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So I just got done talking with my mom. We have enough to pay our rent after the money I got from my temporary disability (she thinks…she has a charge card with Kohl’s and they’ve suddenly started simply taking the money for her bill out of my mom’s bank account so if they do that this month we’re screwed), and while that includes our water bill that does not include our electricity bill, which is $45. On top of that we have to pay renter’s insurance for our apartment, which is tied into my mother’s car insurance, and all that comes out to $50 and is due in a week, and I just found out that if I want to reapply for food stamps (since I have heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about them since I turned in my SAR-7 form late and still don’t have them) I need to have a valid California state ID, and since mine expired in January of this year this means I need $28 for that before I can figure out what to do about food (because we literally have so little food in our pantry and fridge it’s not funny…I spent rent money on the bare necessities and only managed to get some chicken, a dozen and a half eggs, milk, bread and some creamer because I’m dying without coffee, and that came out to nearly $20 which had me crying because we so couldn’t afford it).

So once again, the offer is going out for fic. As you guys who follow my blog know, I’m currently laptopless BUT hopefully that will change this week (my friend sent me a laptop charger that we’re 99% sure should work and it might already be at my home today…we hope) and in the meantime I do have access to a community college library at least until the 12th, which is when my bus pass expires (which is $42 to renew but I’ll worry about that later). So this is what I’m offering for reblogs and donations:

Reblogs: 1K - 2K fics, any fandom/character(s)/pairing(s) 
$5 - $50 Donation: 3K - 5K fics, any fandom/character(s)/pairing(s)
$51 - $100 Donation: 7K - 10K fics, any fandom/character(s)/pairing(s) 
$101+ Donation: 25K and up fics, any fandom/character(s)/pairing(s)

I primarily write Sherlock (and in that, primarily Sherlolly) but I am willing to write any non-incest ship for that show, as well as gen/friendship stuff. I’m caught up on he entire run of the series. Other fandoms I have crossed over with Sherlock in the past and will either cross over with again or write on their own are Star Trek (Alternate Original Series), Elementary, Doctor Who and Supernatural (though my knowledge of that show is rather spotty). I will also attempt Marvel within my canon knowledge limits. If you have any questions on what I can comfortably write just send me an ask and I’ll let you know.

We have an ongoing Fundrazr here that you can donate to. If you want a fic, let me know what you donated or if you reblogged and send me an ask with your prompt and (if you have one) your AO3 username. I have a bunch of prompts in my ask but if it’s a donation prompt it will get priority.

The Story of My Life (The Old Regrets Never Die Remix)

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by Anonymous

It’s possible that Jem would have been killed whether I was there to complicate Le Millieu’s plans or not. (I’ll never know if Aaron Colville would have lived (and the women his mother killed, after) if another doctor had stood up to Fleming.) It still stands that he’s now the last person who died because of me. I don’t even know his full name.

Words: 800, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Watson was born on a Wednesday

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by NairobiWonders

A series of small fics based on daily prompts as part of the Watson’s Woes series.
July 1st prompt - “tempting fate”

Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go;
~ Old Mother Goose rhyme

Joan was born on a Wednesday but her life is not all woe.
Sherlock was born on a Thursday, he still has miles to go.

Words: 628, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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John Noble will star as Sherlock Holmes’ wealthy, estranged father when he joins the cast of Elementary as a series regular in the fall. The character has been referenced in past seasons as being instrumental in Sherlock’s first stint in rehab three years ago and in pairing his son with Joan Watson, his former sober companion, now his current investigative partner and friend.

“We could not be more delighted to have John Noble taking on such an important role,” said Robert Doherty, Series Creator and Executive Producer of Elementary. “We’ve enjoyed his work for many years now – especially his tremendous run on ‘Fringe’ – and cannot wait to see him opposite Jonny and Lucy. It’s going to be an exciting season.”

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