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Could I have some Curtis kissing hc's (the xtransceiver guy) thanks 💝

a/n: beauty and the beast is A++++ i’m obsessed w the soundtrack aaa

  • his lips are always super soft!! he also always tastes like vanilla bc that’s the flavor of chapstick he carries around.
  • super sweet kisser. he’s always so soft and gentle with his s/o when he kisses them. but they can always tell there’s a lot of love and passion behind his kisses.
  • gets really blushy after kisses, and always asks “can i kiss you again?” before he pulls them in for more.
That's You (ChrisMD x Reader)

Request: Ooooo okay well, Vik took Kay on a date to an aquarium which is like my date goals so could you write me one with Simon or Chris or someone? Thanks 😁 ( @sdmn-af )
Warnings: None


I stared into the massive tank with my hands pressed against the glass like a fascinated child. “They have turtles!” I said looking over at my boyfriend, Chris, with the biggest smile on my face. He looked up through the tall window at the turtle swimming circles above us. He smiled and put his arm around my waist.

“I wish we had aquariums in Jersey.” He said as we walked to the next tank.

“We don’t even have zoos.” I said. “London has the best stuff.”

“Comparatively. Ask anyone who lives here, they say the opposite.”

“I don’t need your sass right now, Christoph.” I said facing him with a small smile. He laughed.

“Yes you do.” He said teasing me. I laughed.

“You’re right.”


I stared into the seemingly endless blue water, watching for anything that swam by. One particular fish caught my eye. It was the oldest looking catfish that I have ever seen. It’s whiskers were long and it seemed fatter than most catfish do. “That’s you.” I said pointing to it.

“I’m a catfish?” Chris said in mock offense.

“That one, yeah.” I said laughing.

“That fish has got some impressive whiskers. Reckon I should grow a beard?” Chris said scratching his chin as I bent over giggling. “I remember when I was little, mum and dad used to take Kelly and I to an aquarium in London and Kelly would point out the catfish’s lips. Mum would ask if she thought a catfish would be a good kisser.”

“What are you trying to say?” I asked.

“Would you like to find out?”

“If a catfish is a good kisser?”

“Since you said I’m the catfish.” Chris said pointing to himself.

“Don’t mind if I do.” I said as Chris put his arms around my hips, pulling me closer. I placed my hands on his chest as he leaned in. My heart fluttered a bit before I felt my whole body relax into the kiss.

Chris leaned his forehead on mine and smiled. “Okay. There is no doubt that this catfish is a good kisser.” I said.

“I’ll take it.” He said taking my hand before we continued through the tanks.