February 14, 2016; 10:36pm

Araw ng mga puso, pero wala akong pake dahil sobrang solid ng Deadpool!!! Putangina!!!! Dabest!!! Hahahaha laptrip sa sinehan amputa.

Tapos pag-uwi ko ng bahay… I had a visitor. May dalang bouquet ng roses at chocolates. Tangina ang ganda ko sa part na yun. He waited for 2 hours just to hand it to me. Wews. Yoko na.

Reactionless ako. Hahaha.

what place sells really really cheap clothes? my grandpa just gave me $20 and i know its not gonna buy me an entire new wardrobe but i wanna stretch it as far as possible

aesthetic meme.

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tastes: the macallan 30, arbutus honey, tobacco on his tongue.

smells: creed aventus, remnants of cigarette smoke staining his shirt, expensive leather.

sights: coke lines on a bible, aluminium briefcases of stolen cash, midnight cityscape, flashing neon lights sweeping across a crowded sea of bodies, multiple girls in his arms, red lipstick smudged against tanned skin, clothes strewn all over, morning-afters with god-knows-what-their-name-is in bed.

sounds: wails of those who have been trampled upon by him, his parents’ heavy sighs, the revved engine of his mercedes, noises ( a.k.a @runest’s chattering ), gunshot fired in the air, shot glasses clinking against counter tops, church choir singing to heavy metal, the devil’s applaud drowning out god’s disapproving hum.

sensations: rebellion, adrenaline pumping through veins, a shiver down your spine, electrifying grazes of his fingertips, open-mouthed kisses along your neck, guilty pleasure, blunt nails dug deep into your hips, i.v. coke, heartache, the urge to convert to satanism just to study satan’s work of art.

outfits: monochromatic palette, mainly black, button-up shirts, tailored suits, shorts to showcase his well-groomed leg hair, sandals, calvin klein briefs, luxury bathrobes, silver inverted cross necklace, his dead ex-girlfriend’s platinum ring worn on his thumb.

body: bronzed skin, tall, broad shoulders, toned muscles, a slight hunch, hand almost always in a pocket, a tribal design tattoo on his left hipbone, dark hair, darker eyes, languid gaze, full lips curved to a smirk, a jawline for days. 

Happy Valentines Day!!

u r all my smol valentines and i luv u all v v v mcuh!!! i’m am going to come to every one of u and give u smol kiss n cuddle n then food

*reads esquire interview with adam driver*

im fucking done.

im so fucking jealous of scorpios: my dad, girl in 5th grade who was my best friend and bully at the same time, bunch of other intensely disciplined individuals who exudes magnetic charm i met later on in my life, bunch of inspirational figures, and now this guy.

I want to be a scorpio too, not this headless chicken whose energy is always all over the place. An uncontrollable fire that always accomplishes the opposite of its benevolent intent, that always rapidly burns out and had to be started from nothingness over and over again. 

but those fucking scorpios 

Their drive and tenacity and intensity actually get things done.