Michael is sleeping next to me and I am just so happy. I just wanted to come here and tell everyone not to settle for half-assed, one-sided love because I have done that too many times in my life-one time I even stayed in a relationship for six months longer than I should have because I kept thinking it would all suddenly change. It didn’t. Those sorts of relationships rarely do. It took all of my strength to get away from those kinds of relationships but it was so worth it because now I am actually in a fulfilling, loving relationship with someone who I deserve and who deserves me. And that fills me with so much joy??


1) Be aware of the one who talks to you in “THE NAME OF LOVE”.
2) Who is promising you marriage but he wants to « know you better » through chat.
3) Who wants to see your pic, or wants to go out with you to “have a better idea” of “his future wife” before taking the first step and talk to your father.

If he was really good and righteous, he would suggest immediately to come to your house to ask your wali/father for your hand in marriage. There is an Arabic proverb talking about this kind of men the one who “Enters house from window and not from the door of the house”
Allah says in Quran: “So enter houses through their proper doors, and fear Allah that you may be successful.”


1) Be aware of a man who talks to you in “THE NAME OF RELIGION”.
2) Who wants to be in touch with you so you can help him to become “A Better Muslim”
3) Who wants to have chat with you so that he can take advantage of your Islamic knowledge.
4) Who wants to help you in Religious matters.

Never trust this kind of men too, because the one who wants to increase his Islamic knowledge, he would’ve sought the help of other men not women!!! And if he wants to help others in Religious matters then he had to help brothers not sisters! If he was pious, he would know that Allah forbade this kind of relationship because if a man and woman are alone (on chat) then shaytan will be the third of them even if they both have “innocent and good” intentions!

(This can also be reversed so brothers please do not be fooled by some sisters who are wasting your time and game playing)