Sungkyu - Radio Star "Comeback?"

Towards the end of the show, the MCs asked Sungkyu how he felt as a special MC along with the question of “When will Infinite come back?” Sungkyu hesitated for a second, then replied and said “Let us negotiate our contracts first…it’s contract renewal season….” and “our contracts finished last week”.

Yoon Jong Shin, hearing this said, “You should do a solo” and Sungkyu replied that he has “already done two solos” and “that [they] will come back with a good album”.

[t/n: parts of article was omitted; also. the last sentence was vaguely written so it wasn’t clear if it meant for himself or as a group. but im putting it as group bc thats what was more hinted towards]

((also t/n: #woollimimwaiting #suspensekillingme))


seven years with infinite

these seven years have been an incredible journey. I know that no matter what may come in the future, you all have so much more in store for us, whether it be as infinite or as your individual selves. one thing thing is for sure though, and it’s that I will believe in you no matter what.


#7YearsWithInfinite - Current Milestone

Happy Anniversary! I am not here since the beginning, only discovering this wonderful group in 2013 after only knowing the name of “Infinite” before, not the group itself. I am not sure how long you will be together, how long you will stay on this current path, but despite all of that I am still very grateful for your existence, grateful for the joy you have given me, grateful for all the things you have inspired me to be. It has been four years, and I don’t regret becoming a fan of you, and probably will ever regret it. The future is uncertain for all of us, but I hope every member will only walk on a flowery road from now on.