Some simple enemies I did I while ago with some crazy friends:

- Kasumi, the main character: She is a cute teenager with some emotional problems. For some reason she is able to travel to a parallel world of fantasy where people asks her to save the day. 

- Muela-san: As a tooth, life has treated him well and hi is happy about it. Doesn’t mean he won’t kill you tho. In the end, he is just another psycho. 

- Bonney: He keeps throwing bones, but nobody knows why. “This is who I am”, he says. But, in the end, he is just as confused as the rest of us.

- Cheesu: He was born as a hieroglyphic stone, but wants to be an idol. His mother disapproves, but she doesn’t want to hurts his feelings either. 

- Ranacha: Fights agains animal dissections. If you are a human, he would probably dissect you in revenge. 

- Ghost pants: Once, a child pissed on his pants, and those where abandoned forever. Now, they came from the afterlife, to look for a new owner. 

A first look at the characters from The Defectives (my upcoming young adult novel which you can read about here: x)

From left to right, you have Skylar and Skorpio, Juniper, looking like a Smol Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure, Ryder, who looks like a Burned Cinnamon Roll, Too Bitter For This World, Too Cynical, and Professor Hakim who has a taste for burned, bitter, cinnamon rolls.

There will eventually be a day when I make up the rest of the characters, including a very long description of each character’s personalities, disabilities, superabilities, backstories, etc. But that day is not today!

Note: Juniper and Ryder are normally both in wheelchairs but I had to make bricks with the clay at hand.

And obviously, this isn’t perfect. But at least you’ll have a general idea of what these main characters look like when I talk about them.

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Krem - Dragon Age

Jeff ‘joker’ - Mass Effect

Jasper - Steven Universe

Hancock - Fallout 4

James Kidd - AC Black Flag

Kili - The Hobbit

Captain Phasma - Star Wars TFA

Elliot Alderson - Mr.Robot

Will Turner - POTC

Tony Stark - Marvel

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Name: Osiris Lynn Norwood    Age: 18

Eye Color: Blue       Martial status: Single

Hair Color: Blonde, blue tips    Immediate family: 2 Sisters, Mothers, Brother

Height: 5 ft, 4 inches

Hometown: Paris, France Desire: To find true love


  • Likes: singing, chocolate, old people
  • Dislikes: karaoke, tattoos, her hair
  • Emotional Stability: she gets mood swings alot, but when she doesn’t have them, she’s happy
  • Reputation: Everyone kind of sees her as a bitchy whore, due to her mood swings and addiction to wanting to find “the one”
  • Occupation: she goes to school, and doesn’t have a job
  • Work Schedule: she goes to school Monday through Friday.
  • Tattoos and Piercings: none
(Made with @fvckmesims base sim)

Celaena/ Aelin

(”Throne of Glass” by Sarah J.Maas  @ )

When my brain refuses to work properly I resort to drawing flowing hair
(MUCH flowing hair!!) …and fancy outfits…and sort of ornaments…