Enchanted feels

No but the reason Robert x Giselle are so shippable is that they both learn so much from each other. 

Robert was always too serious and was so invested into reality he never had fun.

Giselle was always too dreamlike and was so invested in her fantasy world and happily ever after that she never knew the joys and sorrows of “reality” or genuine emotions. 

Robert taught Giselle reality, and Giselle taught Robert how to believe in magic and happy endings.

And the end result is a couple who live a realistic and well adjusted life together while still carrying out their personal fairytale, enjoying the best of both worlds. Robert and Giselle are the personification of fairytales becoming reality.


I knew she was going to kill it. Just from talking to her I knew that she was really ready to step up. And there’s nothing better a director can have than somebody who’s very eager…Amy’s very fierce. Amy has that fierceness in her, but she also brings a great deal of emotion in her eyes. So you have that great cocktail that I find so interesting, of the two. - David O'Russell on Amy Adams