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The Music Man: In Concert

5/3/15 - Music Hall in Cincinnati, OH

Will Chase, Betsy Wolfe, Pamela Myers, Patricia Linhart, Trent Donk, Ben Biggers,  Allison Edwards, Michael Marotta,Barry Mulholland , Teresa Beschman, Libby McCord, John Morris Russell, Vivien Carmichael, Susan Nemenz, Wilbur Pauley, Erich Buchholz, Eric Edlund, Drew Ochoa.

Note: FInal performance of this condensed version of “The Music Man”. Several things were not in the show such as the Wan Tan Yee girls and the Tommy/Zeeneta storyline, which in my opinion tightened the show and made it move a lot faster. Recorded from the front row, so the quality is wonderful.

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I’m speechless. I don’t have words to describe how amazing this concert was. They were interacting with the audience so much and they sound like angels in real life. I couldn’t believe I was just a few meters away from them. I felt like I could touch them even if I was in the back. It has been almost two hours since I left the concert and I’m still smiling. And the fact that they sang a new song and I was there to listen to it…like I said, I’m speechless. 

I hope every fan has the opportunity to go to their favourite artists’ concerts because it’s really an incredible experience


150425 MADE Tour in Seoul (Day 1) - My Heaven (encore) (Daesung focused)

source: kangdot

God is an Astronaut, Hard Club

ter uma foto “só minha” no meio de apenas 15 que partilharam dum dos melhores concertos a que já fui…é muuuuuuuito <3 <3 <3

podia escrever a minha experiência sobre este concerto, mas vou só partilhar um pensamento.
imaginei-me a dançar com os braços no ar e completamente à vontade mas em maior partes das vezes a timidez inibe-me. imaginei que não tinha ido ao concerto sozinha e que tinha ido com uma amiga minha. essa amiga ia ter o mesmo vibe que eu e iamos começar a dançar juntas com os braços no ar totalmente descontraídas. não sei…só sei que não imagino nenhuma das minhas amigas a fazer isso. o que pode querer dizer que ainda estou para conhecer essa amiga….

sabem quando sentem falta de uma coisa que nunca tiveram? será isso…?