Come To My Window | Blaine & Puck

Puck probably should have not flirted with Blaine, and he probably should not have offered hooking up now that Quinn was home, but then again, he never made the wisest decisions, so why start now? He liked Blaine, he missed the guy, and he and Quinn weren’t together anymore. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing wrong in driving over and getting Blaine out of his bastard of a father’s house Rapunzel style.

As Puck drove over to the Anderson place, he tapped his fingers along his steering wheel. He was worried about Blaine and not knowing how he was doing had been slowly driving him insane. Sure, Puck was distracting himself from both his problems with Quinn and whatever the hell happened between him and Blaine, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care. Because he did; care a lot, that is.

Not too long after, Puck parked along a side street, shooting a text to Blaine letting him know he was there. He climbed out of his truck before walking into the Anderson backyard, looking up at the building. It wasn’t like he knew which window led to Blaine’s room–hell, he’d only been in the house once. So he stood there, waiting to see any movement that would alert to Blaine’s great escape.