“You were a cosmic lover and we were dancing with God on the edge of the universe. We decided not to die. Innocence lost within the sheets and the silence and the skin. Nights in the city where roses bled through gates. Bodies, all over, arms and pillows and hair and silence. I was born somewhere in between your hands and the calm. Whiskey and honey, french perfume, lengthened silence, depth, space, your eyelids. Silences, your mouth, your lips, and I was reborn. Broken silence for you. Moments of light and the belief in possibility. Existence a priori. I found myself sacrificing my self-preservation. I gave my God away. Existence a posteriori. Silence with an end as the result of trusting my faith in the callused hand of a false deity. I hope you’ll be a better boy, my friend.”

June 29th 2015

Today was a month since my last self harm. Im so proud of myself omg.
Its been absolutely boiling today so i decided to have a haircut to allow my head have less heat. I caught the sun on only half of one arm which is stupid but yeah.
I went to choir today as the concert is Saturday. I then went for a walk and sat in a field to catch up with a friend:)
Today’s been good!

I would willingly consent to sacrifice everything for the one I loved, but I would never want to exist through him—the sentimental blackmail which pushes women to see in the one they love someone designated to carry the burden which they are too weak to bear…The truest love is expressed by Goethe: “I love you, is it any of your concern?”
—  Simone de Beauvoir, from a diary entry

Gone and done had a babbu.

Had my mum in overnight to finish knitting the blanket for me because I was considerably incapacitated.

Anyway, this is the other thing I’ve been making all year.

Meet Ezra.

I am convinced 5 o'clock in the morning is a gift given to those who are lucky or cursed enough to wake up at such an hour and actually have the time to notice the world around them.
I couldn’t tell you if its the cool air, the stillness of the world, the feeling of being alone yet not completely alone, the mixed hues or a combination of all 5. Whatever it is there’s nothing like it. It’s not like the evening when the sun is setting and everyone is settling down for the night. It’s much more erie than that. Most people worry about walking alone in the evenings but not so much very early in the morning as if everything is a little safer even though the may not be the case. It’s being awaken by the freshness of new possibilities and chances. It’s listening to quietness you didn’t even know existed; it’s different because not very many people are up at this hour and those who are are getting ready for work in a haze of sleepiness or quietly going about their business as to not wake the neighbor or someone else in the house. It’s more careful than evening time. If you are trying to find peace and you just can’t seem to find it.. Waking up earlier than the rest of the world can give you that - guaranteed.


Theme:  Odette’s Diary

Artist:  Lulladie

*Gotta work on making it loopable*  

This is just an idea at the moment, but I was thinking of having each character’s diaries have “Theme songs” for each one while you read entries.  This one would be Odette’s.

aiuto. non riesco a visitare il mio tumblr!
appena provo a scrollare la pagina, mi dice ‘errore’ e me la ricarica dall’inizio :(
quindi, domanda:
ma a voi riuscite a viaggiare sulla pagina tumblr o vi da lo stesso problema? 

리퍼 받아서 기분 좋은 다음 날 텀블러는 여전히 헷갈리는 면이 있고 결론적으로 엉덩이

 어제 배터리 팽창 현상 때문에 이 년 반 된 아이폰5를 무상 리퍼 받았다. 기분이 좋다. 다음 세대 아이폰, 어쩌면 그다음 세대 아이폰까지도 기다릴 수 있을 것 같다. 복원 후 바탕화면에 난장판으로 쏟아져 나온 어플 중에서 텀블러를 눌러봤는데 열리자마자 꺼졌다. 복원하면서 뭔가 엉켰나? 그런데 J가 자기도 그런다더라. 그래서 다들 그런가 보다 했다. 하루를 그러다가 방금 업데이트 이후 제대로 열리기 시작한다. 애교 있게 크래쉬 현상을 줄였다고 업데이트 내역에 써놓았더라. 귀여운 것들. 그리고 들어오자마자 네 번 정도 리블로그되며 확장 중인 포스트 하나가 보였다. 리블로그 포스트에 하트를 찍는 건 아직도 헷갈린다. 가장 최근 포스트에 하트를 남기고 그다음 포스트에도 하트를 남기려니까 보이지도 않던 하트가 깨졌다. 다시 하트를 보냈다. 모르겠다. 텀블러는 여전히 아리송하다. 그리고는 글의 내용과는 전혀 상관없이 힙하다는 건 무엇일까 궁금해졌다. 지금껏 만난 여자들 전부 내 엉덩이가 예쁘다고 극찬을 했는데, 그럼 난 힙한 걸까.