LESSON 2: Mahalaga ang dila.

1. Ang dila ay tumutulong para tayo ay makapanlasa ng ating kinakain.

2. Ang dila ay tumutulong para makalaban tayo sa ating mga kaaway.

3. Ang dila ay tumutulong para tayo ay makapagpacute.

4. Ang dila ay tumutulong makapagexpress ng kalerqui-han.


5. Ang dila ay tumutulong sa ating ikaanim na buhay.


Im sure u guys have a best friend, like a very best friend since ure in kindergarten or out from ur mom’s tummy haha :D well, i have 5 best friends on high school.. they’re dila, edith, george, saraa, and riku .. and now, im going to talk about george :) yesterday we went back from college together and talked about lots of things .. just like days before, we always have things to talk and laugh .. and its only because of a very small thing .. we reminiscing our old days in high school, how silly we were .. watch movie, karaoke, go to the amusement park with no money, trapped on the multi level marketing, skipped college then hang out or go to my house :D well, common stuffs but too worth it for me :) george is more than just a best friend .. he knows almost everything about me ..