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do you have any Christmas headcanons for Curtis/Christoph (the transciever sidequest guy in bw2, if you don't remember or know him that's fine ^^ it was a missable sidequest)

a/n: wow i forgot about that!! i totally missed that sidequest but i just read all the dialogue and like… i can’t believe u have a love interest in a pokemon game omg

  • whenever his s/o tries to put up mistletoe, he’d argue that he doesn’t need a plant to want to kiss them. but still, he’d want to get a picture of them kissing under it because he’s a dork. he’d treasure it forever.
  • he’d make sure to take off at least two weeks from his job to spend with his s/o. he’d surprise them by coming home one day when they didn’t expect it and sweeping them up in his arms.
  • curtis would definitely go all out on buying gifts for his s/o. he’s very good at knowing what they want, even if they only mention something once - like tickets to an event or an outfit they wanted.