Forgive me while I get rant-y...(again)

Taking the blind item out of account –– nothing, NOTHING either Stana has said, or these new writers have done, have alleviated any concerns of them ruining this show in an attempt to revamp things.

- Penny gone – okay fine.  They can’t do the senate thing, so I get Kate is probably going to be Captain. 

But not even letting back for a send off? 

Unfair to actress and to the character we have come to love since Montgomery’s passing. 

- TWO new cast members, who are apparently going to be getting a good amount of screen time – when they can barely focus on the supporting cast they have. (Hell, I’d rather learn more about the tech girl, Terry.)

And the eternal optimists saying they’re not getting “break-up,” from anything Stana said, (as if she’d come out and say it?) or “it was the media blowing it up!) in talks about her negations –– I respectfully disagree.

She wanted producer in order to gain more control, and Andrew, coincidentally, is out, as WELL AS THE NEW SHOW RUNNER THEY ALREADY HAD, because I’m guessing –– the creator didn’t want to stick around to see these “changes,” take place.

That script bit gain, is pretty in line with everything we’re hearing – even from the tiny bits we can make out.

“Some time…” “Love you…” “Breaking.” “Hurries out.” “Eyes fill with….” “What am I doing?”

“But just wait until it airs before you worry!!” 

Well, nothing indicates to me that we shouldn’t be and Andrew may have promised time after time that the rug wouldn’t be pulled out from us, but these new guys did no such thing.

And to top it all off, to have it occur over a two-parter, and not even a problem that slowly starts to cause issues for them?

These characters waited SEVEN years to be together like this, married, finally happy – and they don’t even make it seven MONTHS.

Once again, I call bull-sh*t.

Here are the results!

4X01: When Beckett is in the hospital Josh is fussing over changing her bandages (Kate insists she can do it herself) when Castle walks in, Josh leaves annoyed and Castle helps her change her bandages instead - she lets him.

After standing on the bomb for hours when Kate finally gets back to the apartment her legs begin to shake and Castle carries her to bed and gives her a massage.

“I can’t believe I’m handcuffed to you AGAIN!” C:“Look on the bright side, at least there is no tiger this time” B:“If those guys hadn’t took my gun I would shoot you right now!” combined with Can you please do one where Castle gets stabbed in front of Kate please?

Beckett is nervous about nursing her new born baby – turns out she is a natural. combined with Can you do another birth of their child? Maybe they have twins naturally, but unexpectedly at home during a storm

Castle and Beckett go on a talk show and they ask Beckett about how she got shot and her whole history in the force and she almost has a panic attack and Castle has to take her back to loft so she can calm down.

Reckoning prompt: Tyson comes to see Kelly whilst she is holding Beckett hostage and he taunts a scared Kate about what he plans to do.

Castle tickle tortures Beckett!

Could you do the interrogation scene from 6x17? Like starting from the deleted scene and seeing what happened and how Beckett responded?

After a long and stressful day at Black Pawn, Castle comes home to find Beckett and their kid playing in a bubble bath rocking bubble beards and mohawks.

Castle comforts Beckett after she almost killed one of the guys (in the hospital, life-threatening) trying to catch a murderer on a case. Set before season 3 finale.