after 10 trillion years later, I have finally finished a simple task.

anyway, I gonna be printing these as holographic stickers at the end of the month! aaahhh I'm very excited! 

Eventually I will make Bethany, Caver and Sebastien. Maybe male and female hawke??? I’m not a really big fan of the defaults, plus I’m not really sure what class I would draw (maybe them dressed in the red housecoat??) but yeah def gonna be printing these guys ` v`

You ever remember Varric saying “you people have done enough to [Hawke] already” and just wanna sob?

You ever imagine Hawke waking up screaming in the middle of the night from another nightmare that’s mostly memory, and Varric being there to calm them down and bring them back to reality?

Hawke going off the grid and Varric is the only one that manages to keep in touch and know what’s going on

Hawke being so quiet and more responsible than usual and it killing Varric because this is HAWKE they dance drunk on the tables of The Hanged Man, they punch stone golems with no gauntlets on, they sneak a mabari into their fancy hightown manor and get dirty pawprints everywhere, they form big cuddle piles with the whole gang, they certainly DO NOT spend all their time alone and pensive wondering about the fate of the world and their role in it

Hawke volunteers to die in the fade so quickly and for a second Varric sees the possibility of losing his dearest friend not just to some fade monster but…to their own self-loathing and guilt

You ever imagine platonic soul mates Varric and Hawke camping out in the middle of nowhere, Varric telling wild tall tales to make Hawke laugh again for the first time in years?