’t, what’s gotten into you Y/N? Lately you’ve been acting so distant, if there’s a problem you can tell me baby, if I did something wrong get angry, yell at me, but don’t distance yourself like this.”

“It’s nothing like that Eric, I’ve just been really tired lately, and I think I might just be getting a fever or something, I’ll go to the infirmary later today.” You lie. 

Eric sees right through the you, but just says, “Alright Y/N, go home and rest, Four and I can take care of the initiates for the rest of the day." 

You wait for Eric to go back into the training room before walking towards the pit; you go into one of the drugstores, buy a pregnancy test, and walk back to yours and Eric’s shared apartment. 

You go into the washroom and put the test to use. You sit on the washroom floor waiting for the result. 

You wait for a few minutes and finally build up the courage to look at it; you see a little plus sign on the screen. Fuck. The result is positive, this can’t be happening, how will you ever tell Eric? 

You sit on the couch, Eric words from earlier today replay in your mind, ‘I fucking hate kids.’ This wasn’t the first time he had admitted something like this to you, you knew how much he disliked kids. Your lip begins to quiver at you let out a whimper, wrapping your arms around your stomach. You can’t help but wonder, what if Eric leaves you, or worse yet, what if he makes you get rid of the child. Maybe I shouldn’t tell him. No, he is the father, he has the right to know, and I have to tell him. Come on Y/N, you’re Dauntless, stop being so scared.

You continue crying until you hear the doorknob rattle, Eric was home. Shit. You quickly wipe your tears, take a deep breath, and go into the bedroom.

“Y/N I’m home!” Eric calls out, you don’t respond, knowing that your voice will betray you, “Y/N?”

You hear Eric’s footsteps coming closer, and he enters the room, “Y/N? Are you okay? Why weren’t you responding to me baby?”

“Eric I-” your voice breaks and you can’t continue.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Eric almost looks scared.

You force yourself to look him in the eyes, and knowing that you will not be able to answer him, you hand him the test. He looks confused at first, but realization soon strikes his face.

“You’re pregnant…” He says in shock. He’s not happy, fuck he is not happy.

“Pleasedon’tbemadatme,ifyouwantmetoleavethenIwill,I’msorry!” You say quickly.


You take a deep breath, “No Eric, i-it’s okay, really, I know how much you hate kids, but I’m not getting rid of my child, if you don’t want it then I’ll leave!”


“I’m serious Eric, you won’t have to take any responsibility for it, I won’t even tell it that you are its father after it is born, you jus-” Eric presses his lips against yours to shut you up, stare at him with wide eyes as he pulls back.

“You just never shut up do you,” He says.

“Wait, so you’re not upset?” You ask hopefully.

“Did I say that?” His expression hardens and your heart sinks, “Of course I’m upset Y/N.”

You look away from him and try to keep yourself from crying.

“I’m upset that you thought I would leave you. I’m upset that you were afraid to tell me any of this. I’m upset that you didn’t want to tell me that I-I’m going to be a dad,” You look up at him and his face breaks out into a grin. He grabs your shoulders and shakes you happily, “I’m going to be a dad Y/N, a dad!”

You wrap your arms around him and he lifts you up in his arms bridal style, spinning you around, “We’re going to be parents Y/N, I can’t believe this! Fuck I can’t believe this, I’m so fucking happy right now.”

He puts you down and kisses you passionately, “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you more Eric.”

Eric kneels down and kisses your stomach, “and I love you most!”

Normally Weird Chapter 2 : 3 Words

Since he has a longer torso for a tall guy, my sight directed right away on his broad shoulders, I tried to raise my head a little bit and saw him staring at me. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know if any word can even make someone comprehend his visual perfection.

His flawless jawline, his naturally contoured cheek bones obviously made me want to think that he is one of those detailed carved statues that came to life and escaped from the museum. I am running out of oxygen. His pebble like eyes were still focused on me and his sharp nose line spoke enough elegance for my heart to stop beating. The influx of his manliness is too much to handle for a normal human like me. I’m so scared to death since I might embarrass myself anytime in front of him, I was completely out of my league.

He looks like he wanted to say something. His lips were trembling and kept on avoiding to speak by means of biting them with his dazzling white teeth. I can’t help him. I am so dazed with his presence. I just want to evaporate. He is too much.

Please do not.” He whispered. 

That was his first sentence and with three words I made my mind. Hearing his husky voice made me go back to reality. I can’t handle something like him. I can’t fry myself with my own oil. I need to unsee him while I still have a chance. Yes, I meant to swap! I WILL.

I aimed to raise my hand. My muscles are already trembling ever since I saw him. Everything started so intense. I don’t want to be in this uncomfortable situation anymore. I will make a way.

He grabbed my hand before I can even move a single flesh. I froze in fear for no reason. He was holding my hand tight and was quivering at the same time. It looked like he was as nervous as me. His palm was sweaty cold but he didn’t care – he didn’t let me go.

We just looked at each other with strain. I looked outside the window to distract myself and tried to pull off my hand from his grasp. He doesn’t have any plans of cooperating at all. No matter how hard I try, he sat there calmly with a poker face while clinging on my hand. I gave up and he released me when he felt my muscles relaxed on its own.

I suddenly realized that his hands were not cold and sweaty. It was mine which was cold, his was warm and the moment our skins collided, moisture began to fill our pores. I immediately felt cold, the familiarity of his warmth change my mind. They say that people with warm hands, also have warm hearts.

Maybe I am just too paranoid that is why I am overreacting. For the first time in forever I’ve never been completely taken by someone until today – an effortless stranger surged this unknown calamity in my chest. His gaze made my heart skip its normal jumping routine, this is madness.

The facilitators started to walk along the aisle and collected all of our mobile devices. WOW – this is indeed a serious retreat. I thought they wouldn’t be this strict since we are all adults now. They offered each pair two other items; an mp3 player and a digital camera to share. This kind of concept, I have underestimated the organizers.

Mr. 216 took it politely from the coordinator. I was surprised when he turned towards me so that I can choose what to have. My first impulse was to get the mp3 player of course. Music is my only escape from reality. My partner excitedly checked the digital camera and leaned close to me as soon as he figured out how to take a picture using it. A surprise selfie – he is really unreadable.

I am positive that mine will surely look like a messed up mug shot and totally sure that his wacky pose will still look pretty at all angles. He smiles like a child yet gives a very firm and charismatic stance when on poker face. He doesn’t speak that much but I can see that he is very playful. He might have wanted to tell me lots of things and I want to congratulate him from holding back. His gem like eyes communicates a thousand words with every expression that he makes; it is obvious since most of the time he got that blank stare as consistent signature on his face.

 “Speak to each other with the music bank that we gave you and enjoy each other’s silence all throughout the trip.” The proctor said with an excited tone of voice.

“For our whole trip, we wish you to take turns on playing music on the mp3. See it as an opportunity to know each other with the kind of melody that you are into.”

Right after hearing that I checked the device and noticed that the headphones slot was with a splitter. It was meant to be shared from the very start. My mind started to run through the songs that I have been listening to for the rest of the month and figured out that I am too outdated. I tried to scan with the cursor up and down to check for a good song to begin with while Mr. 216 already put his headphones to listen to our first song. This will be a first impression test I guess.

Seeing other pairs not having any issues about it pressed more pressure on me, I instantly became a master on wasting time. Our vehicle started to leave the location and here I am still stuck on the foreign playlist. He’s watching me while I am starting to get upset. I saw him waving his hand towards me on my peripheral vision and looked at him like a helpless kid. He gave me a signal saying - “Let me try first?”

I gave it to him right away in shame. While I am still sulking and sighing with embarrassment, our earphones started to blast with bad ass groovy hip hop songs. It was a total eargasm. I looked at him for the first time with my genuine intent to praise him. I like his style. I listened closely to the lyrics and all have deep and meaningful messages. I can’t hide that I am impressed with his taste of song.

The first song ended and he gave the player to me right away. I gave up with my preference and allowed him to take the lead instead; I shook my head while smiling at him. He understood it right away and he enthusiastically lined up the next songs.

to be continued..