Something I really loved about BvS is something I think a lot of people really didn’t like about it.

The fight between Batman and Superman was not fun to watch.

It was a well choreographed scene. The actors were impressive. The cinematography was great, but this wasn’t a fight scene that made you go “Hell yeah!” or “Oh, that’s gotta hurt!” or anything like that. There were a couple of kind of fun moments, like when Supes gets his strength back, but overall, this fight was brutal to watch.

For a superhero movie, this fight seemed oddly realistic. I really felt like I was watching these guys beat the hell out of each other, and that’s not fun. Sometimes, the fights between the good guys (as has happened in many movies) are meant to be fun scenes. This was so not the case in Batman v Superman. You really got the sense that Bruce was trying to kill Clark, and that Clark was scared and in pain and it was sad.

These shots of Clark in the fight speak for themselves.

He’s in pain when he’s never felt pain before, and as the audience, we know that Clark is not a bad person, and it’s heartbreaking to see him brought so low. There is no fun to be had in watching Bruce beat him up.

And on the other end, Bruce is SO ANGRY in this fight. He never makes a smart ass comment, joke, or anything like that. He’s telling Clark exactly what he thinks of him, and we see this rage that has been building for the whole movie come out of him and that, in a way, is just as heartbreaking as seeing Clark get hurt.

Bruce has been bent to his breaking point in this scene, and he’s taking it all out on Clark, thinking he’s the cause of all of it.

This fight was not fun, no matter who you were cheering for. It was the scene everyone was waiting for in this movie, and I was completely shocked that they chose to portray it in this way. This was not a fun “the heroes have a disagreement and throw a few punches for audience pleasure” scene. It was brutal, raw, and almost too real for a superhero movie.
Retailers Complain About Collapsing Marvel And DC Sales - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News
"The most disturbing trend involves established readers who have sufficient disposable income that they can afford to buy what they like to read. A significant portion of these readers are trimming their title lists by 50% or more because they don’t enjoy the current output. When a dedicated DC customer who was buying EVERY New 52 title in 2011 and 2012 is now buying no DC titles, or a dedicated Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man/Thor customer has dropped all of these series, it’s troubling."

This is from January, but still very relevant as in-shop sales continue to be pretty abysmal. I was that reader, pulling upwards of 30 books a month 2 and 3 years ago. And that tapered off to zero last year.