i think my favorite thing about the dragon age fandom is how oc-centric it is

like i came to this from marvel fandom, where every oc is generally regarded as mary sue, it’s shameful to post a lot about your ocs, and if you have an entire fanfiction dedicated to them it’s like “wow honey self-insert much”

like there wasnt a lot of oc positivity in marvel (and i actually met and made a friend with someone on the basis that they weren’t like everyone else about ocs)

but then there’s the da fandom. everyone has ocs. they’re our babies. we make gif edits for them, we ship them with canon characters, we are so proud of them, we write fanfictions wholly revolving around them and their romances, and we all talk to each other about it! we send each other asks about our ocs, we might make art for each other, we support our friends and their fics!

it’s just really great to see a community that’s as oc-centric as i’ve always wanted

  • Crazy time traveling magister:I will take all of the mages and destroy you
  • Inquisitor:Ahaha yeah we got this. U goin down
  • Giant Hole in the sky:I will destroy everything you love
  • Inquisitor:What was that I can't hear you over me fixing the sky
  • Tainted Magister:I am going to destroy the world
  • Inquisitor:Pft. No prob. you're gon die
  • Dragon:Rawr
  • Inquisitor:Yes well I have an Iron Bull
  • Entirety of Thedas:We are against everything going well and will destroy everything u love
  • Inquisitor:I've got it covered
  • Literal God:How about we kill everyone except the elves
  • Inquisitor:Gdi okay gotta stop that one too
  • An Angry Fenris coming to get his Husband Back:"HAWKE"
  • Inquisitor:Nope. I'm out. Gone. This aint my battle I would like to continue living thanks

So yeah, Orzammar dwarves maybe freaking out about sky and rain and stuff, but has anyone thought about dwarves reaction to..


“By the ancestors, they are everywhere. AND someone told me they grow? So it’s like mushrooms? No? How big are they going to get? So do trees, like, keep the sky up?”
“No, no, trees can’t be the same as wood. Wood is this brown or grey, dead stuff, you know, and we make furniture and axe handles from it. THIS stuff is filled with bugs and these green things and…birds. And you are saying there are areas filled with these trees? And we are going there?”

and then later on you go to Brecilian forest…