Expressing Yourself in the Fandom and Having (Unpopular) Opinions: What to Expect and How Not to Be a Troll - One Fan's Detailed Guide

I just want to set this down on digital paper for a minute. Because in general, I am totally in favor of polite discussion and differing opinions. And hopefully, everyone reading this knows that by now. If you do, I’ve done my job right.

But, sometimes I think not everyone understands the concept of expressing one’s opinion in a public place, and the consequences of that. Because inevitably, someone will put something out there on their blog that is the kind of opinion that attracts attention.

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castle rewatch ~ 1x07: home is where the heart stops

Joanne, listen to me. You’re going to want to play out every possible scenario in the next couple of days. If only you’d been there. If only you’d come by. If only you didn’t work late. And I’m telling you, it’s not your fault. The ones to blame are the monsters that murdered your mom. This isn’t a speech. It’s not a platitude. It’s a promise.
           I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that they pay for what they did.