Eu tenho medo que isso dê errado, porque nada nunca deu certo aqui antes, Jake. Meu forte é dar errado, e eu tenho quase certeza que isso vai dar na mesma coisa. No final, sempre termina com alguém indo embora, e eu não sei se aguentaria ver você cruzando a esquina e me dando as costas. É egoísmo, eu sei, mas talvez eu seja fraca demais pra deixar você ir.
—  Cassie and Jake.
Vou sair por aí, vou beijar outros caras; embora eu procure o seu beijo em todos eles. Vou abraçar vários; mas o seu abraço sempre será aquele que me protege de todo o mal. Vou gostar de outros; mas você sempre será quem eu amo de verdade, Jake. Eu me sinto confusa e perdida dentro de mim mesma.
—  Cassie and Jake.
Você não sabe amar, Jake. Suportei seus milhares de defeitos, aguentei todos os seus erros. Suportei até onde deu. Fiz o possível e o impossível pra te ver feliz, mas existe um ditado que diz: “As pessoas gostam do que não tem.” E esse é o problema. Você me tem demais, e não sabe lidar com isso, Jake. E se você não sabe lidar com meus erros, não saberá viver com meus acertos.
—  Cassie and Jake.
Você não é o tipo de cara que não insiste muito em coisas pequenas. No seu lugar, eu também não teria ficado. Mas no meu lugar, qualquer pessoa já teria desistido de você e de suas bipolaridades à tempos, Jake. Você não sabe o que quer. Horas me pede pra ficar, minutos depois me manda sumir da tua vida. Cuidado. Ando com uma vontade enorme de te obedecer.
—  Cassie and Jake.

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The 3rd

I want to say happy 46 Months to my love. Things have been definitely tough lately and i wanted to tell u that i’m still here trying. Its tough, but im trying. I told you i'ma try my best to not allow us to throw away everything. Things have been so crazy lately but thats how couples are supposed to be. Crazy. Not just crazy but a crazy roller coaster ride although i am afraid of heights, its one ride im willing to take for you. I still think about all the memories we both shared and created with each other from day one. We all grow up and things change. But i know i want to be with you, and thats not going to change. We’re both human babe, and we make mistakes. In the end, i want to keep going forward to life with you instead of back. Lifes too short to regret things, and i want to say sorry for everything. I told you everything i had to say, and im still waiting for the reply. Im still waiting to see you. Its really been awhile but i still feel the same for you. I love you, and im here.. I dont know for how long, but im here. Take the chance when you can.. Im giving it my all, and the least u can do is the same. We barely talk, we dont see each other, you dont pick up my calls, and all of that. You make me feel ignored and that youre tryna push me out your life. If im gonna keep feeling that way… then i honestly dont know how longer ima be here. Just take the chance. You know how much the 3rd of every month means to me, and i told you i will get mad about it if i don’t get any kind of response back. And you cant blame me for that. Perfectly reasonable to be angry over that. I just hope you take this date as serious as i do. Its a milestone for every relationship whether or not its in months or years. Talk to me, come see me. Take the chance like i said. I told you everything i needed to say. I typed my heart out and im still waiting for the response. I love you. And you know that babe.


Royal Fairy Tribe

Wendy is very shy and doesn’t stray much from the farm. she enjoys the simple things and the traditional fairy ways.

Piper and Rossette and a very passionate love/hate relationship. They enjoy getting a rise out of each other but they are hardly ever apart. Rose is quite spunky and tomboyish and Piper finds himself to be the perfect fairy specimen. Piper was one of the few men not drafted into the Winged War, which is probably a good thing.

Clarimont is very naïve and curious and childlike in her behavior. She is very trusting of everyone. Clarimont has only known farm life and everything else to her is an oddity. Through her adventures into town, she has befriended Jackson Benson. Alista is her best friend and part time guardian. She enjoys a high paced lifestyle and adventuring beyond the farm with Rossette. 

Queen Solstice is the oldest fairy to make it through the realm shift and the Winged War. She is so old (at least 1,000) therefore she has begun to go a little… mad. Maestro is her adviser and husband of 300 years. He is much more structured and uptight than the common fairy and tries his best to keep his beloved wife grounded.

The twins are the first faye children to be born after the realm shift. They enjoy exploring the world with general fairy curiosity but have to be reigned in by their father at times. They are always together and like to make the produce deliveries into town.