She’d done a good job of not letting her emotions take over when there were other people around, which is why she needed moments like this. Moments alone with her own thoughts of the past, and of her family. Thinking of them always left her in despair and sadness, and she wanted to be alone for that, because she couldn’t keep it in. She was still in shock and disbelief, and sometimes would forget that he was dead. His face on his last moments would haunt her for the rest of her life, just like her mother’s.

She was sitting on the edge of the rooftop, looking down at the drop when a comforting thought came to her. How easy it would be to end it all, the suffering.

Dangelo: “You’re not thinking of jumping, are you?”
Nesta: “…What are you doing here?”
Dangelo: “Just taking a moment. You?”
Nesta: “Fresh air…waiting for it to rain and thunder.”
Dangelo: “It’s going to?”
Nesta: *Nods*
Dangelo: “How the hell do you know that?”
Nesta: “It’s not that hard. Can’t you feel the air change?”
Dangelo: “No. Then again, I don’t feel much anything anymore.”
Nesta: …
Dangelo: “Are you still mad at me, Victus?”
Nesta: “I’m mad at everything. How do you know my surname?”
Dangelo: “Saw some papers, and I’ll take that as a yes.”
Nesta: “I don’t even know you.”
Dangelo: “You never talk to me. And when I try, you walk away.”
Nesta: “…Want me to be honest?”
Nesta: “You scare the crap out of me.”


Looking out of the #chimneytree @sequoiakingsnps
Music: #Dangelo & The Vanguard #ReallyLove
. #fbf May 15, 2017 (at Sequoia National Park, California)

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Nesta: Fuck You!
Dangelo: “Woah, okay. Calm down.”
Nesta: Calm down?! Go fuck yourself.”
Dangelo: “It was just a joke!”
Nesta: “Fuck you!”
Dangelo: “…You said that already.”
Nesta: “And I’ll say it again if you won’t shut up. *sniff*
Dangelo: "I’m…sorry. I didn’t realize…shit.”
Nesta: *Gives him the finger*
Dangelo: “Autch.”
Regina: “Good morni-what happened?”
Nesta: “…Nothing.”

Regina: “The hell did you do?”
Dangelo: “…Gave her one of my gorgeous smiles.”
Regina: “You stupid bastard.”

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Speaking of #RoyaltyBrown looks like dad #ChrisBrown @chrisbrownofficial is trying his hand at remaking #DAngelo’s #Untitled

Thoughts?! .

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A gig in 2010 playing feel like makin’ love
D'Angelo version.
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20 years ago today on July 3rd, 1995 D'Angelo released his landmark debut album entitled Brown Sugar. This album created the neo soul blueprint and paved the way for future soul singers to come. Play this one loud today!

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