“Your job is to enforce the law yet you have repeatedly ignored it. In Los Angeles, you investigated a case outside of your legal jurisdiction. You used your badge to pursue a personal vendetta against Senator Bracken, crossing the line and endangering the lives of others numerous times. You withheld case information from superiors and flown in the face of authority whenever it suits you, not to mention you working relationship with Richard Castle. Tell me, Detective, how often have you let your personal feelings for your husband dictate your actions in pursuit of a suspect? When he went missing, you used your position and a great detail of taxpayer money to search for him, enlisting in the aid of fellow detectives. You are infamous for being the inspiration for the fictional NYPD Detective Nikki Heat, who spends more time on her back than she does pursuing killers. Detective, how do you expect to lead, or even continue in your current job when it’s clear you exercised such poor judgement? You are not qualified for captaincy, and in my opinion, you are not qualified to be a detective. Thank you, you can go.”