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Christoph sighed. This concert was the same as every other. Sing one of the songs he’s sang a million times, hundreds of teenage girls scream, he walks off, rinse and repeat. He longed for something different, new. The only ray of hope presented to him today was that he thought he saw a familiar double bun in the audience today. But he shook that crazy thought away immediately. She wouldn’t come to one of those stupid concerts, right?

The girl he is thinking about is none other than Mei, the hero of Unova, Pokémon champion, musical genius, owner of Join Avenue, tournament master, and girl he was in love with.

That’s right, the playboy Christoph was in love.

But Mei wasn’t just any girl. She battled like no one else, was kind and beautiful, smart, and just all around…perfect.

They had met when she found his X-Transciever. Putting on his Curtis guise, he just expected to meet some girl and get his X-Transciever back. Little did he know that he’d fall head over heels immediately after seeing her. He sighed again, though happily this time, and decided to call her. It had been her calling him as of late, and he though he might surprise her. But it turns out she one-upped him on that.

The moment he walked off the stage door, there she was.

Her eyes were wide and sparkling, and she had her hands clasped together. She was grinning widely, and jumping around. “OH MY GOODNESS!” she crowed “CHRISTOPH!”

He blinked and rubbed the back of his head nervously. She still didn’t know it was him. She was a fan of Christoph? He had to be slick, or he was in trouble.

“O-Oh, y-yeah, that’s me,” he began, slightly altering his voice, hoping she didn’t recognize it, “Do you want an autograph?”

Her eyes widened more, and her cheeks flushed. “Really!? Of course! Thank you, thank you!” She pulled out a notepad from her pink bag and handed it to him.

As he flipped through, looking for a blank spot, he recognized several other famous names. He looked at her, and she shuffled her feet nervously. “I’m kinda a breakthrough actress at PokéStar studios. I’ve been in a few pretty big flicks, but nothing like you.”

He nodded and signed his name. Movie star? Just another addition to her huge list of accomplishments.

She took the pad back and squealed. “I have Christoph’s autograph! Eeek!”

Her cheeks reddened more. She quickly zipped over and kissed his cheek. “I’m sorry, but I just love you so much! Eeeeee!”

She skipped off, clutching the book to her chest.

Christoph stood motionless, hand on his cheek. Mei…loved him? Even though it was directed to his PokéIdol persona, and not the one she knew…she loved him? Hearing her say that sent a thousand Butterfrees through his stomach. His cheeks were red, and he felt his entire body warm up. He walked briskly back to his trailer, his hand never leaving his cheek.

After slamming his door behind him, he was about to get changed. But something stopped him. If he ever wanted to hear her say those words, and mean it, he had to tell her. He quickly dialed her number.

“Hello, Mei, this is Christoph. Though you might know me better as Curtis