So I wrote a Dongwoo oneshot and yeah

It’s choppy as hell but aye here it is

please enjoy


“Hey, did you hear? We’re supposed to be getting that exchange student from Korea today.”

“Oh! I think I saw him in the hallway today when I came in this morning!”

“A boy?!”

“Yes! And he is sooooooo cute!  I wonder if he knows English.”

“Of course he does. How else do you think he was able to even come here?”

“Ohhh, I bet he has a sexy accent~”

Sighing softly under your breath, you pressed your fingers into your ears to try and tune out the chattering girls sitting behind you in your first period class, which has yet to start.  It seemed like that everyone but you were excited for this new exchange student coming to your school today.  Sure, it’s interesting to have someone from another country around, but it wasn’t really a big deal.

Hearing the door to the classroom open, you lifted your head up to see your teacher walking into the classroom, followed by an unfamiliar looking boy.  He was tall, with short black hair and light skin and when he turned to face the class, it was all it took not for you to choke on your breath.

The girls sitting behind you were wrong.  He wasn’t cute, he was gorgeous.

“Oh God, do you see his lips?” One girl whispered behind you and you had to force yourself to look away from his face.  Yes, you’ve seen them alright.  They looked so plump and luscious, you just wanted to bite them.

“Alright class.  As you all probably know, today is the day where we get to meet our exchange student from South Korea.  He is going to finish the rest of the year with you, so I do hope that you welcome him and treat him with respect.”  Smiling to the boy, the teacher patted his shoulder and nodded to him.  “Would you like to introduce yourself?”

Obviously getting a bit flustered, the boy nodded his head.  “Ah, de…” he muttered before he straightened up a bit before bowing.  Hearing snickering to your left, you turned your head and glared at the boy who was snickering, though catching your glare, he immediately shut up and you faced to the front of the class again.

“Hello.  My name is J– Dongwoo Jang.  I a-am very happy to be here.  Please treat me well,” he finished off with a small smile, causing a few deep sighs to be heard from some of the female students.  You shook your head at them.  He’s going to become quite popular really fast.

“Thank you so much Dongwoo.  Now, why do you have a seat…”  The teacher trailed off and she looked around for an empty desk for Dongwoo to sit in.  “Ah! Please sit next to _____.  Raise your hand, _____.”

Blinking a few times, you raised your hand as Dongwoo bowed to the teacher before he moved to sit at the desk to your right.  After sitting down, he turned his head and smiled at you, nodding his head.  You returned the smile with one of your own before facing the front again as the teacher started her lesson.

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