Edit A Month Post 13: Fixing Bad Characters

Some people are great at characters, others plot. Some people have a healthy mix of the two, and others–like me–have that skill come and go, with all the frustration that comes with it. Everyone, no matter their skill, have or will come across the problem of The Character That Won’t Work. If you pushed through your first draft, either slowly and carefully or the mad rush that is NaNoWriMo, you’ll probably still aware if you have this problem or not. So let’s look at character problems, starting with:

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“Ever since I got into Gravity Falls, I started seeing parallels with my own life. While me and my brother aren’t twins, he’s definitely the Dipper to my Mabel. I have friends that are just like Soos, Pacifica, and scarily enough, Bill. I even have a great uncle and a Gideon stalking me. And I don’t know why, but something about these similarities makes me feel a little better about life.”


I just felt the urge to make this… The toughest part was probably their signatures. I tried my best to find a font that matches their personality. There weren’t that much to choose from, but I couldn’t make up my mind! >.< I finally settled for these. Hope you like! ^^

Font used:
Haru - Freestyle Script (but of course!)
Makoto - Pristina
Rin - Rage Italic
Nagisa - Tempus Sans ITC
Rei - Vladimir Script
Sousuke - Segoe Script
Momo - Blackadder ITC
Nitori - MV Boli

anonymous asked:

What is mbti?

Myers & Briggs Type Indicator. It’s a system for categorizing personalities, based on how people perceive and process the world around them. It’s not 100% accurate by any means, but it’s a fun way to look at and compare personalities. When I create characters, I like to take the tests as those characters and see if the personality type matches my expectations for the character. It also gives our fans something extra to connect to the characters with.

Norma Thompson, for example, is an ISFJ Personality Type, meaning that she is introverted (although still very sociable), that she is practical (her thinking is more concrete than abstract), she is compassionate (favoring feelings over cold logic), and assertive (relying on her judgement rather than waiting to see what shakes out). In the story of Aberford, this plays out with Norma instinctively trying to protect, save, and help other women, particularly the ones who are lodgers at her boarding house. 

Often, people with ISFJ personalities become the modest heroes of the world, doing good without flash and need for the spotlight. Other ISFJ personalities include Queen Elizabeth II, Samwise Gamgee, and Doctor John Watson. It gives you an idea of the type of person Norma is and the role she will play in the game.

“I’m worried for Mabel. Not What He Seems is like a familiar guy in a creepy van going up to Mabel and saying: “Hey sweetie, want to get into my van? I know I seem exactly like those people they always tell children like you to avoid, but I swear, I mean no harm. You know me.” And Mabel’s like, “Okay.” She was right this time; Stan meant her no harm and truly loves her. But that doesn’t mean her decision isn’t alarming. Blind trust is an asset and a weakness, making you an amazing friend and an easy pawn.”

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hi im so glad someone finally said the thing you said about vriska like you put things into words really well and my friends are all 'no but did you see that flash? vriska is good now' like no she still stabbed tavros and blinded terezi and so on and lets not even mention the shit she's done since then but yeah sorry aaaa thank you're a lovely human c:

Thanks! :))

Yeah she’s still a vicious shit and the most obvious sign is that she wasn’t genuinely remorseful for what she did; so like hell she was gonna change. She’s an abuser who gets off on the power of beating down people and making herself feel better than everyone else and due to her arrogance and narcissism she thinks she’s better than everyone and thus everyone is fair game for her abusive tactics.

And it’s also horribly apparent she’s got Terezi on her side so that just makes Vriska think she’s even more in the right since she’s got the go ahead of a fucking Seer of Mind- never mind Terezi’s apathy is moreso due to guilt and her own ‘failure’ of her powers so she’s allowing Vriska to brow-beat her into compliance. Terezi is just as broken as she was in the Game Over timeline.

Like shit, Vriska never even apologized (sincerely) to the people she abused and she only did it when she got ‘caught’ and pulled the whole self-flagellation act and going the ‘OH I SUCK SO MUCH! EVERYONE HATES ME’ and bawwws about it yet does nothing to address her problems (because they are HER problems; not the people she’s abusing!) and just mockingly beats herself up as a show before abusing people all over again.

She’s just doing her abuse cycles all over again- and she’s deliberately targeting the most vulnerable people so it’s easier for her to break them down and because she enjoys it because she’s a repeat abuser.