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#TheStoryOfOJ: #ChrisRock #444

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Chris Rock & Questlove talk on Juan Epstein about Kanye & MBDTF. Chris calls Kanye a genius, says that MBDTF is the best record ever, the best hip hop album and the best album of the last 50 years, cause it “has something for everybody”. He also states that “Kanye is better then Eminem”. Questlove says “Three times in my life I’ve had to pay for broken speakers all at the hands of Kanye West. His bass mixes are inconsiderate.”


The look on #TheWeeknd ’s face when #staceydash came on stage …. #Oscars x #ChrisRock

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#OscarsSoWhite: How Are We Talking About Race?

Ever since they announced the nominees for the 88th annual Academy Awards, everyone on the internet has been calling Hollywood out for not nominating a single person of for any of the major acting awards…for the second year in a row.  This lack of racial diversity built extra anticipation to see how Chris Rock would handle his role as host.  Last night, many praised Rock for his monologue but were less than pleased when he made some distasteful Asian jokes.  

Really…Asian jokes?

That’s right: Rock brought out three Asian children, assigned them what we can safely assume were fake names, and then joked about their math abilities and child labor.

Not known for playing it safe, Sacha Baron Cohen also made a joke when presenting about “yellow people with tiny dongs.” Rock responded to lots of important topics in his role as host, from gender bias to police brutality, but jokes like these remind us that we have to be inclusive, especially when we talk about racism.

I am not bothered a bit about Chris Rock not mentioning other PoC. I never expected him to nor do I think he’s obligated to. He is not obligated to speak on the behalf of anyone else.


I was absolutely bothered by his Asian jokes. He brought out 3 young Asian kids and mocked them. He used the smart stereotype. He casually made fun of sweat shops. WHY. Why did he think it was ok to make fun of Asian people? Because we have “positive” stereotypes? (All stereotypes are bad). It made me furious that he did this and he needs to be called out on it and anyone else who thinks it’s ok to “Hyuck Asian penis so small LAWLZ” or “sweat shops, funny hahahaha.”

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Great monologue!