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I recently passed a Follow milestone, so to celebrate, I am giving away some prints of my fanart for anyone wanting a chance to get some :)

I will randomly pick 10 winners to receive a signed 5x7 print and other goodies as well. Winners can pick any one (style/fandom/etc) of my pictures in my gallery, etsy or RB  they wish to have a made into a print.

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I will pick the winners on 7-9-15

Also, if you would rather not have a physical copy mailed to you, I would be happy to send a signed virtual copy.


otp challenge (2/3 fights): Dial M for Murder disagreement

What am I supposed to do, Rick? I can’t just stop being a cop just because it’s inconvenient.

No. No, no. Just… You can wait. Wait for something else, for another lead.

For the coat to disappear? You don’t think I don’t know what’s at stake here? Do you think I actually want to do this?

Then don’t do it.

I don’t have a choice. 

merenameonly asked:

Thanks for the reply! After Stana's "nail-biting" tweet, I was rethinking my theory (babies are exciting, but not exactly "nail-biting" material). What you say makes a lot of sense; this two-parter setting up a new villain's story seems far more likely. But that does bring up another question: how long do you think this one will last? Well he recur only throughout this season perhaps, given that Stana only signed a one-year contract? Although ABC prez wants the show to continue...

My assumption is that they’re gonna operate with the idea that this season is the final one until they get the green light that it isn’t. Both Stana and Nathan are signed to a one-year contract which means that they’re both gonna have to renegotiate at some point if season nine is in the cards. 

So yeah, I’d think whatever Hawley and Winter have crafted probably is meant to standalone within this season. Obviously I’d expect they are hoping to keep the show going for longer, but the last thing you want as a showrunner is to introduce a story (or stories) that you can’t tell fully in the time allotted. We’ve all had a show that we loved that was prematurely cancelled and we were left to guess at what the future would have been for a character, you know?

I do think the show needs a new multi-episode villain, and I do think introducing that person in the season premiere is just as effective as whatever alternative you might go for. I have no idea if that is what will happen, but two-parters are kind of ripe for a longer than usual story format or even the introduction of a longer story arc that might repeat later in the season. 

Personally, if Stana (a girl who goes to Mongolia on vacation and has been known to carry throwing knives in her car for the hell of it) classifies this as nail biting then I’m pretty pumped. That girl has never led me astray with the show before, so I’ve got no reason to start doubting her now. And, really, Susan Sullivan used the term extraordinary, and I don’t think a woman with a career as varied and as long as hers is gonna toss that term around lightly. Plus, if you don’t trust Susan I might personally kick you out of the fandom because I really am questioning your life choices.