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I'm glad you're back Yogurt!! ^3^ I was going to ask if it's okay if I date Claude?? Or at least take him out on a date? ;;>~< *gives him flowers*

boy, i think ive been asked before in the past but……i dont think he can date an anonymous glasses face

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Being sebastian and Claude's daughter headcannons or would include you choose ???

I hope you meant these as separate things and i did them as would includes love ~Admin B

Being Sebastians daughter would involve;

- Sebastian being the most weirdest dad ever hes that goddamn dad that thinks hes down with the kids when hes not.

- Learning soooo much about ALL of history because Sebastian loves telling his daughter about the things hes done (leaving out the nasty parts).

- Every boyfriend his daughter ever has will be threatened and will be scared off until she finds one that can stand Sebastains threats.

- Sebastian very protective you in any situation and if you get hurt in any way hes there straight away comforting you as best he can before ‘sorting it out’.

- The best dad and daughter days youd watch films hed tell jokes he thought were funny.

- The best comfort hugs ever in the entire history of comfort hugs.

Being Claudes daughter would involve;

- Being weirded out by Claude sometimes, he does weird things when he thinks no ones watching.

- Having the best teacher and and a somewhat great dad.

- Hes not great at comfort so you get an awkward hug and then really good cookies.

- He tries a lot hes very good at trying to help, be a good farther and do fun stuff with you and though most of the time they end up wrong or bad hes trying and its funny to see him struggle sometimes.

- He really thinks hes funny so he tries to tell jokes but hes not as bad as Sebastian he knows hes not down with the kids so he leaves you to your life.

- Dont get me wrong though hes so very protective over his daughter and will do ANYTHING in his power to protect her from anything.


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