Houses as Crybaby Songs

Hufflepuff- Crybaby, Training Wheels and Pacify Her

Ravenclaw- Alphabet Boy, Mad Hatter and Play date

Slytherin- Mrs Potatoe Head, Dollhouse, and Tag, You’re it 

Gryffindor- Pity Party, Sippy Cup and Carousel


Sunday Fried Chicken Dinner by MurderWithMirrors
Via Flickr:
Making food out of clay in 1/18 scale is HARD, :-)


Another very long long post, but I’d thought I’d make one last round-up of Dichen quotes at Survival Con this weekend for everyone who couldn’t be there. She talked about Supergirl, Dollhouse, her movie Lust For Love, Too Late, her upcoming netflix show Altered Carbon (airing February 2018), and life & acting in general.

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