Types as Obscure Coldplay Songs

Sure, you like Clocks and Viva la Vida, but you’re not a true fan unless you know all the words to Your Love Means Everything, Part 2

ESFP- Don Quixote

When the world, when the world just seems
A little bit too cruel
Gonna leave it better
Gonna make one better, yeah!

ENFJ- For You

And the way you seem to float
Circumnavigate in hope
And they seem to lose control
With you

ESFJ- See You Soon

In a bullet-proof vest
With the windows all closed
I’ll be doing my best
I’ll see you soon

ISTP- Sleeping Sun

Running and hiding
Take and dividing
You’ve got your secrets
I’ve only got a sleeping sun

ENTP- The World Turned Upside Down

X is Y, the land, sea, rivers, trees, the stars, the sky
365 degrees, all of the surface and the underneath
[not even Coldplay knows what this line is] ah
And everything under the sun

INTP- Things I Don’t Understand

How infinite is space, and who decides your fate 
Why everything will dissolve into sand.
How to avoid defeat where truth and fiction meet 
Why nothing ever turns out as you planned

ISTJ- No More Keeping My Feet On the Ground

So what? I feel fine, 
I’m OK, I’ve seen the lighter side of life, 
I’m alright, I feel good, 
So I’ll do, well it’s time to stop moving. 

INFJ- Chinese Sleep Chant

Fall asleep
Fall asleep
Sleep satisfied
Sleep satisfied

ENFP- 1.36

On the cloud that you’re sitting
There’s one born every minute
So much to discover
I’ve become a believer

INTJ- A Spell A Rebel Yell

As far as I can see,
All time and circuitry is wrong
As far as poetry,
Sit down and sing to me a song

ISFJ- Animals

Animals we are, disposable, collapsible and raw
In you go into some crowded room, and animals that climb
And they’re climbing over you until you say
“Off you go, off you go”

ESTP- Death Will Never Conquer

If sweet death should ever come for me
Take me down to some place below
If you hear him coming, won’t you set me free
Let me go boys, let me go

INFP- I Bloom Blaum

Darling, those tired eyes
Go with me all the time
And in the dead of night
Tell me you will be mine

ISFP- Ladder to the Sun

Oh now boy what you’ve been and done,
you set a course that you can’t outrun
Oh now boy what you’ve been and done
I had it all and I risked it all

ESTJ- Only Superstition

“Its only superstition
Its only your imagination
Its only all the things that you fear
And the things from which you can’t escape”

ENTJ- The Goldrush

There’s a tiny little crackle on the telephone line
Saying what use the metal if the metal don’t shine?
She said bring me back a ring cause I really want one
Now I been digging so long that I never see the sun

All of these are on Youtube, but some of them are unreleased and not on official sites like itunes or Spotify.


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Here’s A L I E N S from the upcoming Kaleidoscope EP (all song proceeds to MOAS’s work rescuing migrants in peril at sea).