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I don't know if you still take requests for the colour palette challenge as you reblogged the post but your blog still says that requests are closed, but just in case maybe Merlin & Arthur in castle in the sky ? If your requests are closed I'm SO SORRY (also I love your art and you encourage me to keep practicing mine so thank you a lot)


Palette challenge sheet

Requests are now closed thanks!

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All he’s ever dreamt of is the freedom to be who he is unapologetically without fear of persecution but never once did Merlin think he’d be caught up in the midst of all the chaos himself. The city has introduced him to a whole network of others just like him: sorcerers & creatures of magic that know him, if not personally then for his prestige. His influence is only beginning to grow– And Merlin is ambitious enough to take it all in stride.

“Everything is so full of life. Every tree, every leaf… every insect. It’s as if the world is vibrating. As if everything is much more than itself.”
The characters as the four seasons of the year: Merlin as autumn, Arthur as summer, Morgana as winter and Guinevere as spring.