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Today on every day sexism in Inquisition: Cullen has it worse.

Look, I get it. Cullen works. A lot. He sleeps right above his office.

But why is it implied that he works more than Leliana or Josephine when we have official statements about Josephine being able to be productive without a large amount of sleep? Leliana has her spies out in the world 24/7. Nobody can tell me that she’s got any free time at all. Nobody can tell me that these two women work any less than Cullen does, nor that they are under less pressure.

And Cullen is the overworked one? The only overworked one?

This reminds me of the plenty stories I hear from women about their boyfriends getting sick the moment their girlfriend so much as sneezes in the same room. It reminds me of guys fainting and being coddled by doctors while their girlfriend/ wife is giving birth.

It reminds me that any work a woman does, she has to perform with grace and without letting show how much it strains her. It reminds me that we’re supposed to believe that men are the ones doing the real work, down to earth, hard labor. Their work is worth more. Their work is more stressful. Their work is more draining and requires more compromise. 

The writers decided that Josephine always smiles. The writers decided that we need to feel bad for Cullen. The writers decided to point out on several occasions that Cullen doesn’t stop working when it’s pretty clear that Leliana and Josphine don’t, either.