Jensen barely being able to stay in his seat laughing at Misha’s plane fart story is almost worse than his normal nonsense cause that’s a genuinely funny story. Everyone was laughing. But no-one in that room was laughing half as hard as Jensen, who, just btw, knew the story well enough to prompt Misha when he forgot it. Even when Misha does say something funny Jensen still loses his shit more than everyone around them. You could start a church and it still wouldn’t be enough to save Jensen Ackles’ soul.

Hello anon, I’m getting so many of these messages lately and sometimes I feel like I don’t want to answer them because if a person doesn’t think something is real then they won’t consider anyone else’s opinions. Anywho here I go: (1) Gazes don’t lie (2) Body language doesn’t lie (3) In my opinion, you don’t have to have everything in common with another person to bond. I think the heart doesn’t go around cataloging people who they have things in common to fall in love. (4) You fall in love with the personality/heart/essence of a person or at least that’s what I think. Many times you fall in love with someone who are the total opposite of you, with a person who sees the world different than you, with someone who makes you notice things you never did before. And lastly, you don’t have to spend 24/7 with the person you love. Not spending every second together doesn’t mean you love them less or that the love isn’t there. As individuals we have things we enjoy to do on our own or with friends and your lover might not share those interests which is completely fine. Misha and Jensen are adults and they have many responsibilities including their own families. Wanting them to spend all the time together is ridiculous. An another thing, since you said that Misha and Jensen don’t ‘hang out much’ and that made you jump to the conclusion that Jensen isn’t into Misha, are you by this saying that Jensen doesn’t love Danneel, his wife, because they don’t spend a lot of time together? (Jensen is away recording most of the year). Jensen had said before that the person he spends more time with is Jared, does that mean he loves Jared more than his wife? A person who works outside of the house usually spends more time with their co-workers and that doesn’t mean they love their family less. And to conclude my reply, here is Jensen not loving Misha~

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How i feel about reader/jensen/misha fics

y/n walks In the room.

Misha and Jensen stop their boning to look up at you.

“What the fuck are you doing here” says Jensen calmly.

“I have no idea” y/n says back, “I just wanted to read about you guys boning but for some reason the author inserted me into the story”.

“That’s weird” says Misha tensely, as he still has Jensen’s dick shoved up his ass.

“Yah I know it’s really uncomfortable”  y/n mutters “actually I think I’ll go back to just being the reader if you guys don’t mind”

“We would prefer it” exclaims Jensen impatiently

“Right then as you were” suddenly y/n disappears from the story and reappears on the other side of the computer screen.

“Finally” y/n says in relief, no longer uncomfortable as she goes back to reading fanfiction

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What is happening with the cockles shippers ??

nothing big, just the typical “they aren’t flirting, guys are allowed to have close relationships with other guys and that doesn’t mean they’re screwing eachother; it’s disrespectful to the wives; y’all are stupid”. whatever whatever whatever whatever. 

if i wanna squee over two grown men making goo goo eyes at eachother, i will. i’m not hurting anybody, i’m not sitting here saying that they’re being unfaithful to their wives (especially since most shippers think the wives are in on it, unlike a certain group of individuals who claim the wives are beards, or a lot of people just ship them for fun like “hey look at these two besties being absolutely unafraid to show how much they care about eachother")

 i respect boundaries, and if ever there was a moment (because we all know they are aware of the shipping, especially misha) that they came out and said they were uncomfortable with the shipping, i would immediately stop being cockles trash and just squee over how great of friends they are


This Cockles video is actually killing me. I love it.

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Not quite understanding your anon when they said that they weren't sure why Jensen would be into Misha? Well for one the guy is fucking pretty, he's so beautiful and that's just physical appearance. Secondly he's a really nice and caring person and thirdly he is hilarious and Jensen unicorn laughs every time he is around him.

EXACTLY!!! The way some people think will always be an enigma to me. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes that Jensen brightens up every time Misha is around!!! Even when Misha isn’t in the same room and someone just happens to mention his name, Jensen gets all giggly and the look in his eyes softens.

Thanks for enumerating some of Misha’s good qualities. May I also add that his kindness is what makes even even more beautiful. Let’s not talk about that glorious smile or those divine cerulean eyes. I could go on and on…

Good day sweetheart 💕

I know it’s old news by now, but I’m trying to process the “He actually sounds like that in the morning” and “How do you know?” comments from the SDCC panel. Like…

Jensen obviously had to mean first thing in the morning, cuz that’s what the joke is, right? When you first wake up, typically your voice is all rough and gravelly, so ha ha Misha’s is high and squeaky instead. So, like, his joke innately implies he’s been with Mish when he wakes up.

Which implies Jared’s joke all on it’s own. So why on earth would Jensen say that when he has to be totally aware of how it sounds?

And then Jared goes and points out the obvious and does a fucking *mic drop.* Mic drops are for when the conversation is over, there’s nothing left to say because it’s been said. Like, he might as well have gone with, “You only know that because you sleep with him.”

And then Jensen just smiles and nods like, yeah, you got me. Like, what is that reaction???

Meanwhile Misha’s smile is plastered to his face and keeps getting bigger (that looks like a ‘I’m smiling so much my face hurts’ smile).

And Mark’s ‘you’ve got him there’ nod and clap and face palm…

I’m just…. Cockles

This will haunt me.

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